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xenruHello all01:09
xenruI'm install last Zope release and try to check API, but http://localhost:8080/++apidoc++ gimme 404 error01:10
xenruIt's not available by default?01:10
xenruhmm, It was my problem01:20
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mfqrim looking for j1m07:23
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roymI am using the worldcookery cookie authenticate code to present a16:05
roymlogin form to the user. Where would I be able to inject a16:05
roymresponse.redirect for:16:05
roym  a) success16:05
roym  b) failure16:05
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roymIs it possible from the ZMI to protect a  top-level folder, or is ZCML the only way to do this?16:54
roym(ie: change permission from zope.Public to something else)16:55
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jennerroym: login as manager and klick on "grant" in the top bar16:57
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roymjenner: the only thing I see in the grant screen is a form for "Granting Roles and Permissions to Principals"17:00
jennerroym: that's what you need17:00
J1mroym, you can only define required permissions in zcml.17:01
roymah - thanks.17:01
jennerah, I thought you wanted to grant permissions...17:02
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klausHello, I have a problem in zope3:17:03
klausI have a browser view class that is based on multiple inheritance.17:03
klausIf the superclasses have __init__() methods an error like17:03
klausFile "/Applications/_openSource/Zope/Zope-3.1.0/build/lib.darwin-8.2.0-Power_Macintosh-2.4/zope/interface/", line 481, in queryMultiAdapter17:03
klausreturn factory(*objects)17:04
klausTypeError: __init__() takes exactly 1 argument (3 given)17:04
klausI'm not so deep in the zope sources that I know what happens in adapter.py17:04
J1mNormally, a view is called with 3 arguments: self, the thing being viewed and the request.17:09
J1mThis is documented in lots of places.17:09
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klaus<J1m>thank you, may be this was the hint I needed. May be I need a coffee break too...17:13
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klaus<J1m> back from the coffee break: the problem is solved, thank you again.17:31
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roymI am trying to use cookie authentication, and then take logged in17:54
roymusers to their (autocreated) homefolders. My authentication works, but17:54
roymI am not sure where I can do the redirection to the homefolder. Can17:54
roymsomeone help me with this please.17:54
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roymIf I have a folder structure /A/B/C and I want A to be publicly18:34
roymviewable but protect B and C, is this possible without making B and C18:34
roymcustom subclassses of Folder? I understand that the permissions have18:34
roymto be defined in zcml, but it seems that it can only be done by type18:34
roymand not by location. correct?18:34
srichterwell, not quite18:37
srichterin ZCML you define the *permissions* that are required to access attributes of a class18:37
J1msrichter, are you going to announce 3.2?18:37
srichtervia the grant screen (or local permission maps) you can say who has a permission in that context18:38
srichterso you can explicitely deny the anonymous user zope.View for B and C18:38
srichterJ1m: yep18:38
roymsrichter: thanks - and if C is a child of B, then will restricting B be sufficient to restrict C?18:39
srichteryes, I think so18:42
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J1msrichter, ayt>18:56
srichterJ1m: pong19:02
J1msee my dialog to you19:02
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srichterdoes anyone here know how to add properties to an instance instead inside a class19:44
srichterJ1m: do you know?19:46
J1mas in Python descriptors?19:46
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srichterI have:19:46
J1mas in Python properties?19:46
srichterclass Foo(object): pass19:46
srichterfoo = Foo()19:47
srichterI want to add a property to foo19:47
J1mI don't know what you mean by "property"19:47
srichterfoo.fieldname = FieldProperty(field) does not work19:47
srichterbecause I can do:19:47
srichterfoo.fieldname = 4219:47
srichterinstead, the property should be retained19:48
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srichterJ1m: so I want to add a property to an instance of Foo19:49
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J1mFieldProperty is a descriptor.19:50
J1mdescriptors don't work on instances.19:50
srichteroh, I see19:50
srichteris there another trick I can use?19:50
J1mYou could make them work if you wrote a custom meta class.19:50
J1mNot that I recommend that.19:51
srichterok, then that's too much overhead for what I want to do19:51
J1mnew-style ExtensionClass makes read-descriptors work on instances.19:51
srichterah, interesting19:52
srichteris that because of ZClasses?19:52
J1mNo, it's because of __of__19:52
srichterok, I am wuickly leaving familiar territory :-)19:53
jennerZClasses in zope3??19:53
J1man ExtensionClass that has __of__ is turned into a read descriptor.19:53
J1mjenner, no19:53
srichterwhat does __of__ do?19:53
J1mYou're kidding.19:56
J1mAmong other things, it enables Acquisition.19:56
srichterno, I probably knew once, but I really do not know anymore; Google tells me it gives you the acquisition context; is that right?19:56
J1mIt is the EC equivalent to __get__.19:57
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clueckHi, is the mailinglist still alive?20:24
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jennerhm, are there any known problems with catalogs? When I'm trying to register a catalog through ZMI I get a ComponentLookupError: (<InterfaceClass>, '')21:32
jenneroh, seems I need to create a unique id utility first21:33
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roymHow can I detect (either in zpt or a view) whether my session has expired? I have cookies enabled.22:13
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