IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2006-01-27

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faassenkinda sad Guido works at Zope corporation for years and now he's interested in learning a python web framework..15:14
srichterfaassen: which one is Google using?15:17
faassenI don't think google is using any single one.15:21
__mac__hi, anyone here who has used interface invariants together with the formlib?15:30
srichter__mac__: doesn't the documentation have an example?15:31
srichterah, I remember seeing code in the form stuff for sure15:32
__mac__srichter, documentation of zope.interface or formlib?15:32
srichter__mac__: depends on what you are looking for...15:32
Theuni.oO(shouldn't that be zope.schema?)15:32
srichterdo you wnat to learn how to write invariants or how to enforce them?15:32
srichterinvariants are zope.interface15:33
srichterzope.interface/README.txt line 61015:33
__mac__I declared an invariant for my interface which raises an exception15:33
faassen__mac__: I think I used them together. I had to do some trickery to catch the errors.15:33
__mac__formlib expects this to be an zope.interface.Invalid exception15:34
srichterzope.formlib/README.txt line 23715:34
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faassen__mac__: I did an override of updateFormErrors,15:34
faassenand it contains something like this:15:34
faassen        if not getattr(self, 'errors', False):15:35
faassen            return15:35
faassen        for error in self.errors:15:35
faassen            if isinstance(error, Invalid):15:35
faassen                ... do something with error here, like display it ...15:35
faassennot sure whether that's useful for you.15:35
__mac__but when the errors should get displayed it is missing an adapter to
faassen__mac__: where would you display the error? i.e. there are multiple widgets where it could be displayed, both?15:35
faassen__mac__: it would be neat if my hack could go away by adding an adapter.15:36
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faassensrichter: don't see that README.txt in CVS,I'm confused15:36
__mac__faassen, I'm using the invariant to check if two entered passwords are equal so it does not matter on which widget it gets displayed15:38
__mac__srichter, I did not find README.txt, too15:38
faassen__mac__: okay. anyway, it'd be nice if you posted your results on the list. :)15:38
__mac__the problem can be that zope.interface.Invald does not implement an interface ... okay, I'll give it a try, whether the class works for the adapter registration15:40
faassen__mac__: should be possible to use a class.15:40
srichter__mac__: right, you can use classes for adapter registration15:41
srichterclasses are implicitely converted to specifications15:41
__mac__with this adapter it works15:45
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__mac__so I'll make is posting on dev-list (or better users-list?) summarizing what I found15:47
faassendev list, I think. it might result in changes to formlib.15:47
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__mac__it could also work without an adapter, if the exception raised by the invariant implements
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TheuniSo. I wonder whether zope.schema allows for computation of defaults at runtime ...16:43
TheuniI have a Datetime field that I would like to populate with the current time when a user creates a new object with that field.16:43
TheuniI wonder whether I have to hack this into something like formlib/setupWidgets.16:44
dman13AFAIK zope.schema doesn't currently support that16:46
dman13That is something I have wanted too (not just a computed default, but specifically the current-date scenario)16:48
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Theuniso. let's hack again ... like we did last summer .... yeayeayea ... like we did last yeeeheeeear.16:49
Theunihi philiKON16:49
philiKONdo you remember when ... all bugs were coming ... :)16:50
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Theunido widgets have access to the request?17:04
Theuniah. looks like it17:04
Theunithat's great17:04
dman13yeah, it's given to __init__ I believe17:06
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philiKONTheuni, widgets are views17:17
philiKONbasically, multiadapters for (object, field, request) or something like that17:17
Theuniyeah. realized that pretty much after i asked the question.17:17
philiKONof course they need access to the request, how would they retrieve the data otherwise?17:17
* Theuni swallaws looking at the datetime conversion code17:17
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* Theuni praises srichter and alga for zope.i18n.*18:09
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algaTheuni: why me? :-|18:13
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Theuniyou're also in the 'svn praise' results ;)18:19
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d2mTheuni: was there any follow-up action on your post regarding the 'REFRESH' buttons ?18:23
