IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2006-02-07

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projekt01A test seems to be broken on my workspace including own packages.01:39
projekt01But I think it's we do a teardown which is missing in z301:40
projekt01How can I find out in which order the tests are running?01:40
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projekt01Can anybody agree that the test as a standalone test will fail?01:54
projekt01python -s zope\app\homefolder -pv01:54
slinkPprojekt01: i don't seem to have that test here in the zope 3.2.0 release01:59
projekt01slinkP, are you using the trunk?02:02
slinkPprojekt01: no02:02
projekt01Ok thanks, could be that this package is only in the trunk02:02
slinkPprojekt01: to see the order of tests, increment the verbosity some more02:03
slinkPe.g. -vv02:03
projekt01There is a missing IAttributeAnnotatable support for the in the homefolder test.02:03
projekt01But the tests are running if I test all at once.02:04
projekt01Argh, this smells like a missing teardown in another test02:05
slinkPi hate those :(02:05
projekt01Is there a concept for checking missing teardown?02:06
slinkPi don't know any way other than trying to run different sets of tests ... process of elimination until you find one test that makes your test fail02:09
slinkPbig pain in the ass :(02:09
projekt01Ok, I will come back to this next week.02:10
slinkPthe --tests-pattern argument to testrunner should be useful02:11
slinkPbut i don't know if it allows specifying order of tests02:13
projekt01slinkP, seems that I have to take a look at this. Hmm, I will write a mail to the list first.02:16
* slinkP hasn't had this problem in z3 yet but isn't looking forward to it - it'02:17
slinkPs never fun02:17
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dobeehi i've created a view for IImage which returns a resized representation of the images, does anybody know, which would be the best solution to cache the view results? i think ram cache is not the right solution19:01
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tarekhello, anyone familiar with tiks around ?19:10
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srichtertarek: roger seems not to be here19:20
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tareksrichter, oki thx. it's "projekt01" right ?19:22
srichterthey are currently restructuing tiks, so in about a week they will be done19:26
srichterdomonik huber knows it too, but he is usually not here19:27
tareki c19:27
srichtershoot them an E-mail19:27
srichterthey will be responsive19:27
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srichtersashav: good to see you here :-)19:48
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whitsrichter: you scared him off19:48
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srichterwhit: he he19:50
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xenrusrichter: Hi, you here?21:04
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srichterxenru: hi23:33
xenruwe talking about you now :)23:34
xenrudid you answer me about book?23:34
srichterno, but let's see if ZC people are here23:35
srichterbenji: can you give xenru access to the special projects repository?23:35
benjisrichter, the "special projects repository"?23:35
srichteryeah, the one that contains my book sources23:36
benjiI would assume not, since I didn't know it existed :)23:36
xenrumy login on login is mkashkin23:36
srichterbenji: if you usually can give people access to SVN, then you should be able to do this one as well :-)23:37
benjiI might be able to, but don't know how, sorry23:37
srichterI'll have to wait for Jim then23:39
xenruI'm here23:39
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