IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2005-12-07

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stublifeless: If an HTTP server wants to state 'this document will never be altered and the content will never expire' is the correct way still to just output an 'Expires: never' header?06:27
lifelessstub: IIRC yes.06:28
lifelessI'd need to check rfc2616's cache control and expires: sections to be sure.06:28
lifelessnote that there is a maximum that that applies to anyway06:28
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andresphiliKON, the problem is, that i _have_ defined title as accessible (in regard to my bugreport). (with <require attribute="title" permission="zope.View"/>14:24
andresAnd if i catch that exception and mark retitleable as false, displaying the title works.14:25
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tarek_hi srichter15:02
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srichtertarek: still around?15:46
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philiKONandres, it's hard to see what your problem is w/o the code16:41
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andresphiliKON, still here?17:17
andresSo, what i wanted was, that i see the title in zcml, so that i do not have to look at bare ids (my object come out of a database and are identified by an id). If i understood it correctly i had to implement IZopeDublinCore.17:20
andresSo i wrote an property title which is just has an getter, but no setter.17:21
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andresThen i added a <require attribute="title"> directive to zcml, and after that i always got ForbiddenAttribute errors.17:22
TheuniphiliKON:  thank your for those kudos ...17:22
philiKONTheuni, credit where credit is due :)17:23
* Theuni tells people to buy more philiKON books17:23
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philiKONTheuni, good boy :)17:23
andresphiliKON, i dont know where my failure is in that.17:23
philiKONandres, me neither17:23
philiKONsorry, w/o the code and the full traceback (and some time), it's hard to say where the problem is17:24
andresThe problem is, that canWrite fails, perhaps because the property is not settable. So i thought, that if canWrite fails info['retitleable'] should be false.17:26
andresphiliKON, ill provide that in a minute.17:26
philiKONandres, dude, canWrite fails because you didn't say <require set_attribute="..." />17:29
andresphiliKON, yes, and it should fail. Because it _is_ not writeable.17:29
andresBut how to tell that the code.17:29
andresIt is just readable.17:29
philiKONi see now17:29
srichteryeah, I have often thought about that exact use case myself17:30
andresThats why i suggested catching ForbiddenAttribute.17:30
srichterand thus made once the adjustment Andres wants17:30
philiKONi *guess* catching ForbiddenATtributeError would be ok in this case17:31
srichterbut it was backed out by Gary using Philipp's argument of hiding configuration bugs17:31
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srichterso it is an open issue17:31
andresI just dont know whats the correct way to resolve this.17:31
* philiKON reopens the issue17:31
srichteranother solution would be, of course, to assign a permission that noone has, but that's sort of a hack17:31
philiKONandres, issue #?17:31
andresphiliKON, i can try to clarify it. I have read it again and its quite bogus.17:31
philiKONwhat is bogus?17:32
andresMy description of the problem is not that clear.17:32
philiKONok, why don't you write a follow up for clarification17:32
philiKONwe can then reopen the issue17:33
philiKONbasically, describe our conclusion17:33
philiKON1. you're missing security delcarations for *set*_attribute or *set*_schema17:33
andresok, will do.17:33
philiKON2. this means an attr is not writeable17:33
philiKON  by desing17:33
philiKON   by design17:33
andresBut will fetch a coffee first (ah, its so annoying to work in a lab and not beeing allowed to have drinks or food on your desk)17:34
philiKONok :)17:34
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andresDone that.17:44
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andresThe only other way i can think of is to introduce something like zope.Nobody and have a <require permission="zope.Nobody" set_attribute="title"/> but that seems a bit bogus to me.17:52
philiKONzbir, re your checking regarding 'root'17:54
philiKONzbir, you also need to fix up Zope3/bin/debugzope17:54
philiKONzbir, and check in a copy of into Zope3/bin/scriptzope17:55
philiKONso that the 'zopectl run' command also works for the in-place instance of a zope 3 checkout17:55
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zbirI thought those were created from the .in files.18:05
zbirI'll check those in in jus a mo'.18:05
zbirah, the in-place. sure.18:06
zbirsorry 'bout that.18:06
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philiKONzbir, no prob :)18:09
zbirdone, ta18:11
philiKONgotta go to bed18:14
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MacYETis there a method of get a list of all adapters registered for a particular interface?18:50
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srichterMacYET: yep, check out the apidoc API19:00
srichternote that the API is meant to be reusable19:00
MacYETapidoc tells me nothing about my usecase :-)19:02
srichtersee the component.txt file, I think19:02
MacYETthere is getAdapters() but it requires 'objects'19:02
srichter(it's in one of the txt files there)19:02
srichterif not you can look at the implementations of the functions19:03
srichterit basically boils down to looking up the registrations and filtering them19:03
MacYETwell, i'll try the high-level RTFM approach and it fails :)19:03
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srichterMacYET: I think you would want, withViews=False)19:09
MacYETi wonder if this is available through five in z2 :)19:11
MacYETi'll give it a try19:12
srichterit should19:12
srichterit uses the global adapter registry19:12
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elrohi zope3-ers, just wandering if there is anything special I should keep in mind if I want to build a non zodb based app (an ldap browser)? Is this possible? how would I tell zope3 to traverse to my application without a persistant object at the zodb root?19:29