faassenTheuni: why zope.i18n? I'm busily changing Silva some more to move towards using zope.i18n, so it's an appropriate question. :)18:23
Theunifaassen: because of request.locale.dates.getFormatter()18:25
Theuniit does a very good job. i made myself a cleaned-up version of the date and datetime widgets that always parse and display a date based on the users browser18:25
Theuniand it provides an error message with a more or less readable format string and a formatted example.18:26
TheuniIt looks very comprehensive and quite usable.18:26
Theunid2m:  i got two more private messages also doing +1 for removing the refresh buttons18:26
Theunione was from tonico18:26
faassenI hate those refresh buttons that remove everything on my form.18:29
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Theunii'm still missing some option to configure widgets based on a field's options though.18:29
Theunifaassen:  me too. and did you now they trigger a browser request to do that?18:29
faassenI didn't realize they did.18:29
faassenI thought that was something the browser did internally.18:29
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Theuniit could do it internally ... but we don't18:30
* Theuni discovered another used spelling variation of "datetime": "dateTime"18:31
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Theunihmm. is it just me, or is the exception formatter broken? I don't get any traceback supplements anymore.20:13
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benjiTheuni, Gary mentioned something like to me earlier today20:46
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Theunii couldn't see what it was immediately. it looks like the support for it is there in general20:48
Theunii'll debug it when i see a traceback the next time20:48
Theunijust wanted to know someone else having that problem as well20:48
Theunibenji:  btw, i'm way behind on the ZODB buildbot20:48
Theunibut i'll be in f'burg in 15 days for a week ... if you like, we can do that together (if you have time)20:49
Theunihmm. now i'm lost20:49
Theunidoes someone now how to manually get a certain locale like the ones in request.locale ?20:50
Theunihmm. ah ... of course ... must be a utility somewhere20:51
benjiTheuni, I'll see if we can get together, what dates are you here for?20:53
Theuni11 to 20th20:53
TheuniI'll be consuming all beer in town with Mr. mcdonc.20:54
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Theuni(that's february)20:56
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benjiTheuni, I'd like to, but with my current priorities I can't justify spending the time on ZODB buildbot :(21:10
TheuniI'll try to work on it anyway21:13
* Theuni is afraid of fixing stuff in zope.21:13
TheuniThe good old two-branch work21:13
Theunisomeone renamed the expected variable name from __traceback_info__ to __traceback_supplement__ ..21:21
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Theuniobviously it's not as I thought.21:34
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benjithat doesn't sound good Theuni  :)21:40
TheuniIt's just that there are two types of tracebacks that you see21:40
Theunithe one in the error log (which is formatted and contains all supplements.)21:40
Theunithe one you see on the page (which is completely different and doesn't contain the supplements.)21:40
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Theuniadditionally it looks like something prevents mails going to or coming from the zope list servers to my network21:42
d2mhere too, started some 10 hours ago21:44
Theunioh. that's new?21:44
TheuniI wasn't sure about that.21:44
TheuniIt looks like it's probably intended behaviour.21:44
TheuniDid it display the formatted results in the normal error page before?21:45
* Theuni looks to the cvs list21:45
Theunitres did some work on the error pages21:46
Theunibut that doesn't look like it had this outcome21:47
Theunibzz. that was on Zope 2.921:49
Theunii don't see any checkin from the last days that could have done that21:52
Theunid2m:  are you sure that the error pages displayed the data before?21:52
d2mTheuni: i was talking about the email delivery - sorry21:53
Theunino blacklisting found21:54
d2mi checked with the mail archives, mails don't get stored atm21:55
Theunia colleague of mine noticed it when he tried to subscribe with a different email address again and got told that the mailman server got bounces21:55
Theunid2m:  they aren't distributed either. i wrote a couple of mails to zope3-dev in the last hours21:55
d2mTheuni: seems this one was one of the latest that got through (
Theuniwhich is a while ago already21:56
Theunibenji:  do you think you could ping someone over at zc to check this? did this got noticed already?21:57
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benjisure, Theuni22:03
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benjiTheuni, I think they fixed it22:35
Theunia bunch of mail arrived22:37
Theuninow everybody can read my spam because i'm too stupid to open my eyes22:37
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