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einshow do I omit form fields in formulator?09:33
einssorry formlib09:33
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romanofskimoin __mac__ :)10:23
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einsromanofski hi10:47
romanofskihey eins :)10:48
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jennerhi there12:10
jennerany tiks guys around?12:10
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einsTomcat__ you can write your own credentials plugin14:42
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GaryPosterdobee: heads up.  thanks for the changes to zc.datetimewidget and zc.resourcelibrary.  Unfortunately, they were in the sandbox--just snapshots of our dev versions.  For instance, we've fixed the resource library problem you fixed--or at least one of them.  I'm about to move development of all of the packages in the sandbox from (closed) onto (open).  I'm hoping you'll be willing to look through the new versions and make the changes ag18:38
dobeeGaryPoster: are the changes reverted in datetimewidget18:42
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dobeeGaryPoster: where will that stuff live in the repo?18:44
GaryPosterdobee: what will happen is this: I'll be making a new project, zc.datetimewidget.  I'll import the code we have here.  Then I'll let you know, and give you an opportunity to merge the stuff in the sandbox, which *might* even be a clean merge.  Once you let me know that it is settled, we'll delete the copies in the zc sandbox so as to not confuse folks in the future.18:44
GaryPosterit will be a top-level project, a la svn+ssh://
dobeeGaryPoster: ah, ok18:45
GaryPosteris that ok?  I feel bad. :-/18:46
benjime too :(  I should have realized when dobee was asking me about it a few days ago18:46
dobeeGaryPoster: this should be no problem i think18:47
GaryPosterdobee: ok, awesome, thanks.  I wouldn't be surprised if datetimewidget hadn't changed at all since we made the snapshot, so I'll be optimistic. :-)  I'll let you know when it is up.18:48
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tareksrichter, ayt ?20:42
newpersWhat's the point of spending time on branding, when people are already coming to Zope, but are losing interest because of the learning curve.  More than branding, Zope 3 needs someone pumping out examples and tutorials.  More than what's out there now (and yes, I know what's already out there).20:44
newpersdo a blog search for zope3 and that's all you will find20:44
newperspeople getting discouraged20:44
newpersohhhh... this is in regards to the Guido thread on the zope3-users mailing list20:45
mcdoncnewpers: how about coming up with a short screencast?20:46
newpersit wouldn't be short20:46
newpersi'm not qualified to do that anyways20:46
* jenner agrees with newpers 20:46
mcdoncwell, unfortunately (and this isn't an indictment, i am guilty too) you can either complain or do something.20:47
newpersit's far easier to complain20:47
jennermcdonc: z3 is not RoR nor TurboGears, a 20-minutes screencast would only show that you can do the same with RoR faster :)20:47
mcdoncand more fun.20:47
mcdoncwell, a bit of scaffolding software would probably fix that.20:48
mcdoncsomething that generates a package with a zcml file in it and puts a package-include in.20:48
jenneryeah, sort sort of a z3 skeleton creator/wizard20:49
mcdoncsure; probably a 2-hr. job...20:49
jenneractually there already is something like that20:49
GaryPosterdobee: or svn+ssh://YOURUSERNAME
mcdonclooks great.20:51
jennerThing is, z3 is evolving so fast, that you can hardly find any working apps, since most of the rely on older zope3 versions... looking for a CMS, I've checked out cubic and tiks - both don't work on z3.220:51
mcdonci haven't looked at either, to be honest.20:52
mcdoncbut you probably don't need a cms to do a screencast.20:53
* newpers agreess with jenner :)20:53
jennermcdonc: probably20:54
jennermcdonc: I was ranting in general :)20:54
mcdonci understand, done it myself many, many times. ;-)20:54
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sawdogsup `dunc21:03
mcdoncsawdog: they let you in here?21:04
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sawdogthey did; but they didn't know who I was :)22:13
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