IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2005-12-10

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So3krisis this normal ?11:20
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philiKONMacYET, uh oh17:41
MacYETjust kidding17:42
* philiKON is relieved17:42
MacYETis there something like guess_content_type() in z3?17:42
philiKONwhat's that?17:42
MacYETsomething like OFS.content_types.guess_content_type17:43
MacYETah, that's easy :)17:43
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philiKONMacYET, ping18:09
philiKONMacYET, i saw yoru checkin regarding guess_content_type18:10
philiKONi'm afraid it's not that easy18:10
MacYETwhy not?18:10
philiKONOFS.content_type has seen several bugfixes18:10
philiKONthat the z3 equivalent hasn't seen18:10
philiKONthough it should have18:10
MacYETups, then we should fix z3 :)18:10
philiKONit's a common problem with the code forks z3 has made18:10
philiKONtext_type() and guess_content_type() are lacking fixes in z318:10
philiKONyou can see them easily with a diff18:10
MacYETputtting it on my todo list18:11
philiKONthey're trivial18:11
philiKONbut they should be in z318:11
philiKON(and they should have tests, i prsume the z2 bugfixes didn't have them)18:11
MacYETputting it on my todo list18:11
MacYETit has no tests18:11
philiKONjust letting you know18:11
philiKONright, otherwise you would have seen failures now18:11
philiKONMacYET, btw, i think we might even deprecate OFS.content_types as a whole18:12
philiKONjsut copy it over to zope.app18:12
philiKONwith everything in it18:12
MacYETyou mean replace the Z3 implementation with the z2 code?18:13
philiKONyup. the z2 one is a superset anyways18:13
MacYETok, a task for tomorrow18:13
philiKONfrom what i see18:13
philiKONmaking z2 smaller is a definite goal for zope 2.10 :)18:13
MacYETi know18:14
MacYETjust ripping of tons of crap zpt code18:14
philiKONhehe, yeah18:14
philiKONi have some comments about that too18:14
philiKONbut for another day18:14
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mpis it ok to fix typos and simple mistakes by committing directly do head? or should I first ask for permission or for a review?19:17
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mpwhat do you think about svn:ignore including *.pyc in python source dirs? it helps to keep workdir clean..20:04
mpI get system error when accessing http://localhost:8080/++apidoc++/Code/bugtracker/exportimport/XMLImporter/index.html20:06
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benjimp, re: svn:ignore for pycs, that's really something you should add to your local Subversion config, it's far too annoying to add that to each directory21:21
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mpgood point21:37
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