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skeeteranyone know how to redirect after successful editform. like how nextURL works on addform?05:20
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stub DeprecationWarning: /home/stub/lp/zope32/lib/canonical/launchpad/templates/ (line 17): Automatic translation of message id's is12:13
stubdeprecated and will be removed in 3.3. Use explicit i18n:translate="" instead.12:13
stubAny hints on tracking down the cause of that, given the template mentioned contains no i18n markup whatsoever?12:13
BjornTstub: hmm, i'm not sure it's possible to turn off i18n completely. i'd say the cause of the warning is that widget/label is a message id, not a normal unicode string12:18
BjornTpreviously message ids in templates got translated automatically, not you have to epxlictly say that you want to translate it12:19
stubSo we need to strip all _("foo") from our source?12:22
BjornTif we want to get rid of those warnings, then yes. another option would be to turn off the warning, since it's not important to us, we don't want them to be translated anyway.12:25
BjornTwe would have to remember to turn the warning on, if we want to translate them at a later stage12:25
BjornTstub: it might be possible to turn off i18n in templates, though12:27
stubI don't think it will be good enough, as Message instances from Zope might leak through to our templates. It seems that deprecation is making i18n of applications mandatory now.12:28
stubeg. the standard form exceptions12:28
stubI want to avoid just disabling the warning, as it will be an excaption in the next release and it is just putting things off. I really don't understand what we were relying on that is now being deprecated (noisily, breaking our doctests)12:30
BjornTwell, launchpad is not relying on this behaviour, since nothing is supposed to be translated. although it's not impossible that some strings  are in fact being translated, due to this behaviour...12:35
BjornTso i wouldn't say that disabling the warning is to put things off. as i see it, if we want things not to be translated, the new behaviour that comes in 3.3 is the one we want.12:38
stubSomething is triggering the warnings, so either the warnings are spurious or we are using a now deprecated code path. I need to work out what is actually triggering it so we can stop doing it. The warning itself isn't being helpful in guiding me to the source at all. And I'm hoping that the solution doesn't involve editing almost all of our source files.12:38
BjornTthe dangerous thing with disabling the warning, is if we decide to translate launchpad before we switch to 3.3. in that case, without the warning, we might forget about it and rely on the old behaviour12:39
BjornTstub: i think the only two possible solutions are to convert all message ids to unicode strings, or put i18n:translate="" in every place where the warning is being generated12:41
stubWhat does i18n:translate actually mean? Looks like a dead chicken.12:44
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* stub tries to scare up the ZPT i18n docs12:44
BjornTstub: i18n:translate has two functions. if you use it like <h1 i18n:translate="">Some text</h1>, it will create a message id and translate it12:45
BjornTif you use it like <h1 tal:content="foo" i18n:translate=" />, it will translate the variable foo iff it's a message id12:46
BjornTactually, it might translate it if it's a normal string as well, can't remember12:46
stubThere must be some reason why it is required in that second form - you can't do anything else with a messageid in that case.12:47
BjornTstub: it's has been discussed before, and some people think that it should be automatically translated, some think that you should explicitly say that it should be translated. if you search the mailing list, i'm sure you'll find the discussion.12:49
stubFinding it however...12:53
* stub gives up and goes to dinner12:53
BjornTstub: here's one discussion:
BjornTstub: hmm, right, this discussion is intersting as well, where they talk about undeprecating it....:
BjornTit's probably best to talk to jim or someone to see what's really going to happen with it.12:57
mgedminI would like to know what happens when you do tal:content="foo" i18n:translate="" where foo is a string and not a messageid12:59
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tarekdoes someone knows if a doctest execution can be aborted in the middle, given a condition ? can't find an elegant way to do it, but to test all code with that condition throughout the doctest17:34
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tarekFailed example:17:35
tarek    exit17:35
tarekExpected nothing17:35
tarek    'Use Ctrl-D (i.e. EOF) to exit.'17:35
benjido you want to stop the doctest on an arbitrary condition, or just if the doctest failed?17:36
tarekon an arbitrary condition17:37
tareki can provoque a failure though, when the condition is met17:37
benjiif you use the -1 switch to the testrunner it will stop on the first error17:38
tareka ok good to know thx, i would'nt mind having a way to abort it from within the doctest code though, i'll see at python MLs17:40
