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srichterJ1m: ping00:04
J1mBTW did I miss discussion on the web SIG about logging?00:04
srichterno, I have been dragging my feet00:04
srichterI was very busy recently00:05
srichter(SchoolTool is in its end sprint of features for the upcoming school year)00:05
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J1mwe should really try to get this resolved this month.00:06
srichterI am fully booked for the next 3 weeks (due to the sprint)00:06
srichterand I am slo going to Rotterdam for a better part of a week00:07
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WebMavenHi, I am trying to install 3.2 from source and am running into compilation problems. Does 3.2 need a particular gcc version?02:43
WebMavenI have gcc 4.0 installed.02:45
efgeWebMaven: gcc 4.0 works fine here on Mac OS X02:47
WebMavenis there a pastebin commonly used by this channel?02:49
WebMavenhere is what I get from doing ./configure and then make:
efgeno idea what that could be, something fucked up in your gcc install?03:08
WebMavenmaybe... but i just installed gcc via synaptic (on Ubuntu), so I don't think that's too likely.03:14
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WebMavensrichter: AYT?04:00
WebMavenphiliKON: AYT?04:09
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WebMavenCman anyone tell me what this warning means when building Zope 3.2 from source?: pointer targets in passing argument 1 of ‘PyString_FromStringAndSize’ differ in signedness04:44
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philiKONWebMaven, now i am04:58
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philiKONmoin romanofski15:14
romanofskihey philiKON :)15:24
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roymIf I create a python script in a folder via the ZMI, I find that I cannot edit it via ftp. Seems like a twisted issue..16:51
roym    result = f(*args, **kwargs)16:51
roym  File "/usr/local/Zope3-trunk/src/zope/app/twisted/ftp/", line 177, in _stat16:51
roym    raise ftp.WrongFiletype()16:51
d2mroym: quick solution: use ExternaleEditor16:56
roymHow would I use it? - would I need to use webdav (I see that there is a page called "external_edit" defined).17:07
d2mroym: working with the trunk you already got "src/zope/app/externaleditor"17:12
roymWhat confused me was that the "External Edit" tab didn't show up for a zpt page. I notice that it does show up for regular files.17:13
d2mroym: in its config.zcml add a content configuration for   <content class=""> (just like the one for   <content class="">)17:13
roymd2m: thanks!17:14
d2mroym: check if zopeskel/etc/package-includes/ is available too17:16
roymyes, it is indeed. I guess I just need to follow your suggestions for both PythonPage and TemplateFile types.17:19
philiKONd2m, <content> for has nothing to do with the External Edit tab17:19
philiKON<content> is all about security declarations (and some minor things like factories from class and additional interfaces)17:19
d2mphiliKON: oh, did not know that17:20
philiKON<content> is a bad name17:20
d2mbut it made it work for me17:20
philiKONit ahs an alias17:20
philiKONthat's weird17:20
philiKONhere's the deal17:20
philiKONthe External Edit tab is only shown for objects providing
philiKONthis is a marker interface with an implied contract17:20
philiKONsee its docstring17:21
roymphiliKON: is it possible to enable externaleditor for zpt and py files?17:23
d2mphiliKON: thats what i did, <content class=""><implements interface=""/></content>17:23
philiKONroym, py files?17:33
philiKONd2m, ah, well, that's something different :)17:33
philiKONd2m, you didn't say anything about what you put inside the <content> thing17:33
d2mphiliKON: i see, it might better go into the overrides.zcml file ?17:33
philiKONoverrides.zcml is old-school17:34
philiKONmake an overrides.zcml in your package and hten include it via an *-overrides.zcml slug17:34
roymphiliKON: You were alluding to something about "what goes inside" the content decl.17:42
roymI see that simply using the content declaration doesn't work. I get:17:43
roym  File "/usr/local/Zope3-trunk/src/zope/interface/", line 682, in __call__17:43
roym    raise TypeError("Could not adapt", obj, self)17:43
roymTypeError: ('Could not adapt', < object at 0x4396112c>, <InterfaceClass>)17:43
philiKONroym, read the docstring to IExternallyEditable17:43
philiKONi *said* it implies a contract17:43
philiKONa part of that contract is being adaptable to IReadFile17:43
roymIs this adapter already available or do I have to roll my own?17:44
philiKONwell, if you're getting "Could not adapt" it's probably not available :)17:45
roymWould adding the content declaration in my overrides.zcml hide the original decl for the PythonPage or does it augment it? I imagine that an IReadFile adapter is what allows the TTW editing that is available now.17:47
philiKONfirst, anything in overrides.zcml overrides17:50
philiKONit doesn't augment17:50
philiKONhence the name17:50
philiKONsecond, the TTW editing has nothing to do with IReadFile adapters17:50
philiKONgot my book?17:50
roymyes, I do.17:51
philiKONchapter 10, adapters17:51
philiKONfile representation17:51
philiKONthat's what IReadFile is about17:51
philiKONTTW forms are rendered from the schema17:52
