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okramardoes anyone have experience in setting custom skins with a subscriber to BeforeTraverseEvent?04:40
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mleistHi there. when i'm starting my zope3-instance there are "" and ""14:55
mleistI create(d) my Utility in bootStrapSubscriberDatabase triggered by IDatabaseOpenedEvent but14:55
mleistwhich way i have to access this utility in bootStrapSubscriberProcess triggered by IProcessStartingEvent?14:55
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mleistzapi.getUtility() gives an ComponentLookupError in bootStrapSubscriberProcess. Are Utilities "getable" in bootStrapSubscriberProcess?15:03
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sidneiquery jinty15:08
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mleistHmm: (Pdb) p list(zapi.getUtilitiesFor(..)) -> [] - I don't find any uility...15:19
mleistI have to count all starts from Zope3-instance (persistent) in ZODB. Where is a good place to do it?15:19
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mgedminmleist, a IDatabaseOpenedEvent subscriber would be a good place, I think15:27
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mleistmgedmin, ok, that was my first try, but i don't find the utilities when i am in a IDatabaseOpenedEvent subscriber?15:45
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mgedminthat is strange15:56
mgedminare those *local* utilities per chance?15:57
philiKONno, it's not15:57
philiKONIDatabaseOpenedEvent is fired pretty early isn't it?15:57
philiKONhmm, perhaps it is fired after the config is loaded15:57
mgedminit is certainly fired *after* the zcml has been processed, including utility registrations15:57
philiKONyeh, otherwise there'd be no subscribers to it ;)15:58
mgedmincould this be a permission issue?15:58
mgedmindoes getUtilitiesFor check for access and only return utilities you can actually use?15:58
* Theuni wonders about the way of including the default formlib pageform macro into his own template16:08
Theunifor some reason i guessed to do this:   metal:use-macro="view/template:default" .... ah ... maybe ... wait a sec16:09
Theuniof course it's view/template:default/macros/main16:10
mleist*local* utilities (configured in zcml, right?) are accessible in Subscriber:16:14
mleist(Pdb) from import IErrorReportingUtility16:14
mleist(Pdb) myu1=zapi.getUtility(IErrorReportingUtility)16:14
mleist(Pdb) p myu1.getProperties()16:14
mleist{'ignored_exceptions': ('Unauthorized',), 'keep_entries': 20, 'copy_to_zlog': 0}16:14
mleistmy utility was born in IDatabaseOpenedEvent by ensureUtility(...) but Subscriber16:14
mleistfor IProcessStartingEvent is _after_ commit in IDatabaseOpenedEvent?16:14
mleistIs there any chance to get an utility not defined in ZCML in this way?16:14
TheuniHm. what's the reason that zope.schema.Datetime isn't spelled with a capital 'T'ime?16:21
philiKONTheuni, fix it :)16:25
TheuniSure. I first wanted to know whether it is intended to be that way, or accidental ...16:25
* philiKON always spells it DateTime until he finds out that this doesn't work... so, a +1 to the renaming from me16:26
philiKON(of course, with proper BBB)16:26
Theuniexcept that i have to do that when i have time for that *grml16:31
mgedminmleist, you shouldn't depend on local utilities being available in a IDatabaseOpenedEvent subscriber16:33
mgedmintheoretically subscribers could be executed in any order16:34
mgedminand when Zope initializes an empty database, it creates local utilities from other IDatabaseOpenedEvent subscribers16:34
mgedminin practice, subscribers get called in registration order16:34
mgedminso if you include your own package after's configure.zcml, it'll work16:34
mgedminIProcessStartingEvent is posted before the database is opened16:35
mgedminso I would guess that inside IProcessStartingEvent subscribers you can't access any local utilities16:35
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mleistmgedmin, when starting zope my "printf-debugging" says:16:41
mleist   log_ik: < object at 0xb6b5896c>16:41
mleist   bootStrapSubscriberDatabase() <- my method16:41
mleist   log_ik: < object at 0xb704aa4c>16:41
mleist   bootStrapSubscriberProcess() <- my method16:41
mleist   log_ik: < object at 0xb7a5094c>16:41
mleistIProcessStartingEvent seems to be after IDatabaseOpenedEvent?16:43
TheuniMan. Sometimes you really have to work against the framework.16:49
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wrobelhm... how do I get the complete traversal machinery in a doctest?17:30
wrobelI can register all the necessary stuff with provideAdapter but I assume there might be an easier way :)17:32
wrobelah :) resolved...17:39
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ChrisWanyone know how I can progamatically minimze the ZODB cache?20:23
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SteveAChrisW: for a particular connection, call its methods that do that20:38
SteveAthe cache is per connection, you see20:38
SteveAso you need to get the connections you're interested in20:38
SteveAand there are some methods on that20:38
SteveAobj._p_jar is the connection for persistent objects that are registered with that connection20:38
ChrisWyeah, I found them already20:40
ChrisWthis is in a Stepper job anyway, so only one thread20:40
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ChrisWfor some reason, I have to manually call obj._p_jar.db().cacheMinimize() every so often20:40
ChrisWotherwise I end up blowign all the ram in the machine :-(20:40
ChrisWI thought the cahce got sorted out at transaction boundaries20:41
ChrisW(ie: get_transaction().commit())20:41
ChrisWbut apparently, it doesn't...20:41
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