IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2006-02-02

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projekt01srichter, are you still working?03:32
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projekt01GaryPoster, do you know the state of the new widget implementation?03:35
GaryPosterHey projekt01.  Yes: ours is dead atm. :-(  too many other things to do.  I could maybe spend some time out to describe our intent over the next week or two.03:36
projekt01Ok, and what's about the new File implementation03:37
GaryPosterThat's released (zope.form project in, but it's an API release.  It needs blob support in ZODB.  I'm reasonably confident that we'll have that by Zope 3.3 in the spring.03:39
GaryPosterWe're using it now for internal projects anyway, looking forward.03:39
GaryPosterI didn't mean zope.form03:40
projekt01Ah, cool I will take a look at this.03:40
GaryPosterzope.file (I do that a lot for some reason :-) )03:40
GaryPosterprojekt01, how are you doing?  anything cool cooking?03:41
projekt01Dominik is refactoring our core part. I guess we are ready for a release in one month.03:42
GaryPostervery cool!03:42
projekt01And I rearange the package structure right now.03:42
projekt01I go to the snowsprint tomorrow.03:43
projekt01Hope there is time for skiing at the weekend ;-)03:44
GaryPosterLOL I bet you can fit it in.  Yeah, Stephan mentioned you were presenting there.  Good luck: hope that goes well.  The idea is to see how much of Tiks the Plone guys can learn from or leverage?03:45
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projekt01I guess Tiks is at least a good resource repository which shows you some patterns.03:46
GaryPostercool.  Well, good luck on the presentation, and have fun there!03:47
Rocky|austriaprojekt01: if you need srichter i could probably get him for you03:47
Rocky|austriahe's just out in the hallway03:47
projekt01Rocky, no problem, but tell him that I go to bed now and that I will be there tomorrow a little bit later03:48
projekt01GarPoster, Rocky good night03:49
Rocky|austrialooking forward to your presentation tomorrow03:49
GaryPostergood night projekt0103:50
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projekt01Rocky I don't have really a god presentation I just have the sample projects running.03:50
projekt01I will show some interesting demos like; OpenOffice/Word to HTML or PDF - converter, PDF - Reportlb integration, wfmc - xpdl workflow etc.03:52
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wrobelany reason why defines "defineChecker" twice?13:05
wrobellooks like unnecessary code duplication13:06
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nateaStephan Richter's "Using Adapters in Python Applications" talk from the snow sprint now available at
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benjicool, natea17:03
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SteveAsrichter: hello21:15
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roymI'd like to declare a readonly property v in my class C using the syntax:22:20
roymclass C:22:20
roym  implements(I)22:20
roym  def getV(): return 2322:20
roym  v = property(getV)22:20
roymI find that declaring v as a readonly schema element in Interface I22:20
roymcauses problems, because the adding view attempts to set the value22:20
roymof "v" at creation time.22:20
roymHow would I make an Interface declaration for a readonly property, and22:21
roymyet not have it show up in the adding view.22:21
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mgedminyou could make it an Attribute instead of a schema field22:24
mgedminor you could explicitly list fields to display in the adding form, and exclude this one22:25
roymah, that simple eh! thanks.22:25
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roymDoes that mean that fields of type "Attribute" will not have a presentation view?22:25
dman13roym, I believe that only schema fields are rendered in a schema form22:34
dman13(schema fields being subclasses of zope.schema.Field;  zope.interface.Attribute is a base class for Field)22:35
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srichterSteveA: hi back22:43
roymdman13: thanks, that makes sense to me now.22:47
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