IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2006-02-05

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RockyBurtsrichter: still in egg ?00:13
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srichterRockyBurt: hi there00:44
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srichterRockyBurt: did you have a good trip back?00:44
srichterRockyBurt: I am actually sitting in Infare's office in Rotterdam00:44
RockyBurti'm actually sitting in the montreal airport waiting for my flight to newfoundland01:00
RockyBurtbasically got 2 hour wait here01:01
RockyBurthm, $8 CAD for a full day of wifi at the montreal airport is not bad01:07
* RockyBurt heh's at jenner's heh01:12
jennerI just talked to a guy from st.petersburg who's waiting for his flight in frankfurt... he complained about 8 euros per _hoer_ :)01:12
jennerhour even01:12
RockyBurti was close enough to a hotspot in frankfurt to connect anyhow (i could see the sid but couldn't connect)01:13
RockyBurterr... *wasn't01:13
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srichterJ1m: how is the refactoring going?15:48
J1mHaven't done much yet this weekend.15:49
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suse-joeHi! Is there an elegant way of getting to the Principal object of the logged-in user? I need that for changing the password.17:25
suse-joeATM I use:17:25
suse-joe            users = removeSecurityProxy(principals()['PrincipalFolder'])17:26
suse-joe            principal = users[[5:]]17:26
suse-joe            principal.password = data.password17:26
suse-joeThe [5:] removes the prefix "Users". Both getting the right principal folder and getting the actual principal don't look nice. And everything breaks if either the folder name or the prefix change.17:27
suse-joeBTW: is down.17:29
suse-joeAh, it's back now.17:29
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srichterrequest.principal gives you the principal17:56
srichterif that principal uses some sort of "user" object to get its data, you could listen to a IPrincipalCreated event and add the user17:57
srichterwe demonstrated how to do this with the homefolder17:57
suse-joeSo I'd add the user to the principal and then get to the object like this: userObject = request.principal.userObject ?17:59
suse-joesrichter: homefolder?18:00
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suse-joesrichter: I don't see IPrincipalCreated mentioned in homefolder.19:29
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J1msrichter, ayt?20:52
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srichterJ1m: yeah23:24
J1mcab we get rid of zope.component.bbb?23:25
J1mI can't tell how old it is.23:25
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srichterJ1m: sure, no that we agreed on the deprecation time23:25
srichterIt was new in 3.123:26
srichterso based on the 2-release rule, it can go out23:26
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srichterJ1m: I was expecting this giving you a huge headache. :-)23:32
J1mIt's not a huge headache.23:32
srichterare you getting the stuff done today?23:38
srichter(and btw, yipee, I can watch the Superbowl on the German public TV station!!!)23:39
J1mI'm working on it today.  I won't finish today.23:39
srichterbtw, one of the Plone UI guys (not a programmer) told me and Roger that Zope 3 would be much more attractive if we had XSLT pipelines23:42
srichterRoger and him worked out immediately some design ideas :-)23:42
srichtersince I know nothing about the topic, I want to read up on it.23:43
jennersrichter: what's an XSLT _pipeline_?23:43
srichterJ1m: any good source for existing technologies?23:43
J1mIt all depends on what you want to do.23:43
srichterjenner: Basically you define a pipe of XSLT transformations: original -> T1 -> T2 ... -> final23:44
srichterwell, I guess I need to read about the options then :-)23:44
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jennersrichter: A, I see, a cleaner approach of current portal_transactions tool23:44
srichterI have no idea of what portal_transactions are, but that does not sound like a name I would choose in that context23:45
srichteryeah, that sounds more like it, though I think portal_transforms have different use cases23:46
jennerhtml -> PDF or DocBook -> XHTML sounds like a perfect use case for XSLT23:47
srichterthe main objective is to generate views23:49
srichterI do not know much about XSLT, so I can hardely say how it should work23:50
jennerah... so basically you'd render an object as XML by default (giving all its data at once) and applying a XSLT stylesheet to show only the relevant parts in a view23:51
srichtersomething like that23:54
srichteror, on the other hand, should be the template the first thing and the data and o-wrap are transformations23:55
srichteror should the original form be even defined or is it up to the usage?23:55
srichterI have many questions and no answers at this point23:56
jennerup to the usage I'd say... actually the template already _is_ an XML representation of something (given the fact that it's ZPT, since ZPTs have to be well formed), so all you need is a stylesheet that transforms a general view into something more specific... think of a document view template wich displays all DC data, the document body, maybe even comments.. and and XSLT which just rips off the title, date and author and creates a macro which23:59
jennercan be used in a viewlet23:59
jennersounds interesting :)23:59

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