IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2005-12-20

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replaceafillhello all. Is it possible to customize the " The page that you are trying to access is not available" view? Do I have to do it using overrides.zcml?01:09
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srichterJ1m: I'll note that I did not do an implementation of ICU; I merely use their data :-)01:24
srichterrecently several people have updated and fixed the zope.i18n code, which makes me happy, because it must be somewhat readable ;-)01:25
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projekt01srichter, ayt?02:21
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projekt01does anybody know the rules of prefix in PluggableAuthentication?02:22
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projekt01Ok, I found the rule02:55
yotadoes anyone know how create a .mo file from à .po file ?03:07
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philiKONyota, msgfmt -o foo.po03:15
yotathx :)03:16
philiKONZope's TranslatioNDomain implementation should really compile those on startup03:17
philiKONlike PTS does03:17
projekt01philiKON, I have a placeful setup with a site and a subsite where the subsite is a child of the site, why do I get the subsite IAuthentication if I call getUtility(IAuthentication) in a PlacefulSetup test?03:19
philiKONsorry,  no idea03:19
philiKONand no time right now03:19
projekt01I this because I setup the subsite as last in the setup and the subsite get involved by thread local?03:20
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yotaok great03:25
yotaalleluia, a good french translation, finally03:27
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yotaah too late03:28
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projekt01I still think there is a bug in the site hook implementation04:07
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projekt01at least the makeSite method in placeful setup is wired. I get different behavior if I change the order of makeSite for the site or subsite04:10
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* jenner just noticed that returning an IResult adaptable which contains a file stream iterator in a browser view is not a good idea - it seems to be not really thread-safe12:46
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tahara_nick tahara12:53
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jennerany ideas where this may come from: exceptions.AttributeError: 'zope.thread.local' object has no attribute 'interaction'?12:57
SteveAit means the interaction hasn't started12:58
SteveAso, something that requires the security system is running12:58
SteveAwithout correct functional test setup12:58
philiKONjenner, or that you're doing stuff for too long...13:00
philiKONjenner, i presume this has to do with the IResult stuff?13:00
jennerphiliKON: yes13:00
philiKONyes, so this is an issue we still need to resolve13:00
philiKONfirst, i think IResult objects should be stripped of their secruity proxies13:00
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jennerMaybe I have a bad security declaration... I added a simple class which implements(IResult) and has a body and a headers attr, the configure.zcml part looks like
jennerbtw, I'm not streaming at this point, I'm just returning a string instead of an iterable as IResult body13:04
jennerHm, actually... returning an iterator instead of an IResult adaptable works just fine :)13:11
andrew_mcan someone tell me if there's a realistic chance that I can get pagelets working with Zope 3.1.0? I have used them with an SVN version of Zope, now trying to backport to 3.1.013:31
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srichterandrew_m: you mean viewlets, right?14:59
andrew_msrichter: not sure.. it was called pagelet in the zope version i have used so far15:00
srichterwell, we have thrown that API away15:00
srichterit was not clean enough15:00
srichterthe 3.2.0 release will have a zope.contentprovider and zope.viewlet package15:00
srichterI think it should be easy to backport; nothing jumps at me that would be a problem15:01
andrew_msrichter: ok, thanks15:01
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J1msrichter, is there a book entry on how to create book entries? :)17:57
srichterno :-)18:01
srichterit is just a registration of a chapter18:01
srichterI think there are several examples in book.zcml in the package18:02
J1mIt would be nice to have prose.18:03
J1mThe examples suggest that there is some hierarchy.18:03
J1mIt's not clear how this works.18:03
srichteryes there is18:03
J1mFor example, must every chapter have a parent?18:04
J1mWhat about top-level nodes?18:04
J1mDoes a parent have to be defined before it's children?18:04
J1mDo parents have to be chapters?18:04
J1mI could go on. :)18:04
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J1mOh woe is me.18:17
J1mI sure hope we can get out of the server business.18:18
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srichterme too18:21
J1mAll this blather about how to return large files efficiently is pointless.18:21
J1mAs zserver just ''.join(irritable)18:22
srichter...and so they thought they were efficient...18:23
J1mIn fairness, I thought we were going to come back and do this right, but we never did.18:23
J1mTHis is soo easy to fix. Maybe I will.18:24
J1mZServer has code to overflow to a file.18:25
J1mI just need to make it do that.18:25
dman13irritable?  :-)18:31
dman13nice personification18:31
