IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2006-02-20

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slinkPanybody using zapi.getMultiAdapter successfully on Five?07:07
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projekt01mkerrin, ayt?15:36
mkerrinprojekt01: hi15:36
projekt01Did you see my FTP issue?15:37
mkerrinI did - I haven't had time yet to look at it yet15:38
projekt01np, I have to leave now, will b e back later15:39
projekt01mkerrin, are you online later?15:39
mkerrinshould be until I go home - another ~6 hours :-)15:40
projekt01Ok, perhaps I'm back till then15:41
projekt01mkerrin, thanks see you15:41
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einscan anybodi help me with the following traceback:16:26
srichterthat is not an easy-to-explain error; you have to do some debugging yourself16:28
einsstill trying...16:29
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philiKONslinkP, hi16:46
slinkPhi phillip16:46
philiKONslinkP, saw your message from, like, 9 hours ago (?!?)16:47
philiKONslinkP, what was the problem?16:47
slinkPare you on the z3-five mailing list?16:49
slinkPi described it there16:49
* slinkP is Paul Winkler16:49
philiKONi know16:49
slinkPbasically, zapi.createObject() doesn't seem to find some zope 3 adapters16:50
slinkPwhen run in five, that is16:50
slinkPbut i haven't looked into it any further yet16:51
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sawdogsup Paul17:02
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slinkPsawdog: hey andrew... you at home?17:03
philiKONslinkP, replied to both messages17:04
slinkPthanks phil17:06
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projekt01mkerrin, thanks for looking at the FTP issue.18:06
projekt01mkerrin, and yes this happens on windows18:06
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srichterd2m: are you a zope list moderator?23:32
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