IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2006-01-22

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mleistmoin, moin romanofski11:23
* romanofski waves to mleist 11:24
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marchinogood morning11:36
romanofskimornin marchino11:39
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taharaHello. I've fixed some problem on fssync. May I commit it?16:18
taharaI don't understand zope3's commit manner yet...16:19
philiKONtahara, does your fix have tests?16:21
taharano I don't.16:22
taharaI found some protocol gap on fssync. this problem does not occured on current fssync.test16:24
taharaI'll try to write tests.16:26
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* mikka_ slaps mikka_ around with a small 50lb Unix Manual19:46
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J1msrichter, ayt?19:49
srichterJ1m: yeah19:51
J1mCould I interest you in helping with some apidoc test failures on the jim-adapter branch? :)19:51
srichterwhat's the time frame?19:52
srichterlike now, because you are ready to merge; in a couple of days, by tonight?19:52
J1mI dunno19:52
srichterbecause I am somewhat busy19:52
J1mNow because I want to make the test failures go away, but I don't expect to merge soon.19:53
J1mThat's fine.19:53
J1mI may get to them myself.19:53
srichterI'll try to look at it during the games :-)19:53
J1mBut if I don't, help would be appreciated.19:53
srichteryou probably just broke some assumptions I made; I'll have a look int he next couple of hours19:54
J1mOne major change is that "Default" registrations are now handled differently.19:54
J1mThere is now no distinction between None and Interface.19:54
srichter"Default registrations?19:54
J1mAll objects now provide Interface.19:55
J1mIt used to be that registrations for None were handled differently than registrations for Interface19:55
srichterahh, I see19:56
J1mAnyway, I'll start on the non-apidoc failures and get to those if I have time.19:56
mikka_hi all20:02
mikka_I'm developin a simple skin for few of my zope3 apps20:02
mikka_is there a clean way to override the containerViews templates?20:03
mikka_(especially contents.html)20:03
J1mFraid not.20:03
mikka_pitty ;)20:04
mikka_is it possible to change the default view for a Folder object then??20:04
J1mOf course20:04
J1mThe containerViews is just a shorthand for registering some existing views.20:05
J1mJust provide an alternative index.html view.20:05
J1m(Unless you want to change the name.)20:05
mikka_right :) It so obvious, I overlooked that20:06
J1mYeah, sometimes tools that aim to make simple things simpler make them hideously complex. :)20:06
mikka_btw, I added database encoding detection for cxOracleDA. what would be the best way to publish the changes?20:13
J1mCheck it in?20:13
mikka_where can I read about that?20:15
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