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bradallenI'm stuck trying to get the use-macro part of a browser:resource ZPT00:11
bradallenI'm expecting it to look something like: metal:use-macro='/@@/cram_layout_1/macros/cramLayout1'00:12
bradallenwhere cram_layout_1 is also registered as a browser:resource00:13
bradallenI have tried to guess numerous times what I should use in use-macro but have so far failed00:14
jennerbradallen: is cram_layout_1 a skin?00:15
bradallenno, it's a ZPT macro00:15
bradallenas in metal:define-macro='cramLayout1'00:15
bradallenI had it working TTW00:16
jennerI'm not sure you can use a browser:resource in macros00:16
jennertry browser:page00:16
bradallenbut wanted to move to the filesystem00:16
bradallenok, I'll try browser:page00:16
jenner<browser:page for="foo.interfaces.IMyContentType" name="my_macros" permission="zope.Public" template="" /> and use it like metal:use-macro="context/@@my_macros/macro_name" (note that there's no /macros/ in between)00:18
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bradallenjenner: It looks like browser:page requires a "for" value in the form of an interface. I was trying to use browser:resource because it didn't seem to require any Python classes or interfaces...I wanted to see if I could build a very simple Z3 site using ZPT only... I guess I will need to create an module for my package? or can I use an existing interface from Zope?00:26
bradallenI will try it.00:26
bradallenjenner: I'm still getting the same error as before: PTRuntimeError: ['Compilation failed', "zope.tal.taldefs.TALError: Path element may not be empty in u'/@@cram_layout_1/cramLayout1' in expression u'/@@cram_layout_1/cramLayout1', at line 1, column 1"]00:28
jennerbradallen: your ZPT has errors00:28
bradallenHm...I was working fine TTW00:28
bradallenI will check.00:28
jennerreplace /@@cram_layout_1/cramLayout1 with context/@@cram_layout_1/cramLayout100:29
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bradallenThat gives me a different error:    File "/usr/share/zope-3.1.0-py2.4/lib/python/zope/app/traversing/", line 363, in traverse00:30
bradallen    raise TraversalError(self.context, name)00:30
bradallenTraversalError: (None, 'cram_layout_1')00:30
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bradallenMaybe I should also change my ZPT page to a page rather than a browser:resource00:31
TwistedBenIs there any news about Zope3 IDEs?00:31
TwistedBenIs there anything useful out there?00:31
jennerwhat's wrong with vim? :)00:31
bradallenbrowser:resource doesn't get access to context according to Phillikon book00:31
jennerbradallen: as I already said, register the ZPT as browser:page00:32
bradallenI did that for the Macro, not the page00:32
TwistedBenjenner: Well if it was not for the many files involved for even the simplest projects that need matching class names, and other.. why not emacs yes00:32
TwistedBenjenner: vim never :)00:32
jennerTwistedBen: eclipse + pydev?00:32
TwistedBenwill check out eclipse+pydev. I read about the possibility to make it a nice IDE for Zope3 but I did not know that it actually happened00:33
jennerTwistedBen: it's a general purpose solution for bigger python projects... and eclipse has nice XML editing capabilities which makes it even more useful for z3's zcml stuff00:34
TwistedBenjenner it does sound like a step forward from what I am using now..00:35
TwistedBenjenner: But I was dreaming about an interface ala zope2 to build simple content objects and roles and ... :)00:35
jennerTwistedBen: Oh, by IDE you mean like ZClasses?00:36
TwistedBenjenner: Well I guess it was too simple to be called a IDE but it did make life easier for simple content objects00:37
jennerI wish ZClasses would have never been invented :)00:38
TwistedBenjenner: You probably did not like the concept but I do not see why there can not be an as simple UI for building simple content objects in Zope300:38
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TwistedBenActually was the magical upgrade of all ZClass instances in terms of new/removed field a nice feature too?00:40
jennerTwistedBen: The problem was not the concept, but the fact that ZClasses broke each time I upgraded zope00:40
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TwistedBenOh. Well I did not have any upgrade experience with my developments ;)00:40
TwistedBenI guess my colleagues will suffer from my devs now that I left if I can read the tone of your line correctly :)00:41
jennerTwistedBen: yep :)00:41
bradallenjenner: sorry to be such a pest. I still can't get my ZPT page to load. I changed it from a brower;resource to a browser:page, but don't know how to construct a URL to load that ZPT. With browser:resource, it was documented to be at @@/name. That doesn't seem to work for a browser:page.00:43
jennerbradallen: context/@@<the value of 'name' attribute you used in browser:page>/<macro name>00:44
bradallenjenner: But this isn't a macro. This is the page that USES the macro. I'm trying to construct from base URL; I'm not sure context makes sense here, as in
bradallen(which doesn't work)00:47
bradallenjenner: worked using the url
jennerbradallen: err, I wasn't aware that you try to serve ZPTs with _content_ from filesystem... browser:page is actually a "view", it should represent an abstract object to the client (browser)... I guess using ZPTs as ressources makes more sense then registering them as browser:page, though I have no idea how you would access them... probably by adding a skin layer and overriding the default skin in site.zcml00:54
