IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2006-02-01

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projekt01srichter, I'm here17:47
projekt01dobee, are you at the snow sprint?17:59
dobeeprojekt01: yes17:59
projekt01obee, can you knock srichter on the shoulder and tell him that I'm at the IRC?18:00
dobeeprojekt01: told him18:01
projekt01dobee, thanks18:01
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batloggprojekt01: come to visit us!18:09
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projekt01batlogg, Ok, just fix the date with srichter.18:11
dobeeprojekt01: cool, looking forward to see you18:13
projekt01dobee, I'm in the middle of a big refactoring of Tiks, nothing is working right now ;-)18:13
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dobeeprojekt01: ah, ok we'll see, maybe we work on it18:14
projekt01Just use a older revision for to take a look at Tiks18:15
batloggprojekt01: sorry that we forgot about inviting you :) /me didn't know you're so near18:16
projekt01batlogg, no problem I have a lot of work and I guess Stephan is doing a good job ;-)18:18
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projekt01batlogg, can you give me the full address of the sprint location?18:36
batloggkaltenbrunnen, egg, vorarlberg, austria18:37
batloggplanet earth18:37
batloggdon't laugh:
projekt01Is this the sprint location? Gasthof Alpenrose?18:40
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srichterprojekt01: yep18:43
projekt01Ok, thanks18:43
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projekt01batlogg, can you ask if they have a room left at the "Aplenrose" for tomorrow for one night?18:48
batloggyes, we have18:49
batloggxavier is leaving tomorrow18:49
projekt01Ok, I will show up tomorrow morning and stay till friday.18:49
projekt01But, perhaps I go skiing friday afternoon if the sun is shining ;-)18:50
projekt01see you tomorrow18:54
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marchinohola mundo!19:12
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WebMavenI need a sysadmin.23:00
WebMavenpotential security issue.23:01
srichterd2m: can you help WebMaven23:14
WebMavensrichter: got hold of Rob Page.23:14
srichterok, cool23:15
WebMavenPM me if you want a heads-up.23:19
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benjihi marchino23:55
marchinohi benji23:57

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