IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2006-01-10

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einshi all08:17
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__mac__hi, is there any reason that the id of a principal should not be unicode? ( encodes this id blindly to base64 which breakes on umlauts)16:20
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jbb666millerj: i thought that anything with a start and end date shows up in the calendar... hmmm19:25
jbb666wrong channel ;)19:25
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ChrisWanyone alive tonight>23:33
ChrisWokay, do factories have access to the context where the object will be stored?23:33
projekt01Do you mean IFactory utilities?23:34
ChrisWI think so23:34
ChrisWI'm pretty green when it comes to Zope 3 ;-)23:34
projekt01Ifactories are context less till they get added to a context. This happens in the Adding view.23:35
RockyBurtChrisW: from what i've done factories are used to "create" objects, not to store/edit/etc, so there's no reason it would know anything about storage23:35
* RockyBurt is fairly new to zope3 as well23:36
ChrisWokay, but what component do I customise to to creation-related stuff that requires context?23:36
ChrisWI'm getting going with Swishdot, and now I want to store postings when they're created23:36
ChrisWbut I want to store them in something like:23:36
ChrisW...which means I need to create the intermediate folders when the posting is added23:37
projekt01This sounds like a job for a INameChooser adapter23:37
ChrisWyes, but can INameChooser create folders and the like?23:38
jhauserisn't it a traversal adapter?23:38
projekt01And you can use a factory which will create the content (folder and item) in the __call__ method of the factory23:38
ChrisWjhauser: no, I want the postings stored that way23:38
ChrisWor traversal becomes a nightmare23:39
projekt01No a factory in this use case will only be a hook implementation creating what you like (container and item)23:39
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ChrisWprojekt01: you lost me...23:39
ChrisWwhat component would I use to create the intermediate folders when someone selected "add posting" from the add menu>23:40
projekt01Ok, I try to explain...23:40
projekt01You can register a Ifactory, This could be a class which has a method __call__23:40
projekt01This method __all__ could create the container and the item23:41
projekt01at once23:41
RockyBurtcouldn't the view that is used by "add posting" simply create that stuff as required ?23:41
projekt01RockyBurt, yes that's also possible, but why not use a factory (simply py class which knows ho to do that) rate doing this part in the already complex view23:42
RockyBurtprojekt01: that sounds like a good point but i think i need to understand factories some more... out of all the factories i've dealt with none of them had any sort of context that could be used to figure out where to create things, etc23:43
projekt01Ifactory utilitites are simply helper classes which know how to create content instances23:43
projekt01registred as IFactory utilitites.23:43
ChrisWand so dont' help here23:43
projekt01why not?23:44
ChrisWbecause postings aren't all in their own folder sturcture23:44
ChrisWI only want to create the folders if they don't exist already23:44
ChrisWrocky: to answer your question: I don't want to do it in the actual view code, 'cos I want people to be able to choose a different folder hierarchy should they so want...23:44
ChrisWlooks like I'll have to come up with my own utility interface and have a default implementation that does what I want :-S23:45
ChrisWwithout context, I don't see a huge amount of point in factories23:45
ChrisWthe only use case I can see is where you, say, create a folder object and then use directlyProvides to make it instantiate something23:46
projekt01ChrosW, perhaps you can find some ideas in the zwiki package. There is also a different concept how the wikipages get added to wikifolders23:46
ChrisWI guess I may end up with interesting factories full-blown Swishdot sites or Swishdot blogs23:46
ChrisWprojekt01: oh: can you point me to the relevent code?23:47
RockyBurtwhat is swishdot? yet another blog product?23:47
ChrisWmy only gripe with Zope 3 so far is it's even harder than in Zope 2 to figure out where the code is that does something23:47
projekt01ChrisW, before you do that take a look at our initializer implementation in tiks.initializer23:47
ChrisWPhil Eby made relevent comments about ZPatterns, which shared a lot in common with Zope 3 ;-)23:48
ChrisWwhere can I get the tiks source code from?23:48
ChrisWand what is tiks.initializer23:48
ChrisWSwishdot is a little overdue: ;-)23:49
ChrisWdo you not have an http interface to that?23:49
projekt01The initializer supports a concept where each class can have it's own initializer and they get called in the reverse "method resolution order"23:51
ChrisWwhat software does run?23:52
projekt01very very old plone23:52
projekt01The new site lives still in in the repos at: svn:// ;-)23:53
ChrisWnice error ;-)23:53
ChrisWhow can I actually see the code?23:54
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projekt01Does the download link work?23:54
ChrisWI'm just gonna check it all out23:54
ChrisWhow big is it?23:54
* ChrisW thinks zcml sucks23:55
ChrisWI don't understand why .conf format wasn't used23:55
ChrisWa la zope.conf23:55
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projekt01I don't know the workspace with all .svn files in it is about 22MB23:56
ChrisWI also don't understand the idea behind etc/package-includes23:56
ChrisWhow fucking dumb is that? having a mountain of little files, each containing one line?!23:56
ChrisWwhy not just use site.zcml23:57
ChrisW(like apache uses apache.conf for module includes...)23:57
projekt01You mean the package configuration?23:57
projekt01It's not that bad since zpkg can find dependencies. This allows you to say I like to use tiks.documment and zpkg can checkout all dependent packages and build a installer by just two or three commands23:59

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