roymI used that to build an ftp adapter to my custom objects - sadly, that is now broken with the twisted implementation :(17:52
philiKONhow so??17:52
philiKONshouldn't be17:52
philiKONwhat's the error?17:53
roymAny attempt to ftp edit gives me:17:53
philiKONplease use a pastebin if it's a lot17:53
roym    result = f(*args, **kwargs)17:53
roym  File "/usr/local/Zope3-trunk/src/zope/app/twisted/ftp/", line 177, in _stat17:53
roym    raise ftp.WrongFiletype()17:53
philiKONthen what?17:54
philiKONwhat's the wrong file type?17:54
roymI get a blank screen..17:54
roymI think it doesn't like the 'd' type17:55
philiKON'd' type?17:55
roymThis error shows up even when editing a 'ZPT Page' added TTW, via ftp17:55
philiKONnot sure what you're saying17:56
philiKONtry editing a regular file object via HTTP17:57
philiKONdoes that work?17:57
roymdo you mean http as in TTW, or with External Editor?17:57
philiKONerr, FTP i meant17:58
philiKONtry editing a regular file object via FTP17:58
roymI think it might be my ange-ftp client not setting the type correctly to 'f' - I can do a command line "get" via ftp without issues.17:59
roymQuick question: is there an equivalent of Z2's Local File System in z3?18:01
philiKONhaven't seen one yet. but blobs are promising18:04
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d2mif i implement the IReadFile adapter for an object that returns unicode data (like PythonPage does), i get a "ValueError: Unicode results must have a text content type." exception18:46
d2mwhere would i return that text content type ?18:46
philiKONnot sure. i think returning anything else than an 8byte string in a ReadFile adapter is asking for bad news18:47
d2mthats true18:47
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roymI'm looking to add my own means of authentication (using SQL lookup) to a custom class based on PrincipalFolder. Is overriding getCredentials() all that I need to do here (aside from making my class a utility)?22:50
philiKONare you trying to provide a custom means of extracting credentials from a request?22:51
roymAm trying to use SQL (to store user/pw info in a table).22:51
philiKONor are you trying to provide custom authentication of credentials with an existing user database22:51
roymyes, the latter.22:51
philiKONi assume you're using and not
roymyes, the new version of authentication (and not based on the examples in the book).22:52
philiKONyou need to write an IAuthenticatorPlugin22:52
philiKONyou can look that interface up in apidoc22:52
roymIf I subclassed PrincipalFolder wouldn't that work well22:53
roymand overrode getCredentials.22:53
philiKONit's basically a local utility sitting a pluggable authentication instance22:53
philiKONi don't see getCredentials22:53
philiKONplus, i don't think it's what you want]22:54
roymsorry, authenticateCredentials22:54
philiKONyeah, but a PrincipalFolder is geared towards holding persistent principal objects22:54
philiKONi mean, hey, IAuthenticatorPlugin is pretty easy22:54
roymaah, that is what I was struggling with.22:54
philiKONjust two methods22:54
philiKONauthenticateCredentials and principalInfo22:55
philiKONshould be pretty easy to implement those22:55
philiKONdon't try to reuse stuff that isn't fit for reuse, especially not *that* kind of reuse22:55
roymyes, agreed - am thrilled at having gotten over some basic issues in understanding how the whole PAU stuff works.22:56
philiKONPAU is pretty easy22:56
philiKONi like the simplicity of the framework22:56
philiKONnext edition of the book will cover it :)22:56
roymAre you serious about making a 2nd ed?22:57
philiKONsaid it from the beginning22:57
philiKONthat i won't leave it at just the 1st edition22:57
roymI'll be thrilled when it comes out. the first was helpful, but I didn't grok the new auth scheme till today.22:57
roymWhat is the difference between "Found Principal" and "created principal" events? Do I need to care....22:57
philiKONfound principal created event is a special principal created event22:58
philiKONit's one that's fired when an principal object is created by means of searching22:59
philiKONe.g. for a search result set22:59
roymAlso, from looking at the code, I take it that PrincipalInfo objects are lightweight - ie: created and destroyed lots of times in a session. correct?22:59
philiKONbasically yes23:00
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philiKONi mean, it depends on the means you store the principals23:00
philiKONpersistent principals are obviously always there :)23:00
philiKONbecause they live in the zodb23:00
philiKONstuff coming from sql might not23:00
philiKONperhaps sqlobject might be a good way to automate some of this23:01
roymIs SQLObject ready for use w/trunk?23:01
philiKONsqlobject is always ready :)23:01
philiKONyou're probably talkign about sqlos23:01
philiKONthe sqlobject support package23:01
roymsorry - yes.23:01
philiKONi'm not sure, ask on #z3-base23:02
philiKONbut i thikn sqlos primarily focuses on content objects coming from sql23:02
philiKONthough principals coming from sql would be a nice feature for sqlos23:02
philiKONperhaps you can contribute :)23:02
roymAs soon as I become more confident about my implementation, will be happy to..23:02
philiKONyour contact is jinty at #z3-base23:03
philiKONhe's sort of maintaining sqlos23:03
philiKONOMG, 5am23:03
* philiKON heads to bed23:03
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