srichterthere should nothing be too difficult, except that you want a custom publication object that porovides an alternative application root19:32
faassenelro: it's possible. best would be to takl to SteveA, he's got a lot of experience with launchpad, which doesn't use the ZODB in Zope 3 either.19:32
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* elro wanders. perhaps it may be an easier first step to make a custom site and handle traversal past it. this is the first project I've had an excuse not to use zope3 for.19:35
elrothanks for your hints srichter, faassen19:36
faassenelro: yeah, you can could just use the ZODB root and then put in a site that traverses into your own object space.19:41
faassenelro: by overriding the appropriate traversal adapters and the like.19:41
srichterthat will be easier19:42
srichterin fact you could do that with a traversal namespace19:42
elrofaassen: yes, sounds like the best way, can then make it TTW configurable too, and skins may come in handy19:42
srichteractually a simple content object is better19:43
faassenelro: right, you can use the ZODB for configuration data. I mean, getting rid of the ZODB means that you need to store *everything* in the other thing, which may be a bit of a big buy-in. if the ZODB is not in the way for some particular deployment reason, why not keep it around. :)19:43
srichtersince you want to store initial path info, server info, credentails, etc19:43
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andreselro, will that be commercial or free?19:56
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elroandres: will be free, though not sure quite how generally usable it will be, but will try not to make too specific. planning on using luma for the backend (it's nicely sperated gui and logic) so will end up as gpl20:14
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J1mare there any mac os x hackers here?21:26
J1mDoes the following mean anything to you?21:28
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J1mjust a minute ...21:28
J1m>>> import zope.ucol21:30
J1mTraceback (most recent call last):21:30
J1m  File "<stdin>", line 1, in ?21:30
J1m  File "/Users/jim/p/z4i/jim-icu/instance/lib/python/zope/ucol/", line 39, in ?21:30
J1m    from _zope_ucol import KeyFactory21:30
J1mImportError: Failure linking new module: /Users/jim/p/z4i/jim-icu/var/src/zope_ucol/src/zope/ucol/_zop\ Library not loaded: libicui18n.dylib.3221:30
J1m  Referenced from: /Users/jim/p/z4i/jim-icu/var/src/zope_ucol/src/zope/ucol/_zope_ucol.so21:30
J1m  Reason: image not found21:30
MacYEThold on21:30
J1mMacYET, do you know what I should look for/do to resolve the "image not found" business.21:31
* J1m holds on21:31
MacYETisn't libicu somerhing with unicode ?21:32
J1mYes.  I'm trying to use:21:32
J1mICU that I built myself21:32
J1mPython that I built myself.21:33
MacYETi have some libicu18n libs under openoffice21:33
J1mRight, ICU is a popular library used by many things.21:33
J1mBut I'm guessing that this is a generic library loading issue.21:34
MacYETbut the it does not belong to macosx21:34
MacYETI#ve installed it here through darwinports21:34
J1mI developed this Python extension on Linux, and it runs fine there.21:34
MacYETcompiling things on macosx is scary21:35
MacYETi pass, sorry21:35
J1m btw21:35
J1mThis is a tiny extension for locale-specific string collation.21:35
J1m(working toward filling a hole in our i18n story)21:36
J1mefge, are there any mac os x hackers here? :)21:36
MacYETyou solve more problems then people really have :)21:37
efgeJ1m: hm dunno21:37
efgehave you run ldconfig or the mac equivalent ?21:37
MacYETforget it21:37
* J1m gets man page for ldconfig21:38
efgeJ1m: not sure there's a ldconfig on mac anyway21:38
efgeJ1m: can you run otool -L on your .so file ? otool has lots of options to inspect executables or libraries21:38
MacYETand there is ktrace (similar to strace)21:39
J1mdhcp151:~/p/z4i/jim-icu/var/src/zope_ucol jim$ otool -L src/zope/ucol/_zope_ucol.so21:39
J1m        libicui18n.dylib.32 (compatibility version 32.0.0, current version 32.0.0)21:39
J1m        libicuuc.dylib.32 (compatibility version 32.0.0, current version 32.0.0)21:39
J1m        libicudata.dylib.32 (compatibility version 32.0.0, current version 32.0.0)21:39
J1m        /usr/lib/libmx.A.dylib (compatibility version 1.0.0, current version 92.0.0)21:39
J1m        /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib (compatibility version 1.0.0, current version 88.1.2)21:39
efgenote that there's no absolute path, maybe that's it21:40
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J1mefge, right21:41
J1msetting LD_LIBRARY_PATH doesn't seem to help.21:42
J1mPerhaps I should try cramming these things into /usr/lib just to see if that makes a difference.21:43
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J1mputing it in /usr/lib doesn't help.21:50
efgeJ1m: I guess at link time you have to provide absolute paths21:51
J1mI find that hard to believe.21:51
J1mI can try that.21:51
J1mBut I really think it's something else.21:51
* J1m hacks setup.py21:51
efgeotherwise I've no idea21:53
zbirMacs are hard. Let's go shopping!21:59
J1msounds good to me21:59
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J1mmade it work22:20
* J1m is the only decent mac hacker around here22:20
srichterI'll remember that :-)22:22
WebMavenJ1m is w00test! J1m 0wnzerz Mac!22:23
J1mI don't even own a mac.22:24
* J1m is the only decent mac hacker around here even though he doesn't own a mac22:24
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WebMaventhat just gives you even more w00t.22:27
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* J1m has no idea what w00t is.22:27
* srichter neither22:37
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WebMavenI was, in fact, using it incorrectly.22:49
WebMavenat least the second time.22:52
srichterJ1m: the readonly flag of a field is not enforced by the FieldProperty; is that a bug/misfeature?23:08
J1msounds like a bug23:08
srichterok, I'll fix it23:08
J1mThe original purpose of that thing was validation.23:09
J1mI never use it.23:09
srichterI know, I use it for documentation right now and I am starting to think that we really should use it23:09
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