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roymI notice that instantiating an object (within a view method) via an17:54
roymadapter call, causes a Security Checker to be associated with it.17:54
roymThis makes the object non-picklable (and I would like to persist the17:54
roymobject in my session).How can I force the adapter to return a17:54
roymnon-Checked object? Is there a zcml directive for this?17:54
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whitquick question, .pth files in the python path or sys path always get read into sys.path, no?18:01
benjino whit, they don't; only pth files in special locations are read18:02
benjiroym, are you trying to pickle them or persist them?18:03
whitbenji: like site-packages, etc....18:04
* whit is trying to use setup tool to do a little cross platform zope 2 / zope 3 dev18:05
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whitbenji: thanks...that save some head scratching18:06
roymbenji: I am trying to persist to the sessiondatacontainer - AFAIK, the code tries to do a pickle and fials.18:06
mgedminbenji, -1 doesn't always work for me -- any ideas why that might be?18:07
benjimgedmin, before Jim's new zope.testing it didn18:08
benjimgedmin, before Jim's new zope.testing it didn't work quite right on doctests, but it should work fine on 3.218:08
mgedminI am using 3.218:09
benjiroym, don't know <shrug> you could always remove the security proxy and use that instead18:09
benjimgedmin, might be a bug, can you formulate a small test case?18:09
mgedmincould it be that DocTestSuite(optionflags=FLAGS_THAT_DO_NOT_INCLUDE_REPORT_ONLY_FIRST_FAILURE) override -1 ?18:09
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mgedminok, I'll try to do that18:10
benjidon't think so mgedmin (on the flags)18:10
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roymbenji: I already tried removeSecurityProxy, but I am still left18:13
roym       with the Checker18:13
roym(Pdb) from import removeSecurityProxy18:13
roym(Pdb) obj = removeSecurityProxy(iterator)18:13
roym(Pdb) p obj.__dict__18:13
roym  {'currentId': None,18:13
roym   '__Security_checker__': < object at 0x41b5c1e4>, 'names': , ...}18:13
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mgedminbenji, I have it18:17
mgedmin(the test case)18:17
mgedminif you create a DocTestFile('whatever.txt', optionflags=doctest.REPORT_NDIFF)18:17
mgedminthen you will always see all failures, even if you run it with -118:18
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mgedminI just tested it with zope.schema -- I broke fields.txt (s/Item/Itym/) and added optionflags=doctest.REPORT_NDIFF to the relevant line in zope/schema/tests/test_doc.py18:18
benjistrange, mgedmin, I don't see how that's intentional, a bug report would be good18:19
mgedmin(you will need to svn up Zope 3 trunk if you want to try my example with fields.txt -- I just committed a small fix to run that test)18:19
* mgedmin goes to visit the Zope 3 collector18:19
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mgedminbenji, in case you're interested18:25
benjithanks mgedmin18:25
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benjitarek, I just saw your post on python-list, normally when I have tests that depend on the installation of an external package I create a seperate doctest and conditionally add it to the suite in the test setup script18:36
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tarekbenji, i hear you. that's what I am doing now. I wouldn't mind having this feature in doctests though, because there could be cases where you would like to stop the execution depending on partial test results18:39
tarekbut maybe this joins what is beeing said about doctest/unittest boundary in Zope ML18:40
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benjiI don't see much use in being able to "early out" of a doctest; if you're going to stop very early it'd be better to put the condition in the test setup instead...18:45
benji...if you're going to stop late (i.e. you've already done *lots* of testing) then one day you'll want *two* conditional sections and it won't work any more18:46
tarekyes, i admit, i need to cut doctests differently18:50
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sawdoganyone know if there's a 'five' irc channel?18:58
tareksawdog, z3-base18:59
* mgedmin loves ReStructuredText documentation files in Zope 3, and especially looking at them with
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benjimgedmin, you know that ++apidoc++ does something similar, right?19:05
mgedminyes, but Zope 3 takes *ages* to start up19:08
benjitrue, for some definition of "ages" :)19:10
benjiyou could use the static apidoc, or keep a dedicated api doc instance running, but if you have a work pattern you like, use it :)19:10
mgedminrestview has one advantage over static apidoc: if you see a typo or a formatting bug, you can fix it in a text editor and then hit Ctrl+R in the browser to see your change immediately19:13
benjiyep, that's cool19:14
benjiI need to use restview the next time I'm editing my Z3 quick start guide19:14
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