GaryPosteroh, this is only one of many Jim-isms. :-)18:31
J1mZope 3's zserver has one (count em one) test. And that is only for a bug regression.18:32
GaryPosterONE. (ha ha ha)18:32
J1mGary loves to count.18:33
dman13oh, so he's The Count18:33
GaryPosterYes, that was the idea.  :-)18:34
dman13did you see The Today Show around Halloween?  Al Roker was dressed up as The Count for (at least) one day.18:41
GaryPosterlol.  tried quickly to find a picture, to see if I would be frightened, but to no avail.18:43
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yotaefge: ping18:56
efgeyota: yes19:06
J1mI was wrong about the number of tests zserver has.19:10
J1mI was just looking in the wrong place.19:10
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yotaefrerich: hi Egon, can you update the po files (launchpas) in the trunkplease ?19:37
efrerichyota: yes19:39
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yotaefrerich: I have a problem, with a svn update, french translation file (zope.po) said : "PO-Revision-Date: 2005-10-22 01:24+0200\n"20:16
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yotaefrerich: my file : "PO-Revision-Date: 2005-12-20 18:22+0100\n"20:16
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jennerDoes anyone know what's wrong with this overrides.zcml: I still get a ForbiddenAttribute exception for headers :(20:23
GaryPosterMaybe a silly question, but are you actually including it from another (loading) zcml file?20:25
jennerGaryPoster: I'm running z3 sandbox, overrides.zcml is in Zope3/zopeskel/etc/20:26
jennerGaryPoster: ah, you'r right, it should be in the top z3 directory :) I'm getting a ForbiddenAttribute for __iter__ now, that's at least some progress :)20:28
GaryPosterwoo hoo ;-)20:28
efrerichyota: hi Sebastien I'll check this thank you20:28
yotaefrerich: thx20:29
jennerNow there's a problem -- ForbiddenAttribute (__iter__) is raised for a native python file object20:30
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J1mjenner, I'm about to add the missing declaration on the 3.2 branch.20:32
jennerJ1m: great :)20:33
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J1mjenner, you should not be using file.__iter__.20:39
J1mYou should provide your own iterator that iterates using a larger block size.20:40
J1mAnd has it's own security declarations.20:41
J1m3.3 should orovide a standard helper for this.20:41
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MacYETsrichter: ping20:42
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srichterMacYET: pong20:44
MacYETyou're my man :=)20:45
MacYETwould it be possible to re-use apidoc in Z2 to replace the helpsystem means to present interfaces + module/class related text files in a reasonable way?20:46
jennerJ1m: actually that's what I'm doing - my own iterator, I just have no security declarations for it yet, see (filestreamIterator was stolen from z2's ZPublisher.Iterators.filestream_iterator)20:47
J1mHere's a much simpler iterator that you don't need a declaration for:20:49
J1mdef fileiterator(file):20:49
J1m    while 1:20:49
J1m        v =
J1m        if v:20:50
J1m            yield v20:50
J1m        else:20:50
J1m            break20:51
J1mpick whatever bufsize you want.20:51
benji8192 might be good  :)20:51
J1myeah, whatEVER20:51
benji</valley girl>20:52
jennerJ1m: thanks, I already was about to do it this way (without wrapping it into a class which offers an __iter__), but then I thought I would get security errors again... anyway, let's see if that works :)20:54
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J1mThere is already a declaration for generators.20:57
* faassen tries to picture Jim as a valley girl.20:58
jennerJ1m: works perfectly, thanks :)20:58
* jenner jumps up and down20:58
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J1mjenner, can you do me a favor and test the declaration I just checked in?20:59
jennerJ1m: 3.2 branch or is it already in trunk?20:59
J1m3.2 branch.21:00
J1mWhat are you using?21:00
J1mk, just a minute.21:00
* jenner is flooded by the output of `svn status -u` - addprop svn:ignore for *.pyc?21:02
J1mYes. Also see:
benjino, jenner you don't do that21:04
benjiyou change your svn config21:04
jennerbenji: relax, I can't commit anyway :)21:05
GaryPosterWe can fix that ;-)21:05
benjiI'm, like, chill21:05
jennerGaryPoster: You don't want to a z3 newbie to have commit rights :)21:06
GaryPoster:-) yeah, ok.21:06
J1mjenner, k, committed to trunk21:07
benjiglobal-ignores = *.o *.lo *.la #*# .*.rej *.rej .*~ *~ .#* .DS_Store *.pyc *.pyo *.swp *.swo21:07
* mgedmin suggests adding *.so there as well21:08
jennerJ1m: works, merci (yes, I removed my overrides.zcml)21:08
benjigood catch, mgedmin21:09
jennerbenji: nice, thanks21:09
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jenner"Von Zope 3 angetrieben." - lovely translations :)21:37
efrerichyota:  I misunderstood you. I assumed you wanted the translation 3.2 into21:42
efrerichyota: the trunk.21:43
efrerichyota: But you wanted your new translations from launchpad.21:43
yotathe last one21:44
efrerichyota: I'll do this now.21:44
yotafor testing21:44
MacYETjenner: the german Z3 translation is a mess :-)21:46
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jennerMacYET: hey, at least it consistently tries to avoid anglicisms ("Mehr rueckgaengig!" is my favourite btw) :)21:51
MacYETLieferant für Voreinstellungen von Benutzervorlieben21:52
MacYETone of my favourites21:52
jenneroh yeah!I knew I saw it somewhere, but I couldn't find the page right now :)21:53
