IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2006-02-06

srichterwell, I think Kamal, th ePlone UI designer, was more interested in developing generic templates that can be connected via an XSLT transform00:01
srichterbut I could be wrong00:01
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nateasnow sprint videos page updated:
* jenner is listening to srichter :)00:57
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benjinatea, are .MOVs streamable?  Firefox wants to download the whole file before I can watch it; annoying.01:00
nateabenji, i think they can be streamed but that usually requires a streaming server01:02
nateamaybe we can convince wiggy to install Darwin Streaming server on antiloop.plone.org01:02
benji134k/sec 18:41 remaining  :)01:02
nateathe latter ones i'm encoding using H.264 which is very good quality, supports HTTP streaming but takes *forever* to compress on my 1ghz Powerbook01:03
nateathe file sizes are much smaller too01:03
nateawhich one are you dloading?01:03
benjiZ3 for Pooh, it looked like the most fun :)01:07
nateayeah, that's the one that has has the most dloads so far:
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slinkPany Five folks here / awake?  i'm not having luck with the registerClass directive08:29
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einshow do I know what permissions are violated?09:24
einsdebug skin doesn't help09:25
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einsroman_ hi09:38
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roman_hey eins :)09:50
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einsromanofski I remember you asking here about debug skin for security errors09:53
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einsdid you find any way to track security errors?09:53
romanofskiyeah - thought that this will only work by using the debug skin09:55
einsbut it doesn't09:55
einsI just get  You are not authorized to perform this action. However, you may login as a different user who is authorized. which does say nothing09:55
romanofskihm... thats sad09:56
einserror log doesn't seem to give anything more09:56
einsso what am I supposed to do?09:57
romanofskihehe - I don't know actually *G09:58
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einsmaybe I have to turn off credential challenging10:01
einsI'll try that10:01
romanofskiI'd be interested about a solution10:02
romanofskiI first thought that there is something like an URL (++debug+securyity++ whatsoever)10:03
einsthat would be perfect10:05
einsI don't get why there is still no such feature10:05
romanofskiprobably no time and resources :)10:06
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einshmmm turning off credential challenging doesn't help..10:09
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romanofskimoin j-w :)10:12
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einsromanofski finally I managed to do it;)10:16
einsall that was needed was registering error logging utility10:17
romanofskiah ... okey10:17
romanofskinothing more?10:17
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einsand then going to configuration and removing option to ignore unauthorized exceptions10:17
einsnow I get unauthorized exceptions in error log and I can see what permission is violated10:18
einsthat's simpler than I thought:)10:18
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einsdoes it work for you?10:19
romanofskiI'm currently not doing any zope3 work, but nice to know though10:20
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stubIf my code raises Retry exceptions in certain cases, does anyone recall if Z3 is intelligent enough to return an error if I raise too many in a row? Or do I need to maintain my own counter?11:45
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stubAhh... HTTPRequest handles the retry count. Excellent...11:53
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srichterstub: it does, I did not know; I though 3 retries were pretty much hardcoded12:03
srichterstub: it does, I did not know; I thought 3 retries were pretty much hardcoded12:03
stubsrichter: I'm going to update psycopgda to retry on serialization exceptions and deadlocks12:04
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srichterstub: cool12:19
stubBah - I have to the connection so I can returned a wrapped cursor so I can catch the psycopg exceptions and reraise them as Retry's :-P12:22
stubBah - I have to wrap the connection so I can returned a wrapped cursor so I can catch the psycopg exceptions and reraise them as Retry's :-P12:22
srichtereek, but at least it is possible ;-)12:23
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srichtermkerrin: hi; how is the WebDAV stuff coming?12:39
mkerrinsrichter: slowly12:42
srichterI figured; I guess it is painful?12:43
mkerrinpretty much - I am also looking at getting the other WebDAV protocols working so I needed a bettter way to handle namespaces12:44
