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BoraxHi :-)14:57
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sashavin there is an example how to create a keyword index but there isn't any ready one as the TextIndex which uses zope.index.text , any special reason that you need to implement your own KeywordIndex?15:22
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philiKONsashav, what do you mean, there's zope.index.keyword.index15:24
philiKONactually, zope.index.keyword.KeywordIndex15:24
sashavyes but can uses zope.indext.text.TextIndex to make it ICatalogIndex... so I figured you need to a KeywordIndex that implements ICatalogIndex too15:25
philiKONICatalogIndex seems overrated :)15:29
philiKONwell, perhaps not15:29
philiKONstill it'd be trivial to make a catalog-compatible keyword index15:29
sashavyes it's trivial.. just copy the README example.. I just wondered if there was a reason for not having one there?15:30
philiKONwell, the README example is even more complicated than necessary15:30
philiKONsimply use this:15:31
philiKON    >>> class KeywordIndex(,15:31
philiKON    ...                    BaseKeywordIndex,15:31
philiKON    ...          ,15:31
philiKON    ...                    ):15:31
philiKON    ...    zope.interface.implements(
philiKONexcept BaseKeywordIndex would be zope.index.keyword.KeywordIndex15:31
philiKONfeel free :)15:31
niemeyerMy commit messages are being sent to the checkins list with the wrong email. Is anyone here able to fix it?15:49
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philiKONniemeyer, changing the info in your account should do it15:49
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* philiKON wonders what niemeyer is committing :)15:49
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niemeyerphiliKON: Thanks, will have a look at it. My email changed recently.15:49
philiKONbenji, ah, yes. and you're next :)15:50
philiKONhey benji15:50
niemeyerphiliKON: I'm changing ZCML to parse files twice as fast..15:50
philiKONniemeyer, weee15:50
benjiooh, I like it!15:50
philiKONhow do you do that?15:50
philiKONi knew it15:51
* benji cries fowl!15:52
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philiKONbenji, you comin to pycon?16:03
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benjiunfortunately not16:06
benjiif it were in DC I would have16:06
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AJChmmm, did you guys fix doctest for code coverage analysis in SVN?17:26
mgedminAJC, I would gladly take a look at the problem, if I had a test case17:27
SteveAmgedmin: when you did schooltool work recently, did you notive any changes in how resources are looked up in zope3.2 ?17:28
AJCwell, the doctest file in SVN is not the same as the standard python distribution, and the standard one does not work... plus the guy who wrote points to your SVN server and says you seemed to have fixed it.17:28
AJCi had a version from early january lying around, and that seemed to report too little coverage for a file i had extensively tested, but the HEAD revision now gives me 100% for everything...17:29
mgedminSteveA, no17:30
mgedminAJC, what is "my SVN server"?
mgedminI've seen various unit test coverage breakages with schooltool17:31
AJCno, no :-)  the zope3 svn17:31
mgedminfor various reasons17:31
mgedminah, ok17:31
mgedminin that case "you" did not refer to me personally17:32
mgedminI have seen a comment mentioning code coverage in zope.testing.doctest17:32
mgedminI have fixed some code coverage problems in a closed-source Zope3-based project17:32
mgedminby replacing import doctest with import zope.testing.doctest, and fixing an infinite recursive loop in one __getattr__ method17:32
mgedminI do not know if replacing 'import doctest' was really necessary17:33
mgedminbecause it did not fix the problem17:33
mgedminbut the __getattr__ loop did fix the problem17:33
AJCwell, i just plopped the current zope.testing.doctest into my python Lib directory...17:33
mgedminand I was too lazy to revert import changes and see if the problem reoccurred17:33
AJCi have no looping problems, just erroneous reports...17:33
mgedminthe looping was not a problem17:33
mgedminbut it had a side effect that caused erroneous reports17:34
AJClooking at the coverage files, it seems the format has changed.  now they print line numbers for each line of code instead of >>>> to mark unused lines... so i presume the current parser fails17:34
mgedminthe numbers indicate how many times each line was executed17:34
mgedmininstead of 0 it shows ">>>"17:34
AJChmmm, there are no >>>> in my files anymore...17:35
mgedminyou might want to grab
AJCwhat does it do?17:35
mgedminand generate nice HTML repors like on
mgedmin(you will need to hack the source and remove the 'ignore everything outside schooltool' filter17:35
AJCwell, once i have valid reports then HTML would make sense, but everything is 100% at the moment!17:36
mgedminis that bad?17:36
AJCheh, yes because i know it's wrong17:36
mgedminif you have a function you suspect is never called during the run of unit tests17:36
mgedminand the coverage report shows it is being called17:37
AJCi just wrote one on purpose.17:37
AJCthe point is, i don't see any >>> marks in front of it17:37
mgedminwhat happens if you insert 'raise NotImplementedError' there, and rerun the tests?17:37
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AJC(as i did before using Zope's doctest)17:37
AJCtests still run, no exceptions17:38
mgedminso you want to say Zope's doctest makes the reports accurate17:39
mgedminand the stdlib's doctest doesn't?17:39
AJCwell, Zope's doctest fixed the problems with code coverage not even working, but the latest head revision reports 100% everywhere17:39
mgedminare you running coverage reports on Zope 3 sources, or your own code?17:40
AJCmy own code17:40
mgedminis it secret code?17:41
AJCnot really, but it's company code, closed source...17:42
AJChow do i run the zope coverage?17:42
AJCi guess the same problems are there17:42
mgedminlast time I tried --coverage on a package (I forgot which one I tried), it produced accurate results17:54
mgedminAJC, those lines that are shown as covered17:54
mgedminis there a number next to them, or nothing at all?17:54
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AJChmm, well it works for zope :-)   yes, there are some numbers...17:56
mgedminI am mystified17:58
AJCi'm wondering what i'm doing differently!17:58