bradallenjenner: well, browser:page does explicitly support templates as an alternative to using Python classes. I think it makes sense, and it does provide access to the context whereas browser:resource does not. I need that access to context to obtain user-entered content stored in the ZMI/ZODB00:57
bradallenWould a CSS file be a more appropriate example of what you'd use a browser:resource for?01:04
bradallenMost of the time a CSS file wouldn't need access to the context01:05
bradallenit certainly wouldn't use the keyword would use something like url("../whatever.jpg")01:06
TwistedBenI created an interface called IProduct that borrows a lot from the example IMessage from the Zope3 dev guide01:07
jenneryes, static files like images, css, javascript etc is basically a good example for browser:resource01:07
TwistedBenI have created another interface called ICourse that is a python subclass of the IProduct class01:07
TwistedBenI have made an implementation of both and Product (IProduct implementation) can be added without any problems01:08
TwistedBenAdding Course (ICourse impl) gives me a terrible ForbiddenAttribute error01:08
TwistedBenI had a look at the zope3-security C stuff but it seems it could be a few things I can not relate too01:09
TwistedBenI can not really compile on this machine and am therefore kind of stuck. I do not know how to investigate further01:10
TwistedBenYou guys have any idea what I should be looking at?01:11
TwistedBenok I got the issue.. was something dumb. Would not have happened if there was some simple IDE to do this type of stuff ;)01:13
jenner... or if you'd have read one of the z3 quick-starters :)01:14
TwistedBenI just had a quick look at a quick starter.. Maybe I should have a full read. Thanks jenner01:15
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andresIs there a known problem with schema.Set fields? I have a form which works without problems as long as i use a zope.schema.List, but throws an componentLookupError with zope.schema.Set14:58
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philiKONandres, well, that's probably because there's no widget for it...15:27
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andresphiliKON, hm, there is one, isnt it? It just doesnt seem to be properly registered. After i added a view for ISet/IBaseVocabulary providing DisplayWidget it seems to work.15:32
philiKONthere you go15:33
andresusing the same view List uses.15:33
andresIs there a reason not to add that to zope trunk?15:41
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AJChmmm, from the Z3 trunk, i'm getting a strange ZCML error.17:28
AJCzope.configuration.xmlconfig.ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "C:\ZOPE_TEST2\etc\site.zcml", line 13.2-13.4017:28
AJC    ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "C:\ZOPE_TEST2\etc\securitypolicy.zcml", line 11.217:28
AJC    ConfigurationError: ('Unknown directive', u'', u'role')17:28
srichterthis is really stange17:29
srichterseveral people have reported this one, though I cannot reproduce it17:30
AJCi'm in windows17:30
srichtercan you send the full step by step instructions (starting with checking out Z3) on zope3-dev?17:30
srichterI hope that Tim will have a chance to check it out.17:30
AJCi pretty much only created a site with mkzopeinstance17:31
AJCno matter what parameters i give, the problem still occurs17:31
srichtermmhthat is really strange17:33
srichterfor some reason the meta directives are not loaded correctly17:33
AJCso it seems, that's as far as I got with my limited knowledge of Z3.17:34
srichtercould you still document your steps please?17:35
srichterthis will give me something to go by.17:35
mkerrinAJC: have you deleted the securiypolicy-meta.zcml file out of the package-includes directory in your instance. Has this can cause that error.17:37
AJCi'll take a look.17:37
AJCaha, package-includes is empty17:38
srichterok, you have to type "make" before mkzopeinstance17:38
AJCjust README.txt, i'm guessing that's the source of the bug...17:38
AJCi did a "python install"17:38
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AJCi've done this successfully before with earlier versions of Z3 though, what's changed?17:39
srichterAJC: check out the Makefile to see the command you have to run17:39
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srichterpython build_ext -i install_data --install-dir .17:40
AJCi see, so before the .zcml files were in that directory by default or something?17:41
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AJCdo you guys usually run with Z3 in site-packages or in another directory?17:43
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elbixiohello everyone. is it possible to reference a browser:resource (image) in a rest file? i've tried "image: context/++resource++image.png", but didn't work.18:03
mgedminelbixio, you might try image: /@@/image.png18:05
mgedminunless you use sites18:05
mgedminand image.png is not a global resource18:06
mgedminI guess that was a bit confusing18:06
mgedmin"image: /@@/image.png" should work18:06
srichterAJC: I run make to get Zope 3 SVN running; then I use python z3.py18:06
mgedminit might not work if image.png is a resource defined in a local site18:06
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mgedminit will work if image.png is a resource defined in zcml18:07
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elbixiomgedmin, it worked!! thanks man18:11
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* andrew_m is away: I'm busy18:41
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AJChmmm, has something changed with the support for the ++vh++ namespace recently?18:56
