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andrew_mIn ftests, shouldn't the test user zope_user=mgr;zope_pass=mgrpw have the global role 'zope.Manger' assigned to it?13:47
mgedminno, it has a local role assigned to it14:13
mgedminthere is a globalmgr:globalmgrpw (IIRC) that has the global role14:13
mgedminin most cases you want to use the mgr:mgrpw one, as it uncovers bugs14:14
mgedminwith missing context for local security grants14:14
andrew_mmgedmin: ok, thanks.. i am trying to implement an isAdmin() method that works also for tests14:20
mgedminif you want to make it work for users that are created through the web, you need to make it work for the 'mgr' user in ftests14:22
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roymIn my schema, I have a field declared as readonly. Do I need to15:22
roymconfigure the addform directive "specially" to handle this? I find15:22
roymthat I am getting errors of the form:15:22
roym  TypeError: Can't set values on read-only fields (name=sid, class=...)15:22
roymThis happens when I use the adding view.15:25
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__mac__anyone awake?15:42
__mac__Why do I need the permission zope.ManageServices to access objects implementing I thougt zope.ManagePrincipals should be enough (at least to read the title attribute of the object).15:44
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roym__mac__: see src/zope/app/authentication/groupfolder.zcml15:55
__mac__roym, I have seen this and I'm not sure if it is nice (I made a nice replacement for the pau ui for my app where a user who only has the permission zope.ManagePrincipals should be able to change the groups the princials belong to)15:58
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