jenner"Hilfreiche Nachricht"21:54
jenneris that a "help message"?21:54
yotait's not easy to translate zope321:56
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efgesvn repository is hosed again22:30
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efrerich_yota: now you should have the new french translations22:41
efrerich_jenner: "Hilfreiche Nachricht" is in english 'helpful message'22:43
yota"PO-Revision-Date: 2005-12-20 18:22+0100\n"22:43
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regebroHello all.22:47
regebroDoes the request in Zope3 typically implement IDefaultBrowserLayer?22:47
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J1mNot sure. This is fairly new and not very popular. :)22:48
J1mI wuldn't count on it.22:48
regebroWell, as far as I can figure out, the 3.1 and later menu system does count on it.22:49
J1mhow so?22:49
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regebroWell, the menu items are registered as adapters between (self.for_, self.layer) and the self.menuItemType.22:51
regebroself.for_ being the class, of course, and self.layer defaultig to IDefaultBrowserLayer.22:51
regebroBut when looked up, the object and request is being given as objects.22:51
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regebroWhich, under Zope 2 fails, as the request does not implement IDefaultBrowserLayer.22:52
J1mI suspect that in 3.3, this will be simplified.22:52
efrerich_jenner: suggestions for better translations send to zope3-i18n@zope.org22:53
regebrohaha! Go me! With a five:implements I made the Zope 2 request implement this, and it now returns menuitems! Yes! :)22:53
J1mI was going to suggest that the default should be IBroserRequest, but that wouldn't have helped Zope 2.22:54
J1mI'm glad this works now.22:54
J1mI hope this is cleaned up in the next release cycle.22:54
regebroJ1m: One simplification I would like is a way to switch out either the browser menu type, or the filter type. In CMF you don't have much use of the filter on Zope 3 menu items (at least not in the 3.0 incarnation).22:55
efgedamn I again have to debug subscribers registrations, I should have saved that debug printing code somewhere...22:56
regebroI'm not going to implement CMF-filters tonight, so this version of CMFonFive will break this. I'll look at that after xmas.22:56
J1mI agree22:56
J1mThis shouldn't have depnded on tal.22:56
J1mRather, the zcml should have converted the tal into some sort of callable.22:57
regebroIf I remember correctly, the problem is that the context will not be built correctly, so you can't test anything useful.22:57
regebroBut it's half a year ago, so I don't really remember.22:58
regebroAnd I don't use it any more myself. :)22:58
J1mI don't remember either.23:01
regebroAnyhow, the refactoring means slightly less code duplication, which is good. :) But it also means I have to do the duplication all over. ;)23:02
regebroBut that has to wait to after xmas. I'm lucky my gf needs to study, so we won't go much touristing. Or maybe you are lucky. ;)23:02
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GaryPosterFrench translation: just noticed that the new translation for the source input widget's 'Apply' button is 'SourceInputWidget-appliquer'.  Wouldn't just 'appliquer' be better?  Note that I am alerting people in a friendly sort of way: I don't need it, just thought I'd bring it up in front of people who might care.23:10
efgeGaryPoster: thx. yota you saw this ?23:11
J1msrichter, I can't figure out how to register a book chapter.23:12
regebroMerry xmas all. See ya!23:15
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jennerCan anyone give me a pointer on how to plug in into the traversal? I'd like to have urls like myphoto/small/view where "myphoto" is the only real object, small is it's scaled version and view (obviously) a view (index.html or __call__ for index.html should show the image itself, so I'd like to add a "/view" for a nice html page)23:25
dman13jenner: looking at the source for sqlos may help you;  I think you just need to be an IContainer and define __getitem__ to return the object you want to match the name (eg 'small')23:26
jennerdman13: ok, thanks23:26
dman13jenner: it's been a few months since I last looked at that, but I think that's how it works23:26
yotaGaryPoster: hi. I will fix it. I doesn't understand all msgid because they come without comments. Thx a lot23:26
dman13(and there might be other ways too)23:26
GaryPosteryota: cool :-)  completely understand23:27
yotaGaryPoster: if you have another suggestion, i'm here ;)23:27
GaryPosteryota: heh, ok, I'll keep my eyes open. :-)23:28
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GaryPosterjenner: I'm not sure I'd do it the way you are talking about, but it's all adapter driven.  There are two kinds of traversers that you typically have to care about, one for URL traversal and one for TALES traversal.  Writing them really is not bad.  The container traversers to which dman13 referred you are good models: there are also simple traversers hanging around (maybe
GaryPosterURL browser traversal I mean, btw23:31
yotaGaryPoster: thx. I strongly need feedback23:31
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jennerGaryPoster: using browser traversal only, I would always generate the scaled version of an image on the fly, however I'd like to store them in the image object once they're generated... I guess I need to implement IContainer first23:37
* J1m us sorely tempted by an evil hack.23:45
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