mgedmindid you try the 'raise NotImplementedError' trick?17:58
mgedmindid it raise an exception?17:59
AJCbasically, i have my own which creates a bunch of doctest suites, and adds other test suites depending on parameterss17:59
AJCno exception, code coverage 100% ;)17:59
mgedmindid you remove *.cover before trying?17:59
AJCshould i just use Zope's test runner?18:01
AJCdo you have a custom file?18:01
mgedminI tend to use schooltool's test.py18:01
mgedminbut it doesn't support the new zope 3 test runner features such as layers18:02
mgedminthe intention is to merge whatever enhancements schooltool's had into Zope 318:02 --coverage did not have any enhancements, but the code itself is different18:02
mgedminif anybody finds any differences between z3 --coverage and ST --coverage, I'd like to hear about that18:03
benjiAJC, IIRC the zope.testing testrunner does quite a bit of work to do coverage properly18:03
AJCok, so i should just reuse that :-)18:03
benjior do what mgedmin suggests and improve zope's with your enhancements and then use that18:04
AJCwell, i guess they already support what i need, it's pretty basic18:04
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SteveAbenji: do you know if Jim is around today?18:10
benjiHe's about 5 feet from me... does that help?18:11
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SteveAhi jim18:11
SteveAdo you have a few minutes to discuss an issue with changes in how views and interfaces work together in zope 3.2?18:12
J1mnot really, but ok18:12
SteveAok, thanks18:12
SteveAseems that views (pages, in particular) are now registered to provide Interface18:13
J1mI don't think that was new in 3.2.18:13
J1mI don't think it was new in 3.1.18:13
SteveAtraversal presentation components provide IPublishTraverse / IBrowserPublisher18:13
SteveAwhen a view is looked up, such as the "resource locator view", the class view from is used18:14
J1mBTW, I want to define a more specific interface for pages to provide.18:14
SteveA        view = zope.component.queryMultiAdapter((self.context, self.request),18:14
SteveA                                                name=name)18:14
SteveAusing this code18:14
SteveAnow, if I have a root object, and it is supposed to have a page (view) that is a resource container registered with name=''18:14
SteveAand i also have a custom URL traverser registered for it, with name=''18:15
SteveAbecause the resource locator provides Interface, and the url traverser provides IPublishTraverse18:15
SteveAthe url traverser is looked up for the no-name view, rather than the resource locator18:15
J1mthat should not be the case.18:16
SteveAboth components are registered for the same (context, request-type)18:16
SteveAand the same name18:16
SteveAand differ only in the interface they provide18:16
J1mwell, the specificity of the required interfaces takes precedence.18:17
J1mIn that case, the one closest to the requested provided interface should win.18:17
SteveAthe view-looker-upper call to queryMultiAdapter doesn't specify a requested provided interface18:17
SteveAso i need to look up what that comes out as...18:17
J1mBut I think it defaults to Interface.18:17
SteveAdef queryMultiAdapter(objects, interface=Interface, name=u'', default=None,18:18
SteveA                      context=None):18:18
J1mAgain. I'm not happy that pages are registered as providing Interface.18:18
J1mI'd love to fix that for 3.3.18:18
SteveAdo you think this might be also a bug in interfaces?18:18
J1mIt's possible.18:19
SteveAi mean, is it behaving as designed that although Interface was requested, given the choice between a component that provides Interface and one that provides something more specific,18:19
SteveAthe one providing something more specific wins?18:19
SteveAi'm not at all sure what the right thing would be here18:19
SteveAmaybe tossing a coin? ;)18:19
J1mIf two adapters are registered for the same required types, and different provided types, and you do a lookup for the more general provided type, you should get the corresponding adapter.18:19
J1mNo, the one providing the less specific interface is supposed to win.18:20
SteveAokay, i'll put together a test case for this18:20
SteveAi think the wrong one is winning18:20
SteveAthanks for the chat, Jim18:20
J1mI look forward to high-bandwidth coimmunication at pycon. :)18:20
SteveAyeah, me too18:20
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whithowdy russf19:31
whithey yall, is the boston skin the best example of viewlets?19:32
mgedminhmm, now I'm unable to make ' -pv -u -s mypackage --coverage=coverdir' produce any output19:36
mgedminit doesn't even mkdir coverdir19:37
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mgedminis it constrained to ignore packages outside the 'zope' namespace?19:42
mgedminor does it not like my symlinks?19:42
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srichtermgedmin: it's probably the symlinks19:48
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srichterwhit: boston skin is a good example; SchoolTool has some usages too19:49
srichter( the boston skin is quiet formal about them though19:49
* whit nods19:49
russf_srichter: hey Stephan. Your book should arrive on my doorstep tomorrow!20:00
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srichterrussf_: great! :-)20:08
russf_srichter: another wheel on your maserati!20:09
srichterhe he20:11
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sashavis there a concept as meta_type/portal_type in zope3 or is all that identified by interface?20:59
RockyBurtsashav: identified by the interface which extends IContentType21:03
RockyBurtwell, in the case of portal_type anyhow21:03
sashavok, and how is a catalog query from zope2 like: catalog( { 'portal_type' : ¨CMFDocument' } ) done in zope3? a InterfaceIndex?21:05
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RockyBurtsashav: honestly i've never done catalog queries using zope 3.x -- i assume you're talking about deploying on zope 3.x and not zope 2.x21:07
RockyBurtsince you can't really use zope3 content types on zope 2.x21:08
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sashavyes catalog in zope321:08
sashavyou can't? even with five?21:08
sashaveh never mind zope2 :)21:09
RockyBurtzope2 content types still require all the cmf stuff including a valid portal_type, even if you use five/zope321:09
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