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philiKONhi J1m. happy new year!18:30
J1mThanks. You too.18:31
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roymI need to traverse to a location in a ZPT; is there a better way than:20:07
roym  <div tal:define="20:07
roym       zapi modules/zope/app/zapi;20:07
roym       global loc python:zapi.traverse(context,'/barry/MetaData/ExamAssignmentTable');"/>20:07
philiKONdoing it in a view class :)20:09
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roymok - I guess, what I miss is Zope2's traversal (I know acquisition is a dirty word :)20:31
philiKONi guess you *do* miss acquisition20:31
philiKONtraversal is something explicit20:32
philiKONnote that there's ++acquire++20:32
philiKONfor explicit acquisition20:32
roymah - let me look that up... thanks.20:32
philiKONtal:define="barry context/++acquire++barry"20:32
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mcdonci wish checkers could be defined against instances20:55
mcdonccreating view classes on the fly seems mildly evil20:56
roymIs there an implementation in z3 that behaves like UNIX permissions -21:00
roymie: when a user logs in, I want the user to only be able to access a21:00
roymspecific subfolder (one such subfolder exists for each user).21:00
philiKONmcdonc, yep and yep21:00
philiKONroym, i would say you can do that with homefolders and automatically assigned local grants21:01
roymphiliKON, thanks - that's exactly what I needed.21:03
roymWhere would I look, to patch the twisted ftp server to accept "ls -al". Right now, it chokes on that cos it expects "ls -aL", and my emacs ftp client is not happy.21:26
roymWhere would I look, to patch the twisted ftp server to accept "ls21:31
roym-al". Right now, it chokes on that cos it expects "ls -aL", and my21:31
roymemacs ftp client is not happy.21:31
roymoops - sorry about the double post21:31
philiKONroym, i'd say this is a twisted problem21:40
philiKONso i would bring this problem up with the twisted people21:41
philiKONyou could create a collector issue in the zope3-dev collector, though, so that we won't forget about it21:42
philiKONand so that other people, perhaps mkerrin can continue to nag twisted people :)21:42
roymok, thanks. For now '(setq ange-ftp-dumb-unix-host-regexp "localhost")' seems to work around the issue (by doing a DIR instead of "ls")22:01
philiKONwell, you can add that to the issue22:02
roymIts now in (
philiKONok, cool. thanks22:15
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mcdoncall done 'cept for the cryin (and mocing back to creating classes due to security)...
* philiKON wonders why another set of ZCML directives were considered necessary23:07
philiKONcouldn't a few lines of appropriate python code and a browser:page have worked also?23:07
mcdoncphiliKON: if so, i'd like to do that... i don't think i even thought it was possible23:08
philiKONwhatever <browser:meld3page> and <browser:fill> do, i'm sure it could also be done manually in python, right?23:09
philiKONclass SampleTransformPage(Meld3Page):23:09
philiKON   # do the equivalent of browser:fill here23:10
philiKONjust something to think about23:10
philiKONanyways, i gotta go to bed23:10
philiKONsee y'all23:10
mcdoncphiliKON: tks and cu!23:10
romanofskisee you philiKON :)23:10
romanofskihi mcdonc btw :)23:10
mcdonchi romanofski ;-)23:11
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