IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2006-02-22

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WebMavenCan anyone explain to me the distinction between HTTPRequest and BrowserRequest?04:47
srichterWebMaven: BrowserRequest is a subclass of HTTP request04:48
srichteryou also have XMLRPCRequests and WebDAVRequests04:49
WebMavenYes. And I'm making a new one, but I'm trying to figure out which to subclass from.04:49
srichterwhat new one?04:50
srichterBrowserRequest adds form handling to the HTTPRequest04:52
srichterit is also used to specialize the view lookups04:53
WebMaven Sounds like I need to subclass HTTPRequest, then.04:53
srichteryes, most likely04:54
WebMavenAs I explicitly do not want form handling.04:54
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WebMavenslinkP: did you work for Siemens until recently?05:25
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slinkPWebMaven: yep05:26
slinkPwho're you?05:27
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einshi romanofski :)09:29
romanofskihey eins :)09:30
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guruzis it possible to have "symlinks" in the zope3 object database?17:26
whitgurus: check out the zc extrinsicreference lib17:27
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regebroHiya all! Quick question. Can you in Zope 3 call provideUtility(component) with both an empty name and empty interfaces?17:29
regebro(I'm guessing yes, just want to check)17:30
whitzc.shortcut maybe similar too17:37
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efgezc.shortcut is closer to symlinks18:13
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slinkPis there a quick way that, given an instance, i can find out all interfaces it provides?22:33
slinkPin the debugger, i mean... not in the zmi :)22:33
benjithere is slinkP, I think it's in zope.interface, but don't recall off-hand22:37
srichter(or something liek that at the end)22:37
slinkPaha yes22:39
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