IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2006-01-06

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J1msrichter, ayt?00:13
srichterJ1m: yep00:14
J1mWanna announce 3.2.0 final later?00:14
J1mI'm waiting for Tim to test the windows release.00:14
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J1mThe files are uploaded and I've updated the wiki pages.00:14
srichtercool, though I have not got my Wiki E-mail notification yet00:15
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J1mI simplified the page a bit.00:16
srichteryep, looking at it now00:16
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J1msrichter, the releases are ready.01:05
J1mDo you know what I have to change to make 3.2 show up as the stable release on:01:05
WebMavenJ1m I'll take a look.01:06
J1mI think I have to edit a variable somewhere. ;)01:07
J1mfound it01:07
d2mJ1m: sorry, just changed it (
J1mYeah, but it doesn't show up on the page for me.01:08
d2mreloading the page did it for me01:08
J1mOK, as long as you can see it, I'm happy. :)01:09
WebMavenUnless I'm missing something, I see it.01:09
WebMaven'Download Zope3 3.2.0final the current Zope3 stable release'01:09
J1mah, y'all are probably logged in. :)01:09
WebMavenAh, different problem. Make sure the release is published.01:10
* jenner sees
WebMavenI'll log out to see if I can duplicate the problem.01:11
J1mThe release was published.01:11
J1mI could see it if I went to the Zope 3 area01:12
d2mWebMaven: that part of the page is really driven by a folder property, updates to the text are manual01:12
d2mJ1m: please check with the server people on the current cache settings01:12
WebMavenoh, wierd...01:12
srichterJ1m:  ok01:13
WebMavend2m: although while logged in I saw the correct release listed, as Anonymous the release listed is still 3.101:13
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J1mI think we only cache pages for anonymous users01:14
jennerWebMaven: where is it listed as 3.1?01:14
jenner3.2.0final   Stable    2006-01-05 18:04:101:14
jennerOh, right01:14
srichteryep, when I was anonymous, I saw 3.1, once I logged in 3.201:15
J1mWell, I'm sure the cache will time out soon enough.01:15
jennerUah, this sentence is really obsolete: "If you are currently using a Zope release older than 2.2, be sure to read Upgrading to Zope 2.2.0 for important upgrading information"01:15
d2mJ1m: the SWRelease is not shown on the frontpgae because the 'Effectivedate' is missing from the entry01:15
jennerupgrading from 2.2 to 3.2 :)01:16
J1md2m, and also it's Thursday.01:16
J1mWebMaven, yeah, and the wind is blowing from the east.01:18
J1mIt never works then.01:18
WebMaveneffective date updated to today.01:19
J1mSo is that supposed to help? :)01:19
WebMavenYes. It's now listed on the front page.01:20
d2mZODB was the same it seams01:21
J1mWebMaven, try logging out.01:21
WebMavenI assume that the cache still hasn't expired.01:21
J1mNo I can't get to it anymore.01:22
J1mCan you set the effective date to yesterday?01:22
WebMavenNo, wait, I see the problem, you retracted the Zope 3 folder...01:23
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J1mI just republished it.01:23
d2mJ1m: "3.2.0final (3.2.0final)" is now under Pructs for Anonymous, but it depends on the instance you are looking at01:24
WebMavenum. so did I.01:24
J1mOK, let's stop. :)01:25
d2mheh, just wait an hour and check again01:25
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WebMavenJ1m: he means that the cache hasn't expired from all zeo clients yet, I think.01:25
J1myou mean cache servers.01:26
J1m(The ZEO caches are up to date.)01:26
WebMavenThere are multiple cache servers?01:26
J1mYes, I believe so.01:27
WebMavenHmm. OK.01:27
WebMavenIn any case, everything should now be published, have a current effective date, and should soon display the latest correct info even for Anonymous users.01:28
J1mI don't think the effective date matters.01:28
WebMavenIt does for listing on the front page, I think.01:28
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J1mNo, that's just a property insertion.01:30
srichterthe effective date matters; WebMaven is right01:30
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srichterit is important for the front page listing as asserted above01:30
WebMavenWow. I'm right. That's never hapened before.01:30
WebMavenJ1m: it's possible we're talking at cross-purposes. the effective date is important for list on, the property is used to show the release in the /Products page.01:32
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WebMavenSo, everyone looking forward to PyCon?01:36
srichterI will probably not make it :-(01:37
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* jenner loves events03:05
WebMavenAh, but events love subscribers, and subscribers love jenner. A Zope 3 love triangle!03:10
jennerSeriously, as soon as you find out how they work you don't want to miss them anymore03:11
WebMavenNow a major motion picture starring Adam Sandler as Jenner, Angelina Jolie as Events, and Salma Hayek as Subscribers.03:12
