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* srichter is back in USA --> work on technical tasks :-)00:15
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* kamalgill is glad to hear srichter made it back home safely :)01:01
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srichterthanks :-)01:03
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mgedminif I try to go to '', I am redirected to the CBS Television Stations website.  why?17:33
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mgedmin  HTTP/1.0 302 Moved Temporarily17:34
mgedmin  Server: Zope/(unreleased version, python 2.3.4, linux2) ZServer/1.1b117:34
mgedmin  Location: http://www.cbstvdmg.com17:34
J1mBecause thats the way the cluster is set up.17:35
mgedminlooks like a broken setup to me17:35
J1mAnytime you refer to a machine that doesn't exist, you get redirected there.17:35
J1mYes and no.17:35
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J1mIt makes a big customer happy, so it's working well from a certain point of view. :)17:35
mgedminthat makes a certain kind of $en$e17:36
J1mWhat we realy need to do is fine a machine for that to point to.17:36
J1mMaybe for now.17:36
mgedminanyway, I just had the idea of putting a static version of ++apidoc++ on zope3.org17:36
J1mI'll request that.17:36
mgedminand decided to look and see if anyone had the same idea before me17:36
mgedminand maybe implemented that already ;)17:36
mgedmina web-browseable (and googleable) Zope 3 reference would be Very Useful17:37
J1mI haven't had time to pay attention to any of the current marketing discussions, so I'm a bit afraid of being too proactive. :)17:37
J1mI'm realy looking forward to getting the ZF going so that we (ZC) are less of a bottleneck.17:38
J1mRob is spending a lot of time to make that happen.17:38
J1m(More than he can really afford from a business perspective.)17:39
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mcdoncI can put one up on if it helps.17:50
SteveAi saw this at a shop in an airport shopping mall.
SteveAit looks to me like a content management system17:53
SteveAin hardware17:53
SteveAyou can store images, edit them, and send them to be output17:53
mcdoncheh... also goes to cbs.17:56
mcdonci have a dumb offtopic unicode question in case anyone might know the answer here.17:57
mcdoncelementtree's xml serialization code writes "tag literals" ( "<" and ">") and other metacharacters without any encoding17:58
mcdoncbut it goes ahead and encodes the cdata or attr values.17:58
mcdoncis there any reason to not encode the entire result string once at the end instead of incrementally encoding the cdata and attr values?17:59
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mcdonc(e.g. it currently does something like write('<' + cdata.encode(encoding) + '>') whereas i'd like to do write('<'+cdata+'>'.encode(encoding)))18:00
mcdoncrationale: it does this thousands of times for sizeable documents.18:01
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roymFrom the blurb about psycopgda:18:50
roym  "it supports the full Python DBAPI-2.0 and being thread safe at level 2..."18:50
roym   ... it was designed for heavily multi-threaded applications"18:50
roymHowever, introspecting the adapater in my z3 instance, I see18:50
roym  threadsafety (type: int)18:50
roym  Value: 018:50
roymDoes anyone know how to configure the adapter to be used in a18:50
roymthreadsafe manner.  I don't see any settings in the "edit" tab for18:50
roymthis. Or can I simply ignore the setting and assume threadsafety is18:50
roym*really* on?18:50
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