IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2006-01-08

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fcorreaHi srs, quick q on schemas. To have an select field, what is the easiest way to do it? Im trying with Choice but it does not displays like a select06:09
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philiKONhi mcdonc06:39
mcdonchey philiKON06:39
mcdoncwhat shakin?06:40
* philiKON is looking forward to pycon06:40
mcdoncoh cool... i didnt know you were coming!06:40
philiKONyep. are you goin gto stay for the sprints?06:42
mcdoncyes, i'm booked through the 2nd i think06:42
philiKONi leave the 3rd06:43
mcdonctheune is coming to dc beforehand and we're gonna go there together i think06:43
philiKONah, cool06:44
philiKONi'm flying in from shanghai06:44
philiKONwill miss the first day of the conf06:44
mcdoncare you giving a talk?06:44
philiKONwhich is ok since i'll be there for the sprint mainly06:44
philiKONi'm being sponsored to work on CMF + z3 local components06:44
mcdoncme neither.. i should have.06:45
mcdoncbut i couldn't think up anything in time.06:45
mcdoncis the work you're doing related to "goldegg"?06:47
mcdonc(whatever that is ;-)06:47
philiKONno, not really part of "goldegg"06:49
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radekhi guys, as a gentoo linux zope packager, i noticed slight change in default options for mkzopeinstace. Since 3.2.0 i'm being asked about password hash method. Can I avoid this question to run mkzopeinstance without user intervention?13:59
d2mradek: if you both specify -u and -d options you get an instance silently14:13
radekd2m: thats what i always did and it worked in 3.1.0 while not in 3.2.014:18
radek        ${ZSERVDIR}/bin/mkzopeinstance -d ${ZINSTDIR} -u admin:admin14:18
radeki'm being asked ONLY about hash method (sha1,md5,plain), nothing else.14:18
d2mradek: hmm, just did it on the latest zope3.2 and it worked14:21
d2mradek: bin/mkzopeinstance --non-interactive -u ...:... -d ... did it14:22
radekhmmm, ok, will investigate it further and report back14:22
d2mradek: the  '--non-interactive'  option makes it silent14:24
radekd2m: ok, with --non-interactive it works, without it doesn (while without it worked in 3.1.0)14:24
radekd2m: thank You for your help.14:24
d2mradek: np14:24
jennerIs there any particular reason why the keyword and topic indexes are not registered in zope/app/catalog/configure.zcml?14:30
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radekanother problem :) with running zope3 as a ordinary user zope: zopectl -u zope start  This gives (in default cfg, after mkzopeinstance) socket bind permission error14:47
radekFile "/usr/lib/zope-3.2.0/lib/python/zdaemon/", line 278, in opensocket \n sock.bind(tempname) \n File "<string>", line 1, in bind \n socket.error: (13, 'Permission denied')14:48
radekand then continously . . .14:48
radekdefault cfg used to bind to ports >1024 so there shouldnt be socket permission problem. although if I think correctly this is a different socket - what for?14:49
jennerradek: don't choose a port below 1024 or run z3 as root14:49
radekhow can i manage to run it as a user.14:49
radekyep, this is deafault cfg with http enabled on 8080, and evth else in zope.conf regarding ports commented out.14:51
radekso what's going on here?14:51
jennerI'd say user "zope" has no write permissions14:53
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jenneradd like `print os.path.abspath(tempname)` and make sure user zope can create files there14:55
radekjenner: will try it.14:55
radekgot it15:00
radekit tries to create in current directory zdosck.%d file15:00
radeke.g. /root/zdsock.404415:00
radekso when I run zopectl from inside of instance home (which gots correct permissions) its ok. while system boot scripts have different cwd15:01
radeki consider this a bug. of course i'll fix it in gentoo adding simple cd before zopectl call, although maybe it should be fixed in zope/15:02
jenneriirc, the socket should be created in $INSTANCE/var15:02
radekbut its created on my machine in the current dir.15:03
radekits taken from self.options.sockname15:04
jennerdo you use a zopectl from your $INSTANCE/bin?15:04
jennerworks like a charm here15:05
radekwhere can I see sockname being defined?15:05
jennerdunno... maybe etc/zdaemon.conf15:07
radekwhat i found, it can be overriden with -s15:11
radekalso there is option name defined here:15:11
radek        self.add("sockname", "runner.socket_name", "s:", "socket-name=",15:11
radek                 ZConfig.datatypes.existing_dirpath, default="zdsock")15:11
radekok, this is definitely a bug15:17
radek1. defines default for sockname as 'zdsock'15:17
radek2. zdaemon.conf does not have socket-name defined, thus we're using default value15:17
radek3. does abspath on sockname, so abspath on 'zdock' gives 'CWD/zdsock' which if zopectl was run from different directory generates error.15:18
radek4. it definetly does not use at start INSTANCE/zdsock15:19
radekproposed solution:15:19
radek1. add socket-name into zdaemon.conf15:20
radek2. or fix default to be inside of instance/var15:20
d2mdid you try to create the instance as user 'zope' and run it as 'zope' ?15:29
radekd2m: run as zope (zopectl -u zope) as to mkzopeinstance call, it's being run as root and then chown/chmod on instance dir is called.15:30
d2mi see, never had that problem here15:31
radekd2m: just try to run it as non root from a directory where running user has no write permissions. the error will show.15:32
d2mthats what i meant, creating the instance as 'zope' always gets me write permission in that folder (var)15:33
radekd2m: it does. thats not a problem.15:34
d2mradek: maybe chown/chmod -r in the instance folder ?15:34
radekproblem is that if You run zopectl being in a directory different than instance socket is created in current dir, so the error shows (user zope does not have write permissions in /root or / or whatever current dir is)15:34
radekd2m: did I explained it clearly now?15:35
d2mok, i understand now15:35
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jennerbtw, I can't see any references to the "effective-user" directive, is it gone?15:36
radekto obey problem, i add to gentoo zope-3.2.0 package is just: sed -i -e 's|daemon on|daemon on\n\n  # socket has to be defined inside of instance\n  socket-name $INSTANCE/var/zdsock|' ${ZINSTDIR}/etc/zdaemon.conf15:37
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bruppis there a possibility to have "mkzopeinstance" create the instance directory by itself?17:34
philiKONit does that17:38
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