jennerI've got a photo with scaled variants (thumbnail, icon, normal, huge etc), now if I transpose a photo using a utility (yay, I know how they work too) I trigger an event and a subscriber invalidates all those variants03:12
jennerbtw, I like the above casting :)03:13
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einshi all08:07
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baijuAny idea whether Zope 3.2.0 final is officially released? Anyway, I put it for digging here :
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jennerguys, is there a ready-to-go messaging API (for displaying warnings, notifications etc. in ZMI)?15:19
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marwinhi guys15:23
marwini'm learning zope3... just installed psycopgda, which works fine.15:23
marwinnow i'm trying to make a dtml-document (ZPT works yet)15:23
marwinshouldn't something like that work?15:24
marwin<dtml-in "context.select_items_sql"><dtml-var name></dtml-in>15:24
MacYETand what happens?15:24
MacYETcontect.select_items_sql is not a valid expression15:24
marwin     NameError: name 'context' is not defined15:24
MacYETneither a path expression nor a python: expression15:24
marwin<dtml-in "path: select_items_sql">15:26
marwinsomething like that?15:26
MacYETwhy do you guess instead reading docs? :-)15:27
marwinis there a documentation about that dtml syntax? i searched all morning but didn't find anything15:27
MacYETpython: context.method()15:27
MacYETups, dtml15:27
MacYETforget it15:27
MacYETwhy dtml?15:27
MacYETnobody uses DTML15:27
MacYETespecially not in Zope 315:27
MacYETuse ZPT15:27
MacYETZPT is the way to go15:28
marwinif i would develope something new, i would take zpt... but we have existing ugly dtml-webpages... and i have the job to evaluate if it is possible to migrate ...15:30
MacYETthen it is likely the same as in Zope 215:30
marwinis there a zope3 dtml documentation?15:30
MacYETdtml is dtml15:30
marwinnot really... if I have html-tags in it, the tags are displayed instead of interpreted by the browser.15:32
marwinand if i want to include a file with <dtml-var file> it doesn't work15:32
MacYETpost to zope3-users15:32
srichtermarwin: don't expect any support for DTML in Zope 315:41
MacYETsrichter: kick dtml15:44
srichterwell, we still want it for SQL script support15:44
srichterthere is also a very old proposal in the wikis about DTML 215:45
MacYETthen kick the dtml document15:45
MacYET:-) nobody needs and wants dtml15:45
MacYETups, i am on zope3-dev15:45
MacYETi wanted to be on z3-base15:45
srichterit is probably not a bad idea15:46
srichteron the other hand, once we have a TTW development story for Zope 3, it might become interesting again15:46
d2m very good idea, you could remove everything except folder, file and image -- all other content types should be configured by the user15:47
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srichterall content types, including file and image are for demo purposes only right now15:56
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jennerso, there's no notification system right now, right?16:11
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srichterjenner: what is a notification system?16:15
jennersrichter: something wich would pass messages (errors/warnings) to a view16:15 like16:16
jenner    doSomethingDangerous()16:16
jennerexcept SomeException:16:16
jenner    notify(MyNotificationEvent(level=MyNotificationEvent.error, SomeException))16:16
srichterthis is an application task16:16
jennerand an adapter which would inject the messages into a viewlet16:16
srichterso do16:16
srichter  something()16:16
srichterexcept SomeException:16:17
srichter  self.error_view = zapi.getMultiAdapter((error, self.request), Interface)16:17
srichterwhere self is the view16:17
srichterin the template you can then display the error message using16:18
srichter<tal:block replace="structure view/error_view" />16:18
jennerbut what if I do this something() outside of a view (e.g. in a utility)16:19
* jenner tries to misuse the events first16:20
srichterthen have your view catch that error16:20
jennerI'd like to have a stack which would contain all messages/warnings/infos which might happen while a view is called... anyway, I'll try to create a more general solution first, I can still fall back to <tal:block replace="structure view/error_view" /> if that fails :)16:22
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jennerguys, is there a way to query some interface related info "through" a security proxy? like iface.providedBy(proxiedObj)?21:20
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benjiyou can always remove the proxy first21:30
J1mIjenner, have you tried it?  I believe it should work.21:33
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jennerbenji: yes, but I have a bad feeling about this :)21:34
jennerhm, seems to work, must be else then :)21:42
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