IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2005-12-08

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srichterJ1m: at which point are the container constraints checked?01:36
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einshi romanofski :)11:50
* romanofski waves to eins 11:50
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andressrichter, is the patch ok?16:59
srichterI have not looked at it in detail17:02
elrohow do I access the api browser?17:03
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clueckHi, are there guys from the "Ruhrgebiet" (germany) around? If yes, which dzug do you join?17:07
romanofskiclueck: you probably want to ask at #zope.de17:10
clueckaah, i'll try that, thanks17:11
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efgeJ1m: do you know if classImplements may have gotten faster between zope 3.0 and zope 3.219:46
efgebecause in zope 3.0 (2.8 with Five) I'm seeing .2s per call here...19:47
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J1mefge, I can imagine it taking .2s per call on an apple II with 16K of memory. :)20:06
efgeJ1m: some even take .6 s20:06
* J1m tries it in zope 3.0 ....20:06
efgetime seems to go up for classes deep in the hierarchy20:15
efgeor maybe classes used a lot as bases?20:15
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efgeJ1m: actually the file is question is five's interfaces.zcml20:28
efgethe weird thing is:20:28
efgethe first time it's executed, it takes .26s and then if I do it a second time in the same python it takes ~5.5s20:29
efgeI'll try to isolate a testcase to check under Zope 3.220:29
J1mI'm measuring about .001 seconds20:32
efgethat's what I'd like :) I'll dig further20:32
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J1mefge, I just sent you a test script and results.20:40
efgeok thanks20:40
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efgeJ1m: I have the same kind of numbers20:46
efgeI'll try to extract the essence of the problem as a script (but not tonight :))20:47
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J1msame kind of numbers as what?20:48
J1mAs mine?20:48
J1mI don't see a problem with my numbers.20:49
efgeas yours yes20:53
efgeso the pb is in the rest of the big framework of five classes etc, which I have to isolate20:53
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J1mI wonder how I can tell that I'm using twisted.21:32
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J1msrichter, how can I tell that I'm using twisted?21:33
J1mzeo works fine for me. :)21:34
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J1mzeo is working so well that I don't understand how it's working so well.21:45
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srichterJ1m: if you use an SVN checkout, you use twisted22:08
srichterif you create a new instance in the 3.2 branch, you use twisted22:08
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srichterbesically, the startup script refers to instead of
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