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mgedminAJC, why do you ask?18:58
AJCi had virtual hosting working with twisted about 4 months ago, and i'm just trying the latest code with the exact same setup18:59
AJCno luck this time...18:59
AJChmm, i'm guessing this has to do with integration of the twisted server19:01
mgedminknowing the implementation of ++vh++ I find that unlikely19:01
mgedminwhat are the symptoms?19:02
* mgedmin checks19:03
mgedmin++vh++ seems to work for me, using the zope 3.2 branch19:04
AJCin the default skin, rotterdam i think, only the urls within the breadcrumbs (Location: XXX) correctly reflect the changes in ++vh++19:04
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mgedminAJC, do you type that in the browser's location bar, or do you use Apache rewrite rules?19:08
mgedminif you typed something with ++vh++ in the browser's address bar, then *relative links* in the HTML will not match your expectations19:09
AJCi just typed that for testing... it's usually done in twistd19:10
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AJCwhat's changed is Zope's handling of the default path for GET requests19:20
AJCi.e. GET without a starting '/'19:20
AJCi'm guessing my original proxy had a bug but ZServer handled it differently19:20
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roymI need to know how to "intercept" a login event, so that I can redirect the user to a home folder - where would I be able to find documentation on this?19:37
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mgedminroym, I'd write a custom login form that logs the user in and then redirects19:42
mgedminbasic HTTP auth is inconvenient anyway19:42
SteveAwhat does a "login even" mean for Basic auth anyway?19:43
mgedminit means something from the user's (and browser's) point of view19:43
SteveAyou'd essentially need a session to remember that a particular user wasn't logged in, and now is logged in19:43
SteveAassuming you don't want to redirect them on every request19:44
SteveAwhich would be silly19:44
mgedminyou could hack up a Unauthorized error handler19:44
SteveAso, you could use a cookie for it19:44
mgedminto redirect to /login.html19:44
mgedminwhich raises a HTTP auth challenge19:44
mgedminfor anonymous users19:44
SteveAit needn't be a securely handled cookie19:44
mgedminand redirects to a person's home page19:44
mgedminfor logged in users19:44
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efrerichProblem "Unknown directive": During the distributing building zopeskel/package-includes is filled.20:00
efrerichIn a SVN checkout package-includes is empty. mkzopeinstance cannot fill this directory.20:00
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benjiefrerich, after doing a checkout package-includes is, indeed empty, running "make" fills it.20:10
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efrerich_benji: but there is no "make" for Windows22:02
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benjiefrerich_, sorry, I didn't see you mention Windows, in that case you need to run  See README.txt for instructions.22:22
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efrerich_benji: I saw that <AJC> wrote about  an error (in irclogs at 17:28)22:30
efrerich_benji: if you want to run under Windows you needs the C-Compiler22:32
efrerich_benji: but it is not necessary to go through this process because the pyd-22:33
efrerich_files from tim-one22:34
efrerich_What we need under Windows is a bat-file which fills the package-includes22:35
efrerich_directory in the instance22:35
efrerich_the easy way is to copy this directory from a instance which is created22:38
efrerich_from the Windows-Zope installer to the directory of the instance which22:40
efrerich_is created with mkzopeinstance from the svn checkout22:41
benjiefrerich_, you can populate package-includes with this command: python install_data --install-dir .22:41
benji(run from the root of your z3 checkout)22:41
benjiefrerich_, if you're getting started with Zope 3, perhaps my Quick Start Guide would help you:
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efrerich_benyi: ah - I created many instances of many releases and so I don't23:06
efrerich_read your quick_start until now. Thank you.23:07
efrerich_benyi: And I told srichter sometimes ago that there is nothing in CHANGES.txt about the changes with package-includes.23:11
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benjiefrerich_, I'm not sure what "changes with package-includes" you're referring to, I believe it works the same way now as it did in 3.1.23:19
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efrerich_benyi: I'll check my memory. In 3.1 we put the files manually into package-includes.23:22
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efrerich_Now we have the files in the packages.23:23
benjiyou're exactly right, efrerich_, that should go into CHANGES.txt23:27
benjiBTW: you're misspelling my name :)23:27
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efrerich_benji: excuse me - I looked at my checkout. Now I assume the change was23:34
efrerich_between 3.0 and 3.123:35
benjiyep, it was23:35
benjioops, sorry, it was between 3.1 and 3.223:35
benji(my 3.1 branch checkout still has the zcml "slugs" checked into package-includes")23:36
J1msrichter, did you run tests before your recent checkins?23:58
srichterthey should pass after the last checkin23:58
srichterI did not realize their dependencies till the end23:58
J1mWhat is the last checkin?23:59
J1mWhat #?23:59

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