mkerrinBut I think I have a solution and will have a proposal hopefully be tomorrow / wednesday12:44
srichtercool, I am looking forward to it12:45
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RockyBurtgood morning14:04
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RockyBurtwow, replying to srichter's mailing list posts can be a full time job ;)14:33
srichterI usually do not do this14:40
srichterbut I had to work through them finally14:40
RockyBurtcan i ask that you try to do you best to monitor zope3 threads on the plone-devel list moving forward? :)14:41
RockyBurtyou wrote some very good posts14:42
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philiKONman, now z3 shit is coming up on plone lists as well?15:14
* philiKON needs the day to be at least 48 hours15:14
yotaphiliKON: :)15:15
RockyBurtphiliKON: you should be aware of the "Cubed" project we initiated at the snow sprint15:16
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philiKONtell me more :)15:16
RockyBurtits a pure zope 3 project (for current dployment on zope 3.2) that we can starting building plone components on that will work there and with plone on zope 2.x15:17
philiKONso it's a compat layer or what?15:18
RockyBurtnot really...15:19
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philiKONRockyBurt, so, i take that as a "go and read the f...ine thread...?"15:22
RockyBurtphiliKON: sorry, i'm talking to zopepaul in #z3-base right now15:22
philiKONhehe, ok15:22
RockyBurthonestly, Cubed isn't as defined as it needs to be at this point15:22
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srichterRockyBurt: I hope you don't mind that I only gave short answers to your mails; it's just I have nothing to add and agree fully :-)17:21
RockyBurthehe, thats fine ;)17:21
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srichterRockyBurt: everything ok at home?17:49
RockyBurtyeah, its *very* nice to be home :)17:49
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RockyBurthearing kids voices in the background -- distractions aside -- is music to my ears ;)17:49
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srichteryeah, compared to all those geek conversations around17:53
faassenchildren, geeks, it's similar.17:54
faassenNo SUBVERSION is better! No no DARCS!!!17:54
srichterI see that several other sprinters managed to lurk in this channel17:54
faassenno EMACS17:54
srichterhe he17:54
srichterit's all about SVK!17:54
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RockyBurtsrichter: you *should* see more and more ploners frequenting this channel... if not, there's a problem ;)17:55
* RockyBurt is an avid SVK user17:55
faassenRockyBurt: I heard from Stephan you all kicked in a few anthills?17:55
RockyBurtfaassen: apparently ;)17:55
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RockyBurthuge discussions about it on plone-devel, including stephan's insights ;)17:56
faassenRockyBurt: oh, cool, I shall take a look at plone-devel. :)17:56
RockyBurtfaassen: btw, i think jodok and nate are working on a sprint summary to be displayed soon, you'd probably be interested in knowing if anything useful for you came out of it ;)17:56
faassenRockyBurt: cool.17:57
faassenRockyBurt: yeah, there was Five stuff, tramline stuff.. so there was some stuff touching on what we've been doing here.17:57
RockyBurtyeah, PloneTramline was a hot topic17:57
faassenis this the 'planning ahead for platform convergence' thread?17:57
faassenor the clarification on zope 3 etc?17:58
faassenokay. yum. :)17:58
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RockyBurtfaassen: the plone community welcomes your insights as well :)17:58
RockyBurtor at least i do ;)17:58
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RockyBurtstrichter: hey, some photos of the cool newfoundland names -->
benjiare you proposing those for the Zope 3 codename, RockyBurt  :)22:08
RockyBurtbenji: wel, there's a town nearby called "Dildo" and strichter and whit suggested we do the next zope3 skin there so we can have the Dildo skin ;)22:08
RockyBurtVirgin Arm is in fact my home town ;)22:08
benjino no!  :)22:09
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mpis it ok, to use zope's favicon.ico on site about zope?23:31
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benjimp, since it is trademarked you'd have to get a free trademark license first, but other than that it should be fine23:49
mphow do I get free trademark license? :)23:51
benjiactually you may not even need that much; this page has details:
benjihmm, according to number 2 on the list you'll need a license because you're using the "circle z" by itself, so you'll need to read that page and email a request (which I see no reason why you would be turned down)23:54
mpyes, I got that to23:54
mpbut that's silly - it will not fit ;)23:54
benjimaybe it's already in there, but it's just too tiny to read :)23:55

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