IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2006-01-09

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einshi romanofski10:15
* romanofski waves to eins 10:15
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einshow do I access resource directories? while trying to access http://whatever/++skin++test/a/b/@@/icons/test.png zope gives TypeError: 'unicode' object is not callable13:44
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einsnever mind, already figured out13:52
mgedminwhat was it?13:59
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einsmgedmin "b" was a folder, not a site. making it a site helped..14:20
SteveAthat will be a bug though14:22
SteveAbecause a correctly working zope http server should never give a typeerror14:23
SteveAit should be a 40414:23
J1malso, rather than making b a site, it would be better to change the url.14:24
J1mIn the application, resource objects can compute proper URLs.14:25
J1mYou should bever hard code a resource URL in your app.14:25
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fabiorizzotarek: hi again :-)15:47
fabiorizzotarek: so, i think that zope 3 maybe has a default toolkit15:48
tarekwe had some talk about this on the ML some time ago, let me get you a link15:49
fabiorizzotarek: thanks15:49
tarekhere we go:
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tarekthe current state is to write a proposal on the topic, hopefully, i'll start a proposal this week. i hope i'll find the time. (you're more than welcome to start it if you want)15:52
fabiorizzotarek: reading...15:53
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fabiorizzotarek: cool, i read all the emails15:56
fabiorizzotarek: what you have in mind about this:15:56
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fabiorizzohi benji_york16:07
tarekfabiorizzo, be back later16:10
fabiorizzotarek: ok16:10
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andresAm i correct if i assume, that there is no batching support in zope 3.2 or trunk?16:58
RockyBurtnot that i can answer that question, but batching support is meaning from a web/ui perspective batching things into pages?16:58
andresRockyBurt, yes.17:01
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philiKONGaryPost1r, !17:13
GaryPost1rThat's weird :-/17:14
philiKON40u 1337 h4xx0r ;)17:14
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andresIs there any out of tree batching code which can get easily integrated17:21
mgedminthere was something in the bugtracker package as well17:22
efgeJ1m: I've checked in a clean patch for my mountpoint/multidatabase problem17:22
J1mSeems like it should have been in 2.9.17:23
efgeJ1m: 2.9 has code that's not as clean but works nevertheless17:23
efgesame effect17:23
andresphiliKON, isnt that for static trees?17:24
philiKONperhaps i misread your question17:24
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RockyBurthm, is there an api to query to figure out which python packages got added to python path via package-includes/*.zcml ?17:25
andresphiliKON, i meant simple batching so, that you can display only parts of a long lists. View 1-20 of hundred...17:25
philiKONit's not that hard17:28
andresphiliKON, no, its not, but it would be convenient to have it premade anyway ;-)17:28
philiKONthen premake it ;)17:29
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philiKONhey, we made it on heise:
d2mbtw, anyone would care to fill in the blanks here: ? (seems to accompany the article)17:55
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Theunii'll do18:06
d2mthanks Theuni18:11
J1mphiliKON, should be usable in a view body (as aoposed to the O-wrap?18:12
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philiKONJ1m, not sure i understand the qeustion18:19
J1mI want to create a view that displays something as a tree.18:22
J1mI also don't want to work hard. :)18:22
philiKONhehe18:30 was basically build to work on existing object structures18:31
philiKONso best is if you have object structures that implement the interfacees18:31
philiKON(adapters would be enough but like you said, yo udon't want to work hard)18:31
philiKONapidoc builds such datastructures18:31
philiKONfor example18:32
philiKONanyways, gotta go18:32
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PupenoLWhich documentation do you recommend to read to get started on Zope 3.2.0 ?21:57
yotasource code ? :)21:59
mgedminhow about the two zope books?22:00
jbb666there's a couple good intro to Zope3 documents around you can google for...22:00
mgedminone of them is available online22:00
mgedminthen there's also beni york's quick start guide22:01
d2m has a small list of articles22:01
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mgedminhere's also a nice introduction to the zope 3 component architecture:
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mgedmin(by jeff shell)22:02
* mgedmin discovers
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