IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2006-01-14

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dman13Is anyone awake?  :-)01:14
dman13I want to have a schema field (shown in a schema display) that is dynamically computed instead of manually input and stored.01:15
dman13Is there a way to do this currently or do I need to create a new type of field that will call a method to get the data for display?01:16
srichterone way would be to implement the schema field as a property01:17
srichterthe property can dynamically compute the info01:18
dman13I was afraid you'd say that.  I expected that to work, but unfortunately I can't make my class extend object :-(.  (this particular app uses zope 2.7 and a zope3 snapshot from 2003-10)01:18
dman13the problem being zope 2.7 and python not allowing new-style and old-style classes to be mixed in inheritance01:19
srichteroh dear01:26
srichterwell, in this case you cannot implement your interface anyways01:26
dman13haha!  aren't you glad you are using pure zope3.2 instead?01:27
dman13I wish I had time to update the app to use a newer platform.01:27
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dman13I'll create a ReadOnlyCalledField field and a display widget that calls the specified method.01:27
dman13It shouldn't be too hard.  I already created an ObjectDisplayWidget that works.  (since z3 didn't have one at that time)01:28
srichteryep, that's what you have to do :-(01:28
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dman13thanks for confirming that there isn't already a mechanism I just wasn't aware of01:29
dman13ttyl (I'm heading home now)01:29
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projekt01srichter, ayt?01:37
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srichterprojekt01: yep01:42
projekt01did you see my commit?01:43
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d2mcan anyone share slides on 'Zope Introduction', 'Zope Tutorial', or even more advanced topics ? i'd like to convert them to S5 ( and create a presentation section on (new) zope.org16:39
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srichterd2m: I have a few presentations, more or less up-to-date (iow some need some updating)17:20
srichterwhat's your E-mail address?17:21
d2mwow, great + thanks - address is michael@d2m.at17:21
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srichterd2m: sent; though they are in many different formats: KOffice, OpenOffice and TeX17:39
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philiKONd2m, docutils 0.4.0 has support for outputting reST as s5-compliant markup21:19
philiKONmanaging slide content as reST is very nice21:19
philiKONbeen doing it for a long time now21:19
philiKONsee Sfive:
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d2mphiliKON: thanks, i'm already working with it ;)21:29
d2mthe only thing thats missing is the content21:30
philiKONwe should get MacYET to update zope 2/3 to docutils 0.4.0 :).21:30
d2mgood idea21:30
srichterno tests to read :-(21:33
philiKONheh, yeah21:33
philiKONSfive was really written in a hurry for EuroPython 0521:34
philiKONbeen using it for EP05, PloneConf05, DZUG Koethen etc.21:34
philiKONit's really simple, just a presentation content object with an appropriate renderer21:34
philiKON(reST -> html)21:35
srichtercan you easily integrate images?21:35
srichterand place them?21:35
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philiKONas easily as it's possible with reST :)21:35
philiKONit's really not fancy21:36
philiKONit's jsut for keywords21:36
philiKONit's not a "corporate" presentation tool ;)21:36
philiKONman, i've been working in some big corporations for some time now and the way they make presentations in powerpoint just sucks21:36
philiKONi mean, like 20 points on one slide is normal21:36
philiKONor a spreadsheet21:36
philiKONor a diagram21:37
philiKONor all of the above ;)21:37
* mgedmin misses the ability to highlight python snippets for syntax highlighting in reST22:05
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ignashow much time a full Zope3 test run takes?23:27
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srichterignas: depends on your machine23:28
srichterI think everything (including ZODB and ZEO) takes about 10 mins23:29

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