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jennerhm, ok, it's working for a container that inherits but it fails for an IContainer implementation which inherits BTreeContainer00:10
jennerargh, the IContainer inherited INameChooser as well00:20
* jenner slaps himself a bit with a large trout00:20
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einshi all08:13
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philiKONmoin romanofski13:22
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jennerI'd like to perform some actions on an IContained after it has been added to an IContainer, using events seems to be the right way to do it, but I can't figure out what steps are required... can anyone point me to an example?13:44
philiKONjenner, got my book?13:46
jennerphiliKON: no13:46
philiKONthen buy it :)13:46
philiKONyou want events13:46
philiKONmake subscriber that listens to IObjectAdded event13:47
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srichterJ1m: we have a show-stopper16:21
srichterJ1m: I had a small sprint yesterday and in the app we developed, we could not upload large files using the twisted server16:22
srichterit would not even receive a request16:22
srichterwhen we switched to ZServer it worked fine16:22
J1mAny idea why?16:23
srichterno, we did not have time to investigate16:23
srichterbut it must be something about the large file support in twisted.web216:23
srichterJ1m: you only messed with the output handling, right?16:23
J1mNo, I applied James' input-buffering patch.16:24
srichterand after this happens, you cannot shut down the server using CTRL+C anymore either16:24
J1mThis is easy to disable though.16:24
srichterJoel (the guy I was sprinting with, usually here as jfmoxley) said it still worked in 3.2b116:25
J1mLook at zope/app/twisted/http.py16:26
J1mTry commenting out the line:16:27
J1m    resource = Prebuffer(resource)16:27
srichterok, will do16:27
srichterJ1m: yep, that's the problem; now it works16:31
J1mThat's what I get for integrating code I don't understand. :(16:31
J1mOK, try this please: ...16:31
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J1mUncomment that line and arrange for the first if condition in Prebuffer.hook to always be true.16:33
J1mif 1 or (content_length is not None and int(content_length) > max_stringio):16:33
J1mor just:16:33
J1mif 1:16:33
J1miow, get rid of the attempt to use a stringio16:33
srichterthen it should always fail, right?16:34
J1mwhat should always fail?16:34
J1mI want to make the code more like James Knights origibal code and always use a temporary file.16:34
srichterthat fails16:35
srichterso the StringIO version seems to work16:35
srichterI try "if False" now16:35
J1mI want to see if the problem is somehow due to my change to his code to avoid using a temporary file when not necessary.16:35
J1mTyping is too hard.16:36
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refriedis there a good location to find Zope3 products?17:30
srichterthere are really not that many Zope 3 packages out there17:31
srichtersearching the archives and announcements might help17:31
srichteralso look at for some others17:31
J1mThis prebuffering code is a Rube Goldberg machine. :(17:39
J1mI creates an incredibly convoluted and inefficient set of data structures.17:40
J1mWe collect the input in a file and we end up with something that threads through the reactor to read the damn thing.17:41
srichteroh, I see, sigh17:41
J1mDo you know what a Rube Goldberg machine is? :)17:42
srichterI am just reading his Wikipedia entry :-)17:43
mkerrinJ1m: I don't know if this helps but I used a OverflowableBuffer class for the ftp code. It is located in, and it seems to work for FTP anyways, and is originally copied from the ZServer code base17:45
J1mmkerrin, the problem isn't the logic to switch to a temporary file.17:46
J1mThe problem is that using a temporary file doesn't work.17:46
J1mAnd it's use is hideously convoluted.17:46
J1mmkerrin, did you look at the patch that James Knight sent on the 16th?17:49
J1mmkerrin, di you consider yourself to be a twisted programmer? :)17:50
J1mmkerrin, do you consider yourself to be a twisted programmer? :)17:50
mkerrinI am not a core developer - I just use it now and again to get stuff done17:51
J1mDo you understand Knight's patch?17:52
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J1mOK, fixed it.18:23
J1mThe MMap support is broken.18:23
J1mNow I have to write (or update) a test.18:24
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mkerrinJ1m: cool - sorry I got dragged away there18:59
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srichterJ1m: did you make a checkin of your fix? (I did not get a message yet, maybe it is not working after the switch)19:41
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J1msrichter, I am soo fing frustrated19:49
J1mI'm trying to update the tests.19:49
J1mBut I can't get the tests to fail properly19:49
J1mbecause the threads zope.conf option doesn't seem to work anymore.19:49
J1mso I probably won't check in the fix anytime soon.19:50
J1mBecause I have other things I have to do. :(19:50
srichterso I am surprised that the threads option does not work anymore19:51
J1mYeah, me too.19:52
J1mOr maybe I'm just missing something else.19:53
J1mBut I was modifying a test to test the new fix.19:53
J1mThe test is testing input buffering.19:53
J1mDisabling input buffering should make the test fail, but it doesn't.19:53
J1mSo I have no idea what is going on.19:54
srichterits twisted magic :-)19:54
J1mBut I don't have any more time atm.19:54
srichterthat's okay, I am about to head out as well19:54
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jennerunbelievable, my event subscription works23:24
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