IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2005-12-24

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srichterJ1m: I'll cut the beta as usual00:23
J1mI'm getting close to being finished making the tar ball.00:24
srichterok, just shoot me an E-mail when you are done00:24
J1mI've also created the release.00:24
srichterok, so what's left to do?00:24
J1mI'll let you know when I've updated the tar ball00:24
srichterok, so just the announcements are left?00:24
J1mI think so.00:24
srichtertime to eat dinner00:25
srichtersee ya00:25
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J1mI'm hoping Tim will volunteer to make the windows release00:25
J1meven though he's off today.00:25
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srichterJ1m: ok01:19
J1mOK, the source release is up.01:33
jenneroh, btw, stress tests passed, J1m made my day :)01:37
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J1mI'm gonna try to make the windows release. :)01:46
srichterhold on to your... computers :-)01:51
J1mCan anyone here test the windows release for me?01:59
J1mI built it on a buldbot machine and I really don't want to install it there.02:00
J1mI'm afraid it would screw up the bots.02:00
jennerJ1m: I have a vmware guest (win2k3)... I'd need to install py2.4 beforehand02:01
J1mIf you're willing, that would be great!02:01
J1mI'll go ahead and upload the file to
J1mYou are too fast for me.02:04
J1mUploading now.02:04
jennerHm, I've never ran zope on win32 :)02:05
J1mPick up from where it says "run the installer". :)02:05
* jenner added to trusted sites and launched the .exe02:07
jennerUhm... I have no idea where it is now :)02:09
J1mIt's burried in your Python02:10
J1mPick up from where it says "run the installer". :)02:10
J1mso the next step is to make an instance02:10
J1mDon't worry about the test buddydemo step.02:11
J1mBut it would be nice to do the bin\test -vv --testzope02:12
J1mbit from the instance.02:12
J1mAnd to make sure that Zope starts and that you can use it.02:12
jennerok, running tests02:13
* jenner wonders about control chars in windows paths... I mean what's \Z in \ZopeInst is supposed to be anyway?02:14
J1mWindows uses \ rather than / as the path separator. :)02:15
jennerI know :)02:16
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jennerthis takes ages02:20
J1mWelcome to the zope tests. :)02:20
J1mI hear they run even slower on windows.02:21
jennertwo AssertionErrors so far... I'd even be able to tell what test raised those exceptions, but unfortunately the scroll buffer of this so-called terminal window is too small...I can't scroll back anymore :)02:22
J1mHopefully, they're in ZEO. If so, I'll ignore them.02:23
jennerdoes `bin\test -vv --testzope` produce a summary?02:23
J1mIt will list the tests that failed at the end.02:23
jennerwho's responsible for ZODB and ZEO failures? :)02:24
J1mTim and I are.02:24
J1mThe thing is, ZEO tests tend to fail intermittently.02:24
J1mThey do all sort of weord things like starting and stopping servers.02:24
J1mSo they tend to have a lot of spurious failures.02:25
J1mI had to write some tests like that for the twisted integration over the last week or so.02:25
J1mNot fun.02:25
jennerI hate functional tests02:27
J1mWhy? Because they take so long?02:27
jennerYou never know what kind of environement they're run in02:27
J1mah, you're talking about functional tests in general.02:28
J1mNot Zope 3's.02:28
J1mTres says that Zope 3's functional tests aren't technically functional tests.02:29
jennertests finished - 3 failures02:29
J1mwhat were they?02:29
J1mThey should have been listed at the end.02:29
jennerZEO :)02:30
J1mOK, so see if you can run zope.02:30
jennercheckTimeoutAfterVote and checkTimeoutProvokingConflicts02:30
J1mblah blah blah02:30
* J1m really needs to get back into using vmware.02:31
jennerJ1m: ok, it's running fine... anything else I should check?02:34
J1mIf you feel ambitious, you could shut it down and try running it as a service.02:34
J1mBut otherwise, that's good enough for me.02:35
J1mI'm gonna go ahead and put it in place.02:35
jenner`bin/ --startup auto install` doesn't work -- I get an ImportError for pywintypes02:37
J1mOK, I didn't hear that. ;)02:37
jenner(python2.4.2 install using the .msi from
* jenner whistles02:38
J1mI'll have to let Tim chase that.02:38
J1mI think it's still worth going ahead with the release.02:38
J1mThanks a lot!02:38
jennerYeah, who uses zope3 in win32 anyway? I'd say -- release it and let those users swtich to a real OS :)02:39
jennerJ1m: np, glad I could help02:39
J1msrichter, ayt?02:41
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baijuI tried to install Zope3.2.0b2, here is test output:
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J1msrichter, are you going to announce the beta?19:01
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srichterJ1m: tomorrow morning19:29
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dman13a Christmas present!  :-)20:08
J1mShhhh, don't tell the kids.20:08
* dman13 wants 3.2-final before the ball drops20:08
dman13don't worry, they'll think Santa left it20:08
jennersheesh, ZTUtils.Batch from zope2 is, uhm, a bit comlicated... I guess there's no way but to write an own simple batch helper. Unless there is already one, burried in the depths of src/zope/ - is there?20:27
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jennerAha! "The `ZTUtils` package has not been ported to Zope3. Parts of it, like batching, have found their way into Zope3, though."20:32
J1mI agree that the mechanism in ZTUtils is too complicated.20:36
J1mNote that we'll be releasing a table formatting package that has batching.20:37
J1mWe've releases a snapshot.20:37
J1mI'm not sure how up to date the snapshit is though.20:38
J1msnapshot :)20:40
jennerWell, all I need is batching over a flat sequence... and I'm pretty sure I did like gooooogles result paging some years ago for a customer, I just can't find the code anymore :)20:40
jennerJ1m: what a beautiful Freudian slip :)20:41
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jennerHm, is there a way to define an alias for a browser:page in zcml? E.g. I have a browser:page with name="index.html" and I'd like to have the same page registered as "view.html"22:25
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