IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2005-12-25

jennerHm, restarting z3 each time I need to refresh a .css resource sucks :(00:05
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yotajenner: yes, zope lacks of a quick refresh :)00:08
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yotawhy does zope3.2b2 bundle includes some zope2 packages ?02:16
J1mIt shares some packages with Zope 2.02:19
J1mWhich ones are you thinking of?02:19
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yotaJ1m: HelpSys, Zlog, OFS or Zope2 for example. I'm just surprised to see them in zope3. Thx :)02:42
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romanofskimerry chrismas!11:23
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jennerhi there :)14:23
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* jenner fights with z3 authentication15:26
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jennerAwesome, I think I know how z3 auth stuff works now :)16:56
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jennerIn case anyone is tired of setting shiftwidth, syntax etc each time he/she opens a .zcml file with vim - paste this into your ~/.vimrc:
jennerHm, is there a way to declare containment for the declaring interface? Like IFoo(IContainer): ... contains(IFooItem, IFoo) (which doesn't work obviously)18:31
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srichterjenner: you can use contains('.interfaces.IFoo')18:53
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jennersrichter: ah, nice, thanks18:54
* jenner removes IFoo['__setitem__'].setTaggedValue('precondition', ItemTypePrecondition(IFoo, IFooItem))18:55
jennerMacYET: IZope318:56
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MacYETihhhhhhhhhh zope318:57
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srichterMacYET: I thought you are on vacation? :-)19:07
MacYETyup, currently with my familiy19:09
MacYETyou know, x-mas with family ....19:09
srichtersame here, except that we could not leave for Germany this year19:10
MacYETreal vacation starts tomorrow19:10
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jennerHm, is there a way to customize the message you get when a constraint validates to False ('Constraint not satisfied')?19:38
MacYETit z2 i would say:customize _you_lose()19:41
jennerhmpf, I did it right (raised an exception which inherited ValidationError), I just did it on the wrong interface :)19:45
philiKONMacYET, ?19:50
philiKONMacYET, not on vacation?19:50
MacYETfamily vacation19:54
jennerthat's clearly a namespace pollution - a "family vaction" is not a vacation :)19:58
philiKONMacYET, ah :)19:59
MacYETvacation starts in 30 minutes with mongolian food19:59
philiKONMacYET, bei muttern christstollen futtern, was?19:59
* MacYET zwangsernährt philiKON mit christstollen19:59
MacYETich kann das zeugs nicht sehen20:00
philiKONheh, nach 3 monaten chinesenfras stuerzt du dich auf das zeugs, glaub mir20:00
MacYETdeswegen auch mongolisch und japanisch für heute abend20:02
jennerMacYET: was muss man sich unter mongolischem essen vorstellen?20:02
jennergegrillter pferderuecken mit schnapps aus stutenmilch? :)20:03
philiKONkommt nah dran20:03
MacYETjenner.: mal schauen was der koch heute macht20:03
jennerah, ihr geht aus, dachte schon es gibt nen kochexperiment20:04
MacYETsushibufett ist immer sehr gefährlich20:04
jennerweil's so lecker ist oder weil du dem koch nicht vertraust? :)20:05
philiKONweil's den giftigen kugelfisch geben kann :)20:06
MacYET*g* weil's so lecker ist20:06
* jenner steals the CSS from jimmac's Original gallery20:11
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