IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2006-02-08

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_projekt01does anybody know why the request.form doesn't provide the correct order of the form fields?01:23
_projekt01Is this just a twisted issue or does this also happen with zserver?01:23
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romanofskimoin :)10:05
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einshi romanofski10:19
* romanofski waves to eins 10:19
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projekt01Does anybody know why the request.form doesn't provide the order of the form fields?15:35
srichterprojekt01: because it is a mapping15:35
srichterprojekt01: the HTTP request knows nothing about the order of fields15:35
projekt01srichter, but a dict provides a order as long no operation happens on the dict.15:36
projekt01Like first in first out15:36
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srichterthat is not true15:37
projekt01srichter, the python doc says:15:46
projekt01Keys and values are listed in an arbitrary order which is non-random, varies across Python implementations, and depends on the dictionary's history of insertions and deletions.15:46
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RockyBurtprojekt01: but whatever mechanism is returning the form containing the params could have built up that dict some some random order15:48
projekt01RockyBurt, I'm not sure I understand. A Form returns the field in a order (via request, "string") to the server. right?15:50
RockyBurtyes, but twisted or zserver aren't obligated to maintain that order15:50
projekt01Is there a reason why?15:50
RockyBurtwhen i was doing heavy j2ee work in the past we had the same issue, some application servers returned GET query params in a specific order, some did not... because the HTTP spec doesn't say that order has to be maintained, so its up to the server implementation to decide whether to support an order15:51
projekt01RockyBurt, Ok that's true, but bad15:53
RockyBurtagreed ;)15:53
RockyBurtquite annoying15:53
projekt01It's not only bad it's really bad, because the Typo3/PHP guy sitting next to me is loud laughing about that.15:56
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benji_yorkprojekt01, are you saying that dicts list their keys in order of insertion?16:06
projekt01benji_york, yes I guess till the first operation get done on the dict. But I haven't tested this. Just reading in the py doc.16:07
benji_yorkit's definately not so, sorry16:08
benji_york(there are "ordered dict" implementations out there, though)16:08
projekt01Ok, but is there a way to use a ordered dict for request.form?16:09
benji_yorksure, we'd just have to change the code to do so16:09
benji_yorkno current code should depend on the (otherwise arbitrary) order that things are currently returned in16:09
projekt01Ok, I also think so.16:11
projekt01I guess this will affect the twisted code. right?16:11
benji_yorkdon't know <shrug>16:12
benji_yorkyou'll also have to decide on an ordered dict implementation to use (or roll your own)16:12
projekt01I think I write a proposal if I really need it. Right now I provide a field containing the order of the other fields ;-(16:15
projekt01benji_york, thanks16:15
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benjinp :)16:16
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projekt01how can I tear down a classImplements(File, IAttributeAnnotatable)17:01
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SteveAprojekt01: you need to save what it implemented beforehand17:36
whitis it a simple removal of IAttributeAnnotable...or something more complicated?17:38
projekt01SteveA, ah thanks, and set it back. Uhh, I think nobody does this in tests. I see many different places where classImplements is used.17:38
projekt01with, the problem is that the "homefolder" test misses classImplements but it is still there form the "bugtracker" test.17:39
projekt01If I run the tests without including the "bugtracker" package the "homefolder" tests will fail17:40
ignasis there a sane reason behind naming of Zope 3.1 branch "Zope-3.1" and Zope 3.2 branch just "3.2" ?17:40
benjiI think there is ignas, but I don't remember what it is :)17:41
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ignaswith these tendencies - ZopeX3-3.0 => Zope-3.1 => 3.2 => .3 ?17:44
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srichterignas: Zope-3.1 was too long17:48
srichter(for Jim)17:48
srichterso we switched to "3.x" notation17:48
whitso what happens when that number hits 4?17:53
RockyBurtif the svn project is aptly named 3.x notation should be fine with Zope-3.x notation being redundant IMHO17:53
whitmorning RockyBurt17:53
RockyBurtwhit: then the zope2 and zope3 communites are abandoned and we have worse battles to fight *grin*17:54
RockyBurtmorning ;)17:54
* whit starts divisive zope 4 meme17:54
* RockyBurt yells Anarchy! Anarchy!17:55
* projekt01 Zope4You17:55
* projekt01 Zope4Free17:55
* RockyBurt gets bad-name whip lash ;)17:55
* whit chuckles17:56
whithowdy projekt0117:56
* whit did some poking around in tiks on the plane ride back17:56
projekt01cool, did you find a working checkout?17:56
whitI got a checkout....I didn't run any tests or anything...just read17:57
projekt01What do you think at all?17:57
whitI thought the initializer package looked really interesting17:58
projekt01Is it easy to read code with our naming convention for modules like "," etc17:58 fit my head very well17:58
* RockyBurt wonders if projekt01 keeps python content classes in his module just to confuse people.... :)17:58
projekt01I really like this naming, its so much easier to read code form other developers.17:59
projekt01RockyBurt, no just for avoid legacy problem in the future ;-)17:59
* whit agrees17:59
RockyBurtprojekt01: i guarantee you i can read my dis-organized code better than your organized code :)17:59
* RockyBurt is a trouble maker18:00
projekt01It's so much easier to fit for changing requirements if you don't have instances with a model implementation18:00
* whit nods18:00
projekt01RockyBurt, ;-)18:01
* RockyBurt burns his fingers with his hot wings18:01
whitI'm a fan of applying the model arbitrarily18:01
whitprojekt01: where in tiks trunk is the generic package, speaking of that?18:02
projekt01whit, yeah, D:\projektSVN\repos\tiks.generic18:02
whitgot it18:03
projekt01How could you access my D:\ drive;-)18:03
sashavhi projekt01, looked through the tiks.language stuff today to see if I can use it for multilingual content, just wonder why you made class I18N persistent?18:03
whitprojekt01: these Macosx boxes are really incredible ;)18:03
projekt01sashav, take allok at the
sashavI did and wanted to use it but without the persistent stuff18:04
projekt01whit, what do you mean?18:05
sashavor it doesn't matter ?18:05
projekt01sashav, ah, I understand, do you have a usecase for a non persistent I18n class?18:05
sashavprojekt01: I have my rdf content in a graph and when asking the graph to return some content I create none persistent objects18:06
projekt01sashav, I can move the implementation to a I18nBase class and only inherit from Persistent in I18n if you have a use case for that.18:07
sashavprojekt01: let me try that and I get back to you with an email for repo access :)18:08
projekt01sashav, that's no big deal. Just tell me if it's working, then I will split it into that.18:08
projekt01sashav, yeah np18:09
whitprojekt01: well, my mac reading your harddrive and all ;)18:09
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ignashow is the final release of Zope3.2 taged in the svn ?19:43
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