IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2006-01-12

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tareksrichter, ayt01:05
tarekGary told me you guys had an old branch some times ago that started some things about javascript, etc..01:06
tarekdo you think it still exists ?01:06
tareksince you clean a bit all branch 2 month ago  I think01:06
tareka branch related to what I might write in the ajax proposal i am going to start01:07
srichterno, there was never such a thing in the SVN repo01:07
tareknevermind then :)01:08
srichterthere is a proposal out there that would allow some late hooks to add stuff into the page after rendering01:08
srichterthough I think the zope.formlib and zope.viewlet APIs provide better solutions. ;-)01:08
tareki c01:09
tarekthese packages have things that might fit to ajax use cases ?01:09
srichterwell, they can address how you insert Javascript libs in the header if you notice during rendering that you need them01:11
srichterthe paradigm in zope.formlib is that you doa  two-step process: update/render01:11
srichterviewlets would allow you to register javascript libs more generically01:11
tarekat this time the only helpers i have figured out that would be helpfull fo ajax would be custom views on each 'kind' of content (folder or item) and a few portal wide utilities01:13
tareki don't know if it' reall needs to be consolidated in somekind of package though01:14
srichterajax should not destroy the page flow01:15
srichterjust facilitate the information flow for a given page01:15
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srichterlike instant filtering or the amount of info shown is ok01:17
tarekfolder actions: cut,copy, paste ,reordering01:17
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srichteryeah those twoo01:20
srichterthough they are border cases already01:20
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projekt01srichter, ayt?02:24
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einshi romanofski09:56
romanofskihi eins :)09:57
einscan anybody help with IZopeDublinCore? I'm trying to implement it for some objects and I get09:58
einsoops sorry09:58
einsok, I get  Error type:,  Error object: ('title', <wms.techcardgroupcontainer.techcardgroup.techcardgroup.TechCardGroupDublinCore object at 0xb483168c>)09:59
einstraceback is here:
einssetting <require permission="zope.Public" set_attributes="title" /> doesn't make sense10:00
__mac__eins: does this setting work? if not, the title-attribute might not be existing10:04
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einsit does exists..10:12
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d2mhow do i set the 'content-type' of a resource ? it seems that the extension is not honored11:17
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regebroHi, I got a question about the new test runner is 3.2/2.9.20:20
regebroHow do you run functional tests? I have my functional tests in ftests, as was the standard in 2.8.20:21
regebroUsing -f no longer finds these tests.20:21
J1mThey need to be in a layer.20:21
J1mThis allows the test runner to be general.20:23
J1mI wasn't aware that Zope 2 had any notion of "functional tests".20:23
J1mAFAIK, the old zope 2 test runner didn't support the notion.20:24
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regebroWell, ZopeTestCase has had support for it for some time, and the old test runner used -f to mean that it ran the tests in ftests intead of tests.20:25
J1mAgain, I wasn't aware of that.  That was a somewhat recent addition.20:26
J1mI know because I added the old test runner to Zope 2.20:26
J1mWhen I added, it didn't have a functional test option.20:26
J1mLayers are very simple.20:26
regebroWell, I'll ignore layers for now, and just copy the functional tests to the tests directory with some renaming to avoid name conflicts, I think.20:27
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efgeregebro: use --tests-pattern=ftests meanwhile20:41
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TheuniJ1m:  does that difference between the c-code and python-code need to be removed? I'm not sure whether your answer means that this check is necessary because of some optimization in C?20:48
J1mI suggest making them consistent.20:55
TheuniSo I'll put that into the python version as well. How about testing that. Is there any chance to repeat the corresponding tests with the Python and C-Version ?20:57
benjiTheuni, running the same tests on C and Python versions of the same code is very important, I posit21:00
benjiif there isn't a good way to do that we should find one21:00
TheuniBtw: I also noticed that Zope won't start if you export the ZOPE_WATCH_CHECKERS environment variable and use the python checkers21:07
TheuniIt creates a weird situation where a class that I can't locate isn't the base class of an instance of it21:07
Theuniso an isinstance test fails, but everything except of the id of x.__class__  and the compared class (Checker) are equal21:08
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faassenbenji: agreed with that. the code Theuni is looking at is different in C and Python, and the C version didn't work right last I tried.21:08
benjiyep, it's easy for that to happen21:09
Theunifaassen:  Huh? What a problem did you encounter with the C-Version?21:10
faassenTheuni: the WATCH_CHECKERS. it's been a while so I don't remember the detail, but it only gave very partial output21:10
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faassenTheuni: the python code indicated I should get a lot of blather from it, but I didn't, and it's likely a bug in the C code that just never was caught as it wasn't tested (neither was the whole watch checkesr business, I think)21:11
Theuniright. that's what i think as well. although i set it to like 100 (which is > 1, I believe) but i only got a couple of lines output21:11
faassenTheuni: I gave up on that story then so that's all I know.21:11
faassenTheuni: right, that's the symptoms I got.21:11
faassenTheuni: which means that benji is right, the tests should test the C code and the Python code (and the functionality :)21:11
benjioops, wrong window :)21:12
TheuniI'm not sure the WATCH_CHECKERS sympton indicates something serious.21:12
J1mAre y'all talking about the verbose security business?21:12
J1mThat is intentionally *not* supported by the C version.21:13
J1mThat is a case where the C and Python behavior is intentionally different.21:13
TheuniOk, right.21:14
TheuniI mainly have a problem finding my path through all that code because the c-modules don't show up in the stack in the pdbv21:14
romanofskithere should be a zope group! ->
J1mYou should disable the C versions when you want to step through the code.21:15
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TheuniCan I do that for proxies?21:15
J1mIn this case though, that's not as easy as one would like.21:16
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J1mNo, proxies can only be written in C.21:16
faassenJ1m: I don't think anything documented this intentional difference, though.21:16
faassenJ1m: it got me lost for a bit.21:16
J1mfaassen, that's certainly possible.21:16
TheuniI supposed so. I was able to deactivate the _zope_security_policy be simply deleting the .so file. The other things, weren't as easy.21:16
TheuniWell. The others were proxies so I actually wasn't able to turn off the c variant.21:17
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