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skeeterHey everyone. I've got a question regarding INameChooser. I have some content that I want to use a certain field as the name. I'm using IContainerNamesContainer marker adapter. My NamesChooser works fine when new content is created. The problem is that I want the name to get updated when the field is updated. It apears that NameChooser only happens at creation... I've tried hooking into the constraint for the field, but that doesn't seem01:25
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srichterskeeter: Basically you have to do a rename, whenever the field changes01:31
srichterthe easiest would be to send out an event when the field is changed and then have a subscriber that does the renaming spiel01:32
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skeeterI thought about that, but then if there is already something with that name, there would be a conflict and the field value would be out of sync or invalid.01:32
srichterwell, your subscriber can raise an error01:33
srichteralso note that you can easily have a constraint/invariant, since the name of the object is sotred in __name__01:34
srichterso there are severla possibilities to handle this problem01:34
skeeterhmm. I'll need to think about __name__. I just can't change __name__ without getting the container to know about the change and aprove it.01:35
srichterright, you still need the subscriber01:35
srichterI would have the subscriber handle it all01:35
skeeterIf I could get the constraint to call the container's checkName, that would work.01:35
skeeterbut constraints don't know about objects and parents. they only take a value to check... I think....01:36
skeeterI always thought subscribers dealt with things after they happened. I want to not let the field get changed if the new value is already in use as a name.01:37
skeeterIt's very much like a constraint, but it needs to be container aware.01:38
skeeterMaybe I'm missing something, but this seems more complicated than it should be.01:38
srichterthe event should be an object event01:39
srichterand you get the container using zapi.getParent(event.object)01:39
srichterthen you have all the objects you need01:39
srichterevents can happen at any time you want them to happen01:40
skeeterhmm... ok, I'll think about it more. Thanks for the info.01:41
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einshi all08:05
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einshi romanofski10:22
romanofskihey eins :)10:24
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qkwhen i have instaled zope.interfaces, zope.testbrowser isn't working :(11:23
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qkhmm.. workaround for it is force testbrowser to use dummymodules.interfaces insted zope.interfaces.12:01
qkMaybe it is kind of incompability and testbroeser works only with some zope.interfaces versions?12:02
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__mac__hi, is there a reason formlib uses "zope.formlib" as translation domain instead of "zope"?18:14
philiKONgood question...18:15
__mac__translation of messages only works when it is set to zope18:15
__mac__maybe it is because formlib's messages are translated in zope.po18:16
__mac__... I don't know ... just a guess18:16
benji__mac__, I don't know if there is a larger reason, but zope.formlib evolved from zc.form (never publicly released) and I'm sure it had its own translation domain, so it might just be a transliteration of that18:17
philiKONi actually think that most zope.* libraries shoudl have their own translation domain18:18
philiKONbecause some of them can be used independently18:19
philiKONnot entirely sure aobut zope.formlib18:19
benjiyep, I think so too18:19
philiKONeither way, the current extractor tool can't figure out the domain of python based message ids18:19
philiKONthat's why all of them end up in zope.pot18:19
__mac__should I file a bug into the collector?18:24
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philiKON__mac__, good idea18:29
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__mac__philiKON, done18:36
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tiredbonesCan anyone tell me how to get the code for the zope3 book that's online.20:44
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d2mtiredbones: i think its over gere
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tiredbonesd2m, thanks  -  I found that one but you have to download them separately. Do you know of a zip file?20:54
d2mtiredbones: you could use a SVN client20:54
tiredbonesd2m, ok20:55
d2mtiredbones: SVN checkout instructions are here
tiredbonesd2m, I got a 301, it moved. Do you have any idea where it moved to?21:03
d2mtiredbones: a 301 on which URL ?21:03
d2mtiredbones: in your SVN browser its likely svn://
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tiredbonesd2m, ok - i got it, thanks21:07
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|den_RDC|i am planning to use zope.interfaces (only the interfaces )in one of my apps - i read a bit about it, and it seems pretty clear how it works - the only thing i don't get is how one should find classes the implement a certain object (is there a mechanism provided to do that ?)21:28
|den_RDC|i'll give an example21:28
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|den_RDC|i've got a program that needs to control a dns server, but not all installations will use the same dnsserver (backend) ... so i'll write an interface that defines what the program can do with dns records & such, and i'll write one class per backend that implemnts the interface21:29
efge|den_RDC|: you need some kind of registry. the interfaces by themselves don't do that21:30
|den_RDC|is there a "builtin" way in zope.interfaces that let's me query which classes implement a certain interface , or do i have to keep track of that myzelf?21:30
efgehowever zope.component's adapters are designed to do that21:30
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efgehm strike that, adapters are also in zope.interface21:31
|den_RDC|i'll have a look at components then, thx21:32
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