IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2006-02-21

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slinkPmcdonc:  hey chris, what you doin' up07:50
mcdoncslinkP: allo!07:58
mcdoncjust wasting time07:59
* slinkP is trying to finish writing a pycon presentation07:59
slinkPbut then i find things to distract me, like this07:59
mcdonci was supposed to be in dallas today but i have an unfinished project07:59
slinkPtoday? what for?08:00
mcdonci was supposed to go down there with christian t08:01
mcdonc(he's on holiday)08:01
mcdoncfuzzprobe... cool.08:01
mcdoncnot sure exactly when i'm gonna get down there08:02
slinkPi'm arriving friday morning08:04
slinkPwell, more like friday noon08:04
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mcdonchope i'll be there by then...08:05
slinkPi hope you're coming to my talks so you can heckle08:06
philiKONmcdonc, i hope you'll be there by friday night, coz that's when i land there... gotta do some beer drinking :)08:07
* slinkP wonders if he is the only one bringing his significant other08:08
mcdoncphiliKON: heh, of course... ;-)08:09
* slinkP also wonders if anybody will bring instruments08:09
slinkPi'll bring my martin backpacker guitar08:09
philiKONmy tenor sax is in germany..08:09
slinkPwould love to bring a bass, but kinda useless without an amp08:09
philiKONbring a stand-up one :)08:10
mcdonci'd bring my acoustic if i had a hard case08:10
slinkPthe backpacker fits in overhead :)08:10
slinkPsounds pretty nasal, though08:10
slinkPand it's weird to play... tiny, balances funny08:10
mcdoncbetter than air guitar08:11
philiKONlol, yeah08:11
whitany of you coming to NOLA?08:13
mcdoncwhit: i'm scheduled to go...08:14
whitthat sounds tenative...08:14
mcdoncheh... nah, i'll be there... i have beads to hand out.08:15
whithope you make it....alan is threatening to get turntables ;)08:15
whitnight yall08:16
mcdoncsomeone must stop alan ;-)08:16
mcdoncnight whit08:16
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newperslol, i just went to that site and saw this text:  "(related: " I wrote a blog in Django, without actually writing any real Python code")"08:23
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slinkPmcdonc: why is that a blargh?08:40
mcdoncslinkP: because it's a lot faster than the fastest z2/z3 site i've seen and i think it's still largely dynamic08:46
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slinkPmcdonc: well, we pay for all that abstraction :-\09:04
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romanofskihey eins :)10:26
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einswhat does this mean: TypeError: can't compare offset-naive and offset-aware datetimes?11:38
philiKONeins, what do you think it means11:39
einsok, wrong question11:39
einswhat should I do to not get this error?11:39
philiKONuse either timezone-naive or -aware datetime objects everywhere, but don't nix them11:40
einsok thanks:) that was simple11:48
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