IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2006-02-25

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federico2hi there16:20
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tristilIf I get ForbiddenAttribute error when I register an editform but no longer with addform do I need to use something like get_schema?20:51
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tarekhey maikovich :)20:54
tarektristil, forbidden attribute happens when you try to access an attribute you might not have declared in a <require> directive20:56
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tristiltarek, but if the require directives seemed to have worked for the addform, but now not for the editform? Here are my requires:
tristilI'm just working through examples from Stephan Richter's book.21:00
tarekoh ok, don't know about set_schema, sorry21:01
tristilnp. Thanks, tarek.21:01
tristilBut there's no equivalent like get_schema, right?21:02
tareknever seen a get_schema directive21:05
tristilYeah, there isn't one.21:05
tristilJust checked.21:05
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tristilYeah, I just had to declare a require on the schema interface too.21:08
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