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roymI see that ISessionDataContainer lets you set the timeout attribute; is there an API method to detect if a session has timed out. Do I need to check to see if  data has  expired to detect session timeout?00:06
mcdoncroym: that's a reasonable way to do it00:06
roymIs there a "pattern" for this? Do I include a check in every page or is there a better way?00:08
mcdoncas little as possible, i suspect.00:10
mcdoncit depends on your app, i think.00:10
whithey mcdonc :)00:10
mcdonchi whit!00:11
roymI was hoping it might be possible to use events and notify the app when a timeout happens, but I guess that means writing a custom ISessionDataContainer. correct?00:11
mcdonclooks like you need to subclass or adapt and do something special during "sweep", yeah.00:15
roymmcdonc: thanks.00:15
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projekt01whit, ayt?02:35
whithey projekt0102:35
projekt01hi, did you found the method?02:36
projekt01are you looking for setDefaultSkin02:36
whitok, that makes sense02:36
whitand can I set that to a layer or do I need to create a skin that includes the layer02:37
projekt01I think there is a method called applySkin02:37
whitthis helps02:37
projekt01whit, take a look at:, this is the right method.02:39
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whitexcellent! thanks projekt0102:40
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einshi all09:53
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dokozope-3.2 includes a twisted snapshot in it's sources, not the released 2.1 version. what does zope actually need, that is changed in svn, but not in the 2.1 release?17:41
benjidon't know doko, I don't know if it "needs" anything; not sure why the people working on the Twisted server chose not to use a release17:42
SteveAi don't think the twisted dependency is a strong one17:43
SteveAyou need it only if you enable certain features17:43
SteveAbenji: do i have that right?17:43
benjifeatures that are enabled by default :)17:43
SteveAi thought the twisted server was disabled by default17:43
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benjinope, it's the default server (for new instances; old instances will continue to use zserver)17:44
SteveAthat's interesting.17:44
SteveAit causes problems for distributions such as linux distributions when a zope3 release depends on something not released17:45
SteveAbecause it increases the maintenance overhead that the distribution is taking on by including zope317:45
benjiyeah, it's not generally a good idea; that's why I wonder why "they" did it17:45
SteveAnot trying to point fingers, just state things for the record :-)17:46
benjiplus other things, like you would hope releases have a higher standard of quality than any old SVN snapshot17:46
SteveAyeah, that helps too17:46
dokobenji: trying to find out the minimal changeset for twisted required to run 3.217:47
benjino idea doko, Subversion spelunking might be fruitful, as well as asking srichter or whoever did the implementation17:48
* SteveA is surprised not to see srichter on the channel17:48
SteveAstephan is *always* awake!17:48
SteveAhopefully he's spending time on real life :-)17:49
benjiIf I hadn't seen him in person I'd claim he were a bot17:49
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