IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2006-01-25

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srichtersidnei: pong00:43
sidneihey srichter00:44
sidneisrichter: sent email to zope3-dev, about external wsgi apps on zope300:45
srichtersidnei: are you coming to the snow sprint?00:48
sidneisrichter: unfortunately not00:49
srichterdarn, I thought I would finally meet you00:53
sidneiyeah, too bad00:55
sidneii might go to the us sometime this year though00:56
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srichtersidnei: let me know01:13
srichteryou have a place to stay in Boston01:13
sidneiwill do01:14
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WebMavensrichter: are you in boston?04:39
benjiWebMaven, I don't know srichter's current physical location :) but he does live in Boston04:54
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WebMavenbenji: thx.05:09
srichterWebMaven: I live in Boston and I am in Boston till tomorrow evening when I will head for the snow sprint05:15
WebMavensrichter: check my PM.05:15
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nateasrichter, you leaving tomorrow?08:01
nateai thought you weren't getting there until friday?08:01
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einswhere is test() gone from zpt python expressions in zope3?10:52
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J1msrichter, ayt?14:03
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srichterJ1 here now14:47
* RockyBurt is reminded of his past java days where J1 stood for "JavaOne" -- the primary java conference ;)14:47
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srichterRockyBurt: Are you flying with Swiss Air tomorrow as well?15:25
* RockyBurt checks15:25
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RockyBurtbah, all my stuff is marked air canada ... but i know air canada partners with the other airlines in europe15:27
* benji can't help but imagine Swiss Air's planes have large randomly placed holes in them15:27
RockyBurt"operated by AC partner"15:27
srichterhe he15:27
projekt01srichter, do you have some sample code for portlets?15:27
srichterRockyBurt: are you taking the 6:50 plane to Zurich?15:27
srichterprojekt01: not really15:28
RockyBurtsrichter: doesn't look like it15:28
RockyBurti'm coming from frankfurt15:28
RockyBurti know whit and alecm both plan on waiting an additional hour for me at the airport so we can train back together15:30
RockyBurtyou're more than welcome to wait as well ;)15:30
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srichterwell, the shuttle is scheduled, so I'll hop on there, so there is enough space on the next one15:32
RockyBurthm, but isn't it the train we take from  the airport?15:33
RockyBurti don't see any comment where jodok has "scheduled" shuttles, just given us estimates as to when we use whats there15:35
srichteryes, look at the list15:36
srichterI am picked up at 10:40 and you are picked up at 11:5015:37
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dobeebenji: ayt?16:19
benjiyep, dobee16:22
dobeebenji: hi, am i wright - did you checkin the zc.datetimewidget stuff?16:23
dobeebenji:  i dunno what's the pollicy, i changed it to use zc.resourcelibrary, ist it ok to check in changes there or what would you say16:24
dobeebenji: instead of snippets16:24
benjiyep, that would be great!16:26
dobeebenji: cool, then i'll do the checkin then, cu16:27
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sidneisrichter: there?17:04
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benjihi ChrisW17:42
ChrisWanyone know if testbrowser does anything that means it doesn't behave sensible in a multi-threaded environment17:42
ChrisWI have a set of python Thread objects, each creates a testbrowser and accesses some urls17:42
ChrisWI keep track of the times17:43
ChrisWbut it seems that the time per request is proportional to the number of threads17:43
ChrisWwhich is suprising17:43
benjinot that I know of, but it doesn't do anything to enable it to work in a threaded environment17:43
ChrisWwhat would it need to do?17:43
benjiI suspect copious amounts of locking would be required17:43
benjicould you instead create one object per thread?17:44
ChrisWwell yes, hence why I'm creating seperate browser objects for eac hthead17:44
benjiaah, in that case it sounds like a bug17:44
benjiI thought you were sharing a single instance among threads17:44
ChrisWwell, either that, or the system I'm testing really does go to shit with concurrent access :-/17:44
J1mis the time cpu time or wall time?17:44
J1mif you have more threads, each thread is foing to take more wall time.17:45
J1mtime.time is wall time.17:45
ChrisWoh? how so?17:46
* ChrisW feels his poor understanding of threading is about to be exposed :-/17:46
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benjioops, I think Jim machine just crashed, darned Centos17:46
ChrisWso what am I doing wrong here?17:47
* benji hands sidnei the woot stick17:48
ChrisWwoot-ing for what?17:48
* ChrisW reboots J1m17:48
sidneigosh, i've got wsgipublisherapplication working with paste.deploy17:48
sidneiits u.g.l.y, but works ;)17:48
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ChrisWah, cool17:50
ChrisWwhat's paste.deploy?17:50
RockyBurtsidnei: saw your thread on the mailing list about that -- i gotta learn how to use paste.deploy17:50
sidneiChrisW: some package for knitting together wsgi middlewar17:52
ChrisWhurm, is J1m coming back?17:53
ChrisWeven Jim would do...17:53
sidneiRockyBurt: it's not hard17:56
sidneiRockyBurt: the tutorial is quite good17:56
* RockyBurt makes a mental note to download the tutorial and such for his flight to austria17:57
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ChrisWmmm, still no Jim :-/18:24
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RockyBurtsrichter: ayt ?19:52
srichterRockyBurt: yep20:04
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RockyBurtsrichter: see PRIVMSG20:05
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