IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2006-02-18

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projekt01dobee, ayt?00:28
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joelburtonhello, all. anyone familiar with the jshell/philikon "Todo" tutorial ( ?18:27
joelburtonok, then, let me rephrase my question ;) i'm following along the tutorial, and can't follow the very end part w/o errors. part of the tutorial creates a new skin layer and skin (both called "todo", which is also the name of the top-level package)18:30
joelburtonin a browser/configure.zcml, there are page declarations that try to specify that new skin layer, as layer="todo"18:30
joelburtonbut on startup, it appears that z3 is interpreting this as the *module* todo, so it's failing with a """zope.configuration.config.ConfigurationExecutionError: exceptions.TypeError: (<module 'todo' from '/var/zope/z320/lib/python/todo/__init__.pyc'>, <InterfaceClass zope.interface.interfaces.IInterface>)""" error18:31
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joelburtonare skin layers just arbitrary names? or are they tied to the package name?18:32
srichterthe names are arbitrary18:34
joelburton(ah, wait, i seem to have figured out a fix: i need to include my, where the layer is defined *before* the .browser, where it's used)18:39
srichteryes, of course! :-)18:39
joelburtonbut it's a strange error message; it seems that, failing to find the layer todo (since it wasn't yet declared), it tries to adapt the module itself (hence the error)18:39
srichterwell, not really18:39
srichterthe layer directive asserts an IInterface object called ILayer18:40
srichterbut I agree the message could be better18:40
srichterthere is also some magic going on to support old-type layers that were only names18:40
srichterdid you write a layer interface?18:41
srichterif not, you are using the old way; I am surprised there is no BBB message18:41
joelburtoni just have   <layer name="todo"/><skin name="todo" layers="todo rotterdam default"/> in a .zcml file; no specific interface written by me, no.18:42
srichterahh, darn there should really be a deprecation warning18:43
joelburtonand no BBB message given (though i may not be showing enough debugging info to see; i haven't touched the logging stuff from the stock install)18:43
srichteryeah, I think I wrote that code before we took deprecation warning seriously18:43
joelburtonyou have a quick pointer to any docs/example on how layers should be done now?18:44
joelburtonthe existing books/tutorials point to this way18:44
srichterI think the boston skin and also the zwiki skin do it the right way18:44
srichterzope.webdev too; see
joelburtonok, will dig those up; thanks for the help & the pointers!18:46
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benjisrichter, you avilable?19:57
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srichterbenji: yep20:10
benjiI had a couple comments/questions about the proposal, do you want to discuss here, or over email?20:11
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