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einsmorning romanofski :)11:20
romanofskimoin eins :)11:20
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agroszerphiliKON: ayt?15:33
agroszerdo the new trnslations for Z3.2 belong to the 3.2 branch or to the trunk?15:33
agroszerI mean in the svn repo15:34
philiKON3.2 branch15:35
philiKONagroszer, thanks!15:37
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andresWhat is the way to go if i want a page to depend on two interfaces?19:37
benjiandres, do you want a view that only applies :q20:13
benjioops :)20:13
benjitry again: do you want a view that only applies to content objects that implement *both* interfaces?20:14
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benjiif so, creating a single interface that extends both of those and making the content object implement that would be one way20:15
andresbenji, no, i have a container and if it only has one special type of content i want to display a customized view.20:15
andresAnd a fallback view if there is no specialized view.20:16
benjiok, I don't understand20:16
andresLets say, i have an Interface IBox. This can contain different things eg. implementations of IPerson. If there are only IPerson's in this container i want a view which is specialized for IBox and IPerson.20:19
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benjiah, I see, unfortunately I don't see how to do it off hand20:20
andresIs there a reason that browser:page only allows one interface in for:?20:20
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benjiI thought it allowed multiple ones, but that wouldn't help you20:21
andresI see that it allows that. I mislooked and it was menu what didnt allow this.20:23
benjiyou want a view of IPerson that only applies when IPerson is in a container that provides IBox, right?20:24
projekt01andres, use a typing pattern for this usecase. You can do this with directly provide a interface with a object added event20:26
andresprojekt01, if i understand your idea correctly, this wont work, as the objects arent created in zope most time.20:28
andres(its all in an external database)20:28
projekt01Ok, I guess you don't have object added events then.20:28
andresThere are also to many objects for that i think. The folders are results of sql queries over a database with many rows.20:30
projekt01Perhaps you can implement a similar pattern in a traverser and directly provide a interface for the relevant container (like the skin "typing" is done)20:30
andresprojekt01, yes, seems that is the way to go.20:31
andresThanks benji and projekt0120:31
projekt01... perhaps on the fly typing during traverse items?20:31
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andresprojekt01, yes, i will try that.20:32
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MJHey puys22:50
MJguys even ;)22:50
MJI've been asked to do a intro on Zope3 philosophy for Zope 2 devs22:50
MJAny shortcuts by way of ready materials I can steal? ;)22:50
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mpMJ: try - lot's of "quick intros" there22:52
MJWonderful is even better22:54
benjiMJ my little quick start thing might help, but it's not very "philosophical":
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