IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2005-12-14

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Theuniis it possible there are a couple of unit tests breaking on Zope 3.2 branch right now?15:27
* Theuni asks the buildbot15:27
Theunihmm. he can't tell about the 3.2 branch IIRC15:27
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Theunisomething like:15:30
Theuni    AttributeError: 'DirectiveDetails' object has no attribute 'context'15:30
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Theuninever mind ... i broke the stuff myself15:59
Theunithe docs/CHANGES.txt on the trunk isn't able to incorporate notices for backports from the 3.2  branch right now ... does that mean I shouldn't backport?16:02
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ignasanyone familiar with viewlets/viewlet managers ?20:01
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elroIs there any way to provide a dynamic schema? I'm thinking about trying to autogenerate one based on an ldap schema20:23
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GaryPosterelro: nope.  You can autogenerate a dynamic form using formlib, but not with a schema.  You'd use individual fields.20:24
elroGaryPoster, ok, I guess that means I'd need to do my own form processing (setting the data on the object)20:26
GaryPosterset the data on the form, and then put the data in LDAP: yup.  Not too bad.  formlib has some helpers and hooks for that--setUpWidgets is where you'd set the data on the form, for instance.20:30
SteveAGaryPoster: thanks for fixing the twisted server issue!20:53
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GaryPosterSteveA: :-)  I thought I remembered you all were running multiple HTTP servers.21:06
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zmi_junkiehi - I have got problems obtaining write access to zope3 sources ... ;-(21:24
zmi_junkieI used to place my key - it that the right place ?21:25
benjiyep, that's the right place21:27
zmi_junkiearrrhgh, maybe some problem with the key then21:28
zmi_junkieI tried21:29
zmi_junkiesvn co svn+ssh://
zmi_junkieand got Permission denied21:29
benjithat key deposit thing is very flaky21:29
benjiJ1m might be able to help21:30
benjizmi_junkie, did you read for hints?21:30
J1mzmi_junkie, make sure when you copy into the text area that you don't include any spurious newlines.21:31
zmi_junkieI have read so many documents but this one might be the one ;-)21:31
zmi_junkieI tried to avoid newlines21:31
zmi_junkieI try again ;-)21:32
zmi_junkieI try another browser ... safari might be the problem21:38
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zmi_junkieomniweb completly failed - last effort firefox also failed21:45
zmi_junkiemaybe I try lynx ;-(21:45
zmi_junkie lynx fails21:50
zmi_junkieI am lost21:50
zmi_junkieI try to read now21:51
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benjizmi_junkie, what if you ssh
benjizmi_junkie, what if you ssh
zmi_junkieI try this now21:55
zmi_junkieI get a Permission denied21:56
benjiand you put your user name before the "@"?21:56
zmi_junkiessh opensourceconsult@svn.zope.org21:57
zmi_junkiewhich is a painfull long username21:57
benjiif so, it sounds like a key problem21:57
zmi_junkieI would think so21:57
zmi_junkiedebug1: No more authentication methods to try.22:01
zmi_junkiei might turn to protocol 1 later22:02
zmi_junkiethanx so far !22:02
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