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srichtermarchino: in the svn checkout is in the Zope3 root folder00:39
srichtermarchino: it is the test runner for Zope 300:40
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danfairsnatea: do you know if these live web feeds will be archived anywhere?01:41
danfairsI missed Stephan's talk :(01:42
nateadanfairs, we are recording every talk that we can01:42
nateaand will be making them available at or some other site with lots of bandwidth01:42
danfairscool, I shall keep an eye on it. Thanks!01:42
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ignashow does one register a multi adapter in zcml ?07:04
ignasfound it ;)07:08
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marchinoi don't understand how works12:29
marchinoi've installed zope 3.2 from source12:29
ignaswhat do you want it to do ?12:30
ignaswhat exactly don't you understand ?12:30
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marchinoi'm reading 'zope 3 developer's guide' and created the a basic content object12:31
marchinolike the book shows12:31
marchinofirst ov all: where i have to put my content object? in the zope instance?12:32
marchinoor in the zope source directory?12:32
ignasyes, probably, though iirc you can hack something with zcml and keep them somewhere else12:32
ignasi am keeping them in my Zope3/src/12:33
ignasor using a symlink12:33
marchinobut Zope3 is your source directory or where you've installed zope3? (id --prefix=/bla/bla)12:34
marchino(ie --prefix=/bla/bla)12:34
marchinoignas: i put my content object in Zope3/src too12:35
marchinoi run test but i have the following error:12:35
marchinono module named
marchinoinside the directories there are file12:36
marchinoso, why this error?12:36
ignaspackage-includes ?12:37
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marchinoignas: did you install zope3 from svn?12:43
marchinonot me12:43
marchinoi don't12:43
ignasdid you add something like book-configure.zcml into your package-includes directory?12:43
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ignaswith <include package="book" /> inside of it ?12:44
marchinoi have message-configure.zcml with inside <include package="book.message" />12:45
marchino<include package="book.messageboard" />12:46
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marchinoand the file is messageboard-configure.zcml, not message-configure.zcml12:46
ignasnot really matters iirc :/12:47
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marchinosorry: what is the meaning of iirc?12:47
marchinoignas: let me explain: i installed zope3 from source tarball, so i have two directories:12:49
ignasiirc - if i recall correctly12:49
marchinothe first is the source directory where i untar the package12:49
marchinothe second is the the directory where Zope3 is installed: `--prefix=/home/nohero/programs/zope3`12:50
marchinoif i run test-py in the second directory, it doesn't find the zope.testing directory12:52
marchinoif i run test-py in the second directory, it doesn't recognize as module12:53
ignasare you setting up pythonpath correctly ?12:53
ignastry doing PYTHONPATH=Zope3/src ./ -u12:53
marchinonow the test works, but not with the content object12:58
marchinono module named
ignaswhy ?13:00
ignasyou should be importing just book.messageboard13:00
marchinoignas: can i past the list of my directories?13:01
ignaswhy ?13:02
ignasmaybe you could paste the full traceback13:02
ignasinto pastebox13:02
ignasor some other kind of pasty stuff13:02
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ignaswell - don't know what's wrong then ...13:09
marchinothanks anyway, i really appreciate your help13:11
hdimamarchino: How did you install Z3? Did you read README.txt?13:18
mgedminmarchino, if you have created a zope 3 instance with mkzopeinstance, you will find bin/test in the instance home13:19
mgedminand, I think, it looks for packages in lib/python in the instance dir13:20
mgedminI usually use a Zope 3 subversion checkout, so I'm not entirely sure...13:20
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marchinomgedmin: you are right13:23
mgedminanyway, as long as a Python package is in PYTHONPATH, z3 will find it13:24
marchinomgedmin: i resolve my problem!!13:25
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marchinomgedmin: thanks13:25
marchinomy content object was in lib/python13:25
marchinobut i don't know about bin/test13:26
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drjnuthi evryone15:10
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