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psiiHello everyone. I have a problem: I want to implement my own AddingView for a container. This container is a special one, because the key in __setitem__ is ignored and attribute is used instead (object is the obj that should be added). It's clear that I can't use the std AddingView, so I subclassed my own view.11:31
psiiBut: This view never gets called...11:31
psiiin zcml i tried it with <browser:page> and <browser:addform>...11:31
psiiI have created my own template, too.11:32
psiiI don't understand it, why that happens, because i saw projects, doing exactly the same and there it works11:33
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TheuniI'm not sure, but don't you have to create an entry for the add menu as well? I'm not sure the addform does that on it's own. But I'm just guessing here.11:35
psiiwell, i have an add menu, too. that's not the problem. I also can access my page and see the widgets. but thats all. If I press the "Add" button, the page gets reloaded but nothing happened. I found out, that no method of my view got called only once.11:36
psii(i mean the add button on my template page, not the one in the menu)11:38
psiiwell, i could paste my view code and my configure.zcml somewhere...11:41
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psiimy view and the configure.zcml11:44
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psiinobody an idea? :/12:30
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__mac__Hi, I have a container which has an attribute on it, when I call zapi.absoluteURL for this attribute I do not get container/++attribute++attrib_name13:50
__mac__I get container/attrib_name. This gives me a TraversalError afterwards.13:50
__mac__Is this a bug or intentional?13:51
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__mac__hi srichter, do you have an idea why zapi.absoluteURL called on an attribute of an object does not give object/++attribute++attribute_name?15:03
__mac__it returns object/attribute instead which is leads to an error in traversal when the URL is called.15:04
srichter__mac__: I am sctually surprised it works at all15:05
srichter__mac__: absoluteURL is really intended for Contained obejcts only15:06
srichterthough you could make it a proposal, since this at least seems like a bug now15:06
Theuniwell ... our objects have an __parent__, but we sticked them on the container by attribute, not in the container item list15:06
Theuni(or however you call that)15:06
srichterah, ok; the traversal mechanism is not smart enough to figure this out15:08
srichteryour attribute then must have the name:15:08
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srichterthis is common practice15:08
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srichteroften I expose an annotation as a namespace, so I give the annotation the name ++nsname++15:09
srichterof course, SchoolTool uses a pluggable traverser that addresses the issue too by exposing arbitrary names to arbitrary objects without namespaces15:10
Theuniso you mean the object should have __name__="++attribute++xy", right?15:10
Theunii saw that the fallback traversal mechanism allows for attribute and index access15:10
Theunibut it is overriden by the default traverser for container/contained objects15:10
srichterok, I did not know that15:11
Theunii think ++attribute++ will be fine for now15:11
Theuniat leasts is an explicit way of talking to the machinery15:11
psiiTheuni, I know why it didn't work for me :) the authors of the other project did a "<tal:defs define="dummy view/update" />" at the start of the template. no wondert update() gets called.15:16
Theuniah! that's a good explanation.15:16
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psiithe developers of zope3 should document it better... you have to search a very long time until you know who calls update() or why/when..15:21
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srichterpsii: feel free to contribute some documentation15:24
psiisrichter, you mean as a diff?15:25
srichterthat would be fine15:25
srichteryou could also write a doctest, i.e a *.txt file that has working Python code15:26
Theunidoes anybody know why formlib doesn't respect the <page template=""/> attribute?15:26
Theunii made a small change here locally so that __call__ reuses a template given by that attribute and it works. it makes it easier to reuse a formlib form with multiple pages15:27
Theuniand different templates15:27
srichterit sort of expects that you do your own template definition in the class15:27
srichterbut I agree; this should be considered a bug, since people expect the template attribute to work15:28
Theunii know. that somehow feels like breaking the concept of using the <page /> statement15:28
Theuniright. and it doesn't even complain :)15:28
psiisrichter, yeah... hm.. have to think where to begin. In order to know why all those things don't work, only because I wanted my own AddingView, I had to go very deep into the zope source code. And because of all those mixins and so on it also wasn't clear where methods of a class came from or why a class suddenly implements a certain interface.15:28
psiiI think, somehow documenting those collaborations would be good.15:28
srichteralways having more documentation is good; but documentation costs time and noone is working at this code right now, so there is little motivation15:32
psiiyeah, I understand... I just wanted to point out some critical point newcomers might face when lerning zope15:35
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Theuniis there a reason zope/zodb/something doesn18:11
Theuni't remove SecurityProxies when trying to store an object somewhere?18:11
Theuni(besides from: "nobody implemented it")18:12
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SteveATheuni: iirc you're supposed to use a "setting adapter" or something, which knows how to remove the security adapter18:27
SteveApersonally, i'd just make the storage component know about removing security proxies18:27
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mgedminwhat would be a clean way to distinguish checkbox widgets in a METAL macro?19:42
mgedminI have a macro, used like this: <tal:block metal:use-macro="view/macros/form_rows" />19:42
mgedminthe macro loops over view/widgets and renders <div class="row"><div class="label">...</div><div class="field">...</div></div>19:43
mgedminwhich works just fine for text fields and drop-downs of all sorts19:43
mgedminbut checkboxes look funny19:43
* mgedmin found a solution19:49
mgedmintal:condition="python: widget.type == 'checkbox'"19:49
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AJCi'm a bit confused where to put Zope.View permissions for the dublincore 'creator' attribute.  i need it accessible from a page template, any ideas?20:36
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regebroHiya all!21:44
regebroI need some convincing that my test problem is not a security hole. :)21:45
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regebroIt is after all in Zope 3 code, but under Five... so hopefully it's not a security hole. At least not under Zope 3 itself. :)21:45
AJChow much convincing do you need?21:46
AJCit's not a security hole.21:46
AJC(good enough? )21:47
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regebroNope. :) ParanoidSecurityPolicy, will return True if participations are an empty list.21:47
regebroWhich they are when I run my unit test.21:48
regebroThe result: The anonymous user that is used in the unit tests can do exactly whatever it wants...21:48
regebroI mean, it checks that I have no particiapations where user is not system_user. But surely, is that what it's supposed to check?21:53
regebroShouldn't it check that there is at least one participation too?21:53
regebroWho knows? J1m?21:54
AJCsorry, can't help much regebro... i hope at least you can take comfort in my companionship through these hard times.21:56
regebroThanks. :)21:57
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AJCon the bright side, i found my problem...22:33
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noherois there a book about zope3?22:39
noherozopebook v3?22:39
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mgedminnohero, there are two22:42
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mgedminyou can find a pdf of stephan's book on the zope 3 wiki22:42
mgedminand phillip's has a site at (iirc)22:42
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noheromgedmin: obligado22:54
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noherowow stepan's book is traslated in italian23:17
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