IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2005-12-29

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philiKONhi MacYET16:44
romanofskimoin philiKON16:45
philiKONmoin romanofski16:48
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mgedmincan I please have a lazily evaluated utility?17:36
mgedminI just discovered that if I use <utility provides="..." factory="myFunction" />17:36
mgedminthen myFunction gets called only once during startup17:36
srichterI found that odd as well17:39
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srichterbut a lazy utility is really an adapter adapting from None17:39
srichterso that would be a workaround17:39
mgedminI suppose17:40
mgedminI considered defining a multi-adapter adapting from an empty tuple, but thought that was overkill17:40
mgedmin(and probably wouldn't work anyway)17:40
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regebroHi all!19:47
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regebroAnybody recognize this error: TypeError: Error when calling the metaclass bases, iteration over non-sequence19:48
regebroOK, never mind, problem solved.19:51
philiKONwow, that sounsd like a weird error19:51
regebroYes, apparently, it's caused by a directory that should not be there. Deleting the offending product directory and re-echecking it out solved it.19:52
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srichterphiliKON: are you using zope.formlib?23:11
philiKONi've played with it23:11
philiKONhi btw :)23:11
srichterdo you know which directive is preferred when registering a formlib page?23:11
philiKON<browser:page />23:11
srichteroh, ok23:12
srichterwhat are you up to?23:12
philiKONnot much these days23:12
philiKONchina is keeping me busy23:12
philiKONyeah, a bit23:13
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jennerhm, if I'd like to have some INameChooser functionality for a container - should I implement INameChooser for the container itself or should I rather register an appropriate adapter for this container type?23:28
philiKONjenner, your choice :)23:29
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philiKONi'd prefer a separate adapter23:29
jennerphiliKON: ok23:29
philiKONbut it really depends on how flexible you want all of it to be23:30
philiKONwhen making your own adapter, you can inherit from the standard name chooser23:30
jennerbtw, chooser.checkName is called twice in zope/app/container/browser/ - once in chooser.chooseName itself (just before the method returns) and once explicitely in the browser view23:30
philiKONsaves you some work regarding the general verficiation of names23:30
philiKONyeah, i noticed that too once... i guess it's just about safety belts :)23:31
jennerphiliKON: that's what I'm, doing currently, but my adapter is not called when I add an object, I guess I registered it wrong again23:31
jennerI registered it for IMyFolder, the NameChooser however is registered for (which my folder implements, since it inherits IContainer), I wonder if that's the reason...23:34
philiKONif your adapter is registered for a more specific interface, it should find that23:35

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