IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2006-01-02

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mcdoncpackaged up meld3 bindings for zope 3:
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elbixioHi everybody. I know it's possible to filter out zmi_tabs, but is it possible to filter out links like "Grant, Errors, Undo!, Help, etc"? I tried using the zmi_tabs filtering approach but didn't work.17:15
philiKONthey're the zmi_actions, i think17:16
philiKONjust a different browser menu17:16
elbixiothanks phillip, they're in your book, right?17:16
philiKONthe zmi tabs are17:17
philiKONnot sure if the zmi actions are17:17
elbixiowell, at least they're in the Index. I'll look out for them. Thanks again.17:18
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elbixionow, is it possible to filter out buttons, like the "Rename, Cut, Copy" in the zmi? are they part of another menu?17:27
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roymI am browsing a custom directory via ftp (z3 latest trunk) and18:29
roymI am now seeing these types of errors (things seemed ok for me before18:29
roymthe cutover to twisted). All I can tell from the debugger is that the18:29
roymtype is 'd' (I imagine for directory), but why this is the 'wrong' type18:29
roymbaffles me.18:29
roym  File "/usr/local/Zope3-trunk/src/zope/app/twisted/ftp/", line 177, in _stat18:29
roym    raise ftp.WrongFiletype()18:29
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