IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2006-02-13

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xenrusrichter: Hi00:45
xenrusrichter: Jim is near00:45
xenrusrichter: what about Zope3 Book?00:46
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einshi all08:27
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einshi romanofski10:09
romanofskihey agroszer, eins :)10:10
agroszersomebody with windows and svn+ssh+tortoisesvn experience here?10:11 does not accept my key...10:12
romanofskibut can't help you with tortoisesvn10:14
agroszermay be that I made a mistake...10:14
agroszerbut I don't know how to figure out what's the problem10:16
romanofskiisn't there something like a log?10:16
romanofskihave you copied your ssh key to the remote machine btw?10:16
agroszertried with DSA, the with RSA public key10:16
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agroszeryippie, got it... it is working with RSA-SSH1 keys as described10:34
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algaon 3.2 branch, I run python -f and get15:08
algaNotImplementedError: Already configured with a different config file15:08
algawhat gives?15:08
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algaOK, it was one of packages on my pythonpath...15:10
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* mgedmin knows the answer to alga's question15:33
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edgordonis there a field in zope.schema that can be used as a hidden field to store request variables?18:34
srichterewh, you should not use schema fields for this, at least not as part of your model18:36
srichteryou can declare a TestLine field and after the widget is created, set hidden to True18:36
edgordonbut are you saying that there is a better way to go about it?18:37
srichterwell, if you create a totally new schema for the hidden fields it would be ok18:38
srichternote that there is also a macro-slot in the editform template that allows you to add such hidden fields18:38
edgordonwhat is a TestLine field? I am not seeing any references to it18:39
srichterTextLine, I meant18:40
edgordonoh right. you had me grepping like crazy18:40
edgordonthanks for your advice.18:41
niemeyerI'm wondering why we have defineChecker() defined twice with exactly the same implementation under
niemeyerIs it some kind of high-availability system? :-)18:42
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srichterniemeyer: feel free to delete the first one18:44
niemeyerWill do18:44
niemeyersrichter: Nice video, btw :)18:45
niemeyersrichter: Can I delete the second instead?18:45
* niemeyer ducks18:45
doko_srichter: SteveA mentioned to ask you: zope-3.2 does include an unreleased twisted version; what exactly does zope-3.2 need from the svn version, what is not in the twisted-2.1 release?18:50
niemeyerdoko_: web2, I assume18:51
srichterniemeyer: I don't care, but we know for sure it works with the second version already :-)18:51
srichterniemeyer: btw, what video?18:51
srichterdoko_: we are using the release branch of twisted18:52
srichterdoko_: nothing, I thought web2 was released with twisted 2.1, no?18:52
niemeyersrichter: I don't think so18:53
srichterah, I see18:53
srichterwell, then you need web218:53
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doko_srichter: ok, so I can use twisted-2.1, twisted-conch-0.5 and twisted-web2-0.1.0?19:28
doko_instead of the included twisted sources?19:28
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Federico2<Federico2> Zope2.8 has a lot of products21:56
Federico2<Federico2> how many products are actually available for Zope3 ?21:56
xenruFederico2: many22:00
xenruFederico2: you need some special product or what?22:01
Federico2xenru, I would like to read a list22:03
Federico2for gettin' an idea about how many things I could do with zope 322:04
xenruthere is no special list, but you can check several repos22:04
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smhowdy philiKON, all23:23
smjust reading discussion of your proposals.. how about using rest directly in the wiki, instead of pasting the html23:23
smphiliKON: my bad, it's not supported on :/23:30
Federico2bye bye23:35
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whitis there a simple way to query an adapter registery to see all registered adapters?23:48
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srichterwhit, if you want an end-user perspective, then use ++Apidoc++23:50
srichterwhit, if you want an end-user perspective, then use ++apidoc++23:50
srichterif you need it as a developer tool, there are API functions in to help you with that23:51
* whit trundles off to apidoc23:51
whitthanks srichter!23:51
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