IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2006-02-12

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agroszerhello J1m18:43
agroszerI decided to go for write SVN access18:43
agroszerI signed&scanned the agreement18:43
agroszerI have to send it to you?18:44
J1mThat's the easiest thing to do.18:44
agroszerok, will arrive in a few secs18:44
agroszerdone, thanks18:48
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J1mOK, you're set. You should get email with instructions for uploading your key.18:50
agroszerok, thanks18:51
agroszerJ1m, you need also the paper version by snail-mail?18:54
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mgedminsrichter, my problems with --coverage were caused by a __getattr__ method that called itself recursively via hasattr19:13
mgedminapparently Python automatically disables the sys.settrace() hook if it catches a RuntimeError19:13
mgedminso the hunt for uses of doctest instead of zope.testing.doctest might have been a red herring19:13
mgedminon the other hand, zope.testing.doctest contains a workaround to prevent sys.settrace(None) from breaking unit test coverage; while the doctest in the stdlib doesn't19:14
mgedminso maybe the modules that do use doctest directly ( also break coverage reporting19:14
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bavarianI've got some problems with changing the widget used in a form to "MultiCheckBoxWidget".20:03
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bavarianIn Zope 3.1, there was a bug in that the vocabulary was not passed to the custom widget, but now this should work. But it seems that for some reason 3.2 adapts my field wrongly.20:04
bavarianInstead of the vocabulary, the value_type is passed.20:05
bavarianThis is happening for a List field with Choice as the value_type.20:05
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bavarianAny clue it I hit a bug or just do something one shouldn't do?20:06
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roymCan an attribute of a class be declared as both a FieldProperty and a20:18
roymproperty or does one override the other. AFAIK, FieldProperty is a20:18
roymconstraint specifier whereas property is an access specifier (is it20:18
roymreasonable to assume that they can coexist)?20:18
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RockyBurtwill wfmc be part of zope3 core with zope 3.3 ?23:44
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srichterRockyBurt: there has not been a proposal for that yet; I guess asking on the mailing list would be useful23:46
* RockyBurt still has to play with wfmc23:46
RockyBurtsrichter: just odd that its in the Zope3/trunk/src/zope/wfmc dir if its not already been decided to be included23:47
srichterno, that is a common policy in Zope 323:50
srichterwe clearly state that being in the Zope3 directory does not mean it is distributed23:51
srichterwhich is the reason we needed zpkgtools23:51
RockyBurtah, i see23:58
* RockyBurt is only just now learning all of the processes, etc23:58

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