IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2006-02-04

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roymFor a  user U, I create a Folder A and programmatically:19:30
roym  - get the principal role manager (prm)19:30
roym  - prm.assignRoleToPrincipal('my.Student',
roym  - get the principal permission manager (ppm)19:30
roym  - ppm.grantPermissionToPrincipal('my.ManageContent',
roymthe user U is then able to access views that need 'my.ManageContent'19:30
roympermission in the folder A.19:30
roymMy problem is that, as site Manager, if I create a folder B within A,19:30
roymU is not able to access views of A/B that require 'my.ManageContent'19:30
roympermission. I thought that the 'my.ManageContent' rights extended to19:30
roymOr better still, is there any way to find out the permission a user needed, when a denial happens?19:36
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roymOK, I realized that it was not a case of permissions not propogating21:15
roymdown to subfolders - rather it has to do with "locating" an object.21:15
roymI have a custom timer object that I set as an "attribute" of a21:15
roymsub-folder. What I find is that the permissions manager for this21:15
roym"attribute" object ends up being the root folder perm-mgr, rather than21:15
roymthe subfolder. How do I set an object O as an attribute of a21:15
roymsub-folder A/B and force it to be located at B as well, so that access21:15
roymto it is controlled by B's permission manager, rather than A's.21:15
roymie: I want: B.timer = O, rather than having to say: B['timer'] = O21:16
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roymah, enlightenment... having it implement IContained does the trick!21:50
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