IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2006-02-15

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* eins greets romanofski 10:52
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* romanofski waves to eins10:55
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-MSolarYmx- New game started, : This is a webgame based on SOLAR REALMS ELITE, a famous BBS game back in 1992 (Earth2025/BRE fans are welcome)10:56
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sashavcan you adapt python standard types? can I tag {} to implement an interface?10:59
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sashavhmm how do I get which interfaces a external class implements when I have only done zope.interface.classImplements on the external one11:20
sashavehh never mind11:21
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sashavis it common that you use ztapi.* methods to configure your tests instead of loading a zcml ? how do I test if my zcml is correct?12:57
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sashavwhen to use ztapi.provideAdapter and zope.component.provideAdapter in my tests?14:03
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sashavzapi does from zope.component import * but when I try to do zapi.provideAdapter it doiesn't work, why?14:13
mgedminsashav, you can use either one14:16
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mgedminIIRC zapi takes care to only export certain names14:17
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philiKONniemeyer, still waiting for that zcml speed improvement you promised :)14:29
niemeyerphiliKON: ;-)14:29
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RockyBurtsrichter: started looking at schooltool a bit last night -- are you still a core developer on that project?15:42
* mgedmin is, but /me has to go off irc land soon15:44
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srichterRockyBurt: yes15:48
RockyBurtsrichter: i was looking around to see if there was a document somewhere that described what the intended feature set was going to be  but couldn't find one ... you happen to know where that might be?15:49
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srichterRockyBurt: it's on the Web site15:57
srichterlet's see whether I can find it15:57
srichterRockyBurt: also note that there is a #schooltool channel15:57
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andresHas anybody used the ldap pas with Active Directory?16:57
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whitwhy do menuItems have "extra" (in the directive handler, dict returned and view object), but extra is not in the directive schema?19:31
whitis that reserved for something frameworky?19:32
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srichterwhit: I think so20:01
srichterwhit: note that the menu stuff is pretty crufty20:01
whityeah...kinda feels like it20:01
* whit had a fun pdb odyssesy through it last night20:02
whita five quirk caused some unexpect behavior20:02
whitand now I know far more about menu's than I ever wanted to20:02
RockyBurtwhit: guess i'll be asking you the menu questions from now on ;)20:05
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russfvinsci: are you still around! You old hacker!22:43
benji /who vinsci22:43
* russf chuckle22:45
russfhe must have fallen asleep at kbd again...22:45
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