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projekt01whit, RockyBurt ayt?02:01
whithey projekt01!02:02
projekt01I posted the Zope3 Sprint which I told in Egg.02:02
projekt01Would be nice to meet you again there.02:03
russfprojekt01: hey Roger!02:04
russfI'm still hoping to come along.02:04
russfhave many commitments yet?02:05
projekt01russf, yeah, cool02:05
projekt01russf, You mean for the sprint?02:05
russfprojekt01: that was fun talking about XSLT processing chains. Would be great to work that out a bit deeper.02:06
projekt01I guess 5 people from switzerland and two from germany I know02:06
russfwhit coming?02:07
* russf cracks open a Weissbier as bait02:07
whitI'll see.... ;)02:07
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projekt01russf, Yeah, that would be really cool. I guess if we could implement a "prototype or more" that will be interesting for a wider range of developers.02:07
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* whit is suppose to do the plone symposium02:08
projekt01whit, can you ask the "new framework team" members if somebody can join the sprint?02:08
russfprojekt01: I have not had a chance to be at the start of any of these projects, and I think this is a good one. So I'll try to make it. Maybe we can do some brainstorming before the event?02:08
whitprojekt01: sure!02:09
projekt01I think it will be interesting for them since Stephan a proposal in the pipeline.02:09
projekt01...Stephan has a..02:09
russfprojekt01: have you seen Stephan's ZAP doc?02:10
projekt01russf, yes, I hope we can make it happen at the sprint.02:12
russfprojekt01: cool. I'm off to bed. It's OK for you swiss guys. You never have to do any work, and you can ski down for a schocki for breakfast at noon!02:13
russfg'night all!02:15
projekt01russf, See you, hope you can come to search the easter egg in switzerland with us at the sprint;-)02:15
russflet's see what we can do!02:16
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newpers_ooh.  i just got a great idea08:45
newpers_i'm creating a members system in c# at work.  i have never done any c# or before.  at home i am interested in learning zope3.  i think i'm going to have a race on which gets done faster and most efficiently.08:45
newpers_fastest, being learning curve08:45
newpers_no actual days it takes to do it08:46
* newpers_ wonders if others think he's an idiot08:46
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romanofskimoin btw09:50
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sashavI have made my own i keyword index, it works fine when only querying it but if I query an other index in the same query I get12:27
sashav      File "/Users/kgill/Desktop/z3src/Zope-3.2.0/build/lib.darwin-8.4.0-Power_Macintosh-2.4/zope/app/catalog/", line 100, in apply12:27
sashav    TypeError: invalid argument12:28
sashavthis is the values that cause the error: [(3, BTrees._IFBTree.IFBucket([(1, 0.15151515603065491), (8, 0.15151515603065491), (12, 0.15151515603065491)])), (4, IISet([1, 6, 8, 12]))]12:39
sashavIISet is from the my keyword index12:39
SteveAI totally misread IFBucket12:39
sashavand I just return what zope.index.keyword.KeywordIndex.apply() returns12:40
sashaveh .search() returns12:40
sashavby the way why isn't there a apply in KeywordIndex?12:41
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drzoltron_Hi, how would I retrieve binary objects from the filesystem and serve them in zope3 ?13:21
drzoltron_something like FileSystemStorage (plone) does ?13:21
taharaYou may like to use browser:resourceDirectory directive:-)13:27
drzoltron_tahara: ok, thx13:29
drzoltron_well, thought of a more dynamic way, need to utilize PIL asa well, is there a possibility to return binary objects to the browser ?13:31
taharamake image dynamically, then you make a File object and return it.13:36
sashavSteveA: re IFBucket , is your misreading related to my error?13:39
SteveAsashav: no13:39
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drzoltron_tahara: ok, I'll try ? how would i register that in the zcmls ?14:17
sashavdrzoltron_: made any own indexes?14:17
drzoltron_sashav: nope :)14:18
drzoltron_tahara: i need to pass in some parameters as well14:18
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taharadrzoltron: like below,14:24
tahara    directory="/home/tahara/images"14:25
tahara    name="images"14:25
tahara    />14:25
drzoltron_yeah, thats working fine ...14:26
drzoltron_tahara: but how would I get an image from there, resize it and get it into my view ?14:26
drzoltron_or template14:26
taharaimage url is something like "http://localhost:8080/@@images/myphoto.png"14:28
drzoltron_tahara: ++resources++images, but that doesn't help14:28
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drzoltron_what I'd like to have is z3 to return an image on this request http://foo/method1?id=114:29
drzoltron_and another one on /method1?id=214:29
drzoltron_so i guess I would need to create a class based on some class in publisher and register it in the browser zcml14:30
taharaif you need a dynamic application, yes.14:31
drzoltron_tahara: exactly, so which class to subclass and how to register are the core questions ;)14:31
drzoltron_tried with a BrowserView, which returns the binary data and a tal:structure"replace .. but that does not work14:33
taharawhy did you put binary data in template?14:36
drzoltron_because I am an amateur ?14:36
drzoltron_can I register a class in the zcml without a template ?14:38
taharayes ;-)14:38
tahara__call__ function is called.14:39
drzoltron_tahara: ah cool14:39
drzoltron_and I use the <browser page ?14:40
drzoltron_tahara: cool, thanx14:41
taharaI think class is good example for you.14:42
taharamake a class based on Image and make its own __init__.14:43
taharain __init__ method, you can set your binary data to attribute.14:44
taharaI think this is a very easy way to create a dynamic image ;-)14:45
taharamake it in your publishTraverse in view class and return it.14:47
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projekt01dobee, ayt?18:16
dobeeprojekt01: jep18:17
projekt01Is the webdev package working?18:17
dobeeprojekt01: it's at the same state as we left it18:17
projekt01I have a problem with the "Contenttype Vocabulary"18:18
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projekt01Do you know if we need a interface or a dotted name string there? There is a mix of both right now used.18:18
projekt01With there I mean the Page class attribute "for_"18:19
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dobeedobee: help me - where is the vocabulary defined again18:21
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dobeeprojekt01: for_ has to be an interface18:22
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projekt01Ok, I see, then I will change the vocabulary and remove the namesOnly flag18:24
projekt01dobee, thanks18:24
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* dobee wonders how this worked before18:25
projekt01Yup, me too ;-)18:25
projekt01Perhaps we didn't test adding a page TTW18:26
dobeeprojekt01: that's what i guess too,18:26
projekt01We only worked on the resource implementation.18:26
dobeeprojekt01: hm, but we added pages in the interview video18:27
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dobeeprojekt01:  but i don't remeber if it was before